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Wish vs Shein In 2022; Pros And Cons Of Each

Wish vs Shein

Wish as well as Shein are two e-commerce websites that have gained a lot of attention due to their huge selection of items and cheap costs.

Do you want to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of both of these platforms? Here you go: Wish vs Shein 2022, Pros and cons for each.



Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang created the online shopping platform Wish in the year 2010. It was initially a mobile app that allowed users to create lists of items or objects they desired, and then the company would contact distributors to get those particular items. The business model then changed to include thousands of items in its catalog.

In 2017, Wish introduced the Outlet section, in which surplus stock of renowned brands is offered for sale at a price lower than the prices in Wish’s official stores. From 2010 until date, Wish already has more than 500 million customers worldwide.

However, like all platforms on the internet, Wish has some advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of, before launching and making a purchase.

We will then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Wish as well as those of Shein to help you do a clear comparison and ease your doubts before purchasing from these platforms.

Wish Pros

  • Available on a plethora of devices.

Apart from buying products on the web and using every browser available, Wish also made a mobile application available for users. This app is available for both Android and Apple devices in their various app stores.

  • Cheap prices.

The prices of items on Wish are actually very affordable. There are hundreds of products in their stores that could go for less than three dollars each. This is among the reasons that it is a favorite among millions of people every day.

  • Classification by categories.

Wish gallery

All products that are available on Wish are classified according to the type of product. It means that the customer only needs to go to the category where the item they’re looking for is. Additionally, it includes top-selling sections, in which the most popular items are. It also has a section dedicated to special offers.

  • Reviews on the product.

Purchasers can comment on the page of the product they bought which can assist other customers greatly in gaining an impression of what the merchandise is all about.

  • All kinds of items.

Another benefit of Wish is that it has many kinds of items in its catalog. From accessories, home decoration, kitchen, fashion, etc. On Wish, you will find items of every kind.

  • Payments are made through PayPal. 

Security while making a payment is a crucial factor in establishing trust with any buyer. On Wish, you are able to pay with Paypal which is a secured payment gateway. This is an extremely important factor for the buyer.

  • Excellent performance when returning items.

Wish will refund items returned up to 30 days following purchase. It’s a pretty well-organized system that is well-functioning and very secure when purchasing.

  • An easy and simple interface.

The purchasing interface on the website and within the application is very easy and intuitive for users. If users feel comfortable searching for items, making purchases, and placing their orders, they’ll love to have a repeat of the secured shopping experience.

  • Verified products. 

Certain products are marked “Verified by Wish.” This means that the company itself has verified the authenticity of the product.

  • Exclusive special offers.

The exclusive deals and promotions that Wish give regularly can be a fantastic incentive when you purchase through the platform. Additionally, it provides incentives in the form of points that can later be redeemed for products.

  • Cards for gifts.

Wish lets you buy e-cards that can be given to other people. They can be loaded with any amount of 5 and 100 euros, and then sent via the internet.

  • Many different applications. 

Apart from the Wish app, it also has more specific ones to purchase products more easily. One of them is Geek which focuses on electronic products; Mom for newborns and products related to maternity and cosmetic and beauty products, and Home, for household items.

  • Collection points. 

Wish offers the customer the opportunity to pick up their order at pick-up stations near their residence. This means they can choose to get their products quicker instead of waiting for the arrival of the order.

Wish Cons

  • Little product information.

Wish product sheets aren’t known for their extensive content. The descriptions aren’t long enough to be able to comprehend all specifics of the product.

  • The shipping time can also be extremely late.

Even though there are articles that proclaim the speed of shipping in a variety of other places, shipping can be very tedious and takes a long time. It could take as long as two months for the purchaser to receive their purchase.

  • Damaged item. 

It is possible that because of the long journey and time to get to the buyer, the item arrives damaged or is defective to the purchaser. In this case, you have to make a claim.

  • The seller is not able to be reached.

This is a feature that many people complain about. Sometimes, there isn’t a way of contacting the seller of a product to ask an exact question or query.

  • Cost of shipping.

There are products on Wish that have shipping costs far greater than the actual price of the product. A factor that causes the buyer to not want to purchase.

Is reliable?

Wish is a popular online shopping site that offers deeply discounted items. While the site is known for its low prices, there are some concerns about the reliability of the site. Some users have reported items not arriving as described, or not arriving at all. There have also been complaints about the quality of the items received.

Given these concerns, is Wish a reliable shopping site? The answer is not definitive. Some users have had positive experiences with the site, while others have had negative experiences. As for me, I will describe my recent experience with Wish as a mixed one; despite the fact that the Track Suit I bought from them was of great quality, it however took them a whole three months to deliver the item to me.



In 2008, Chris Xu started the Shein shopping platform in China. It is an outlet where you can purchase casual and sports clothing items as well as accessories such as makeup and items for the home.

Over the years, Shein has grown to become one of the most used apps for clothes shopping. So, in May 2021 the application became the most downloaded shopping app within the United States, surpassing Amazon, Zara, and H&M.

Shein currently supports more than 220 countries on its digital platform. It has however reduced its physical stores. Some of them are located in cities like London, Paris, or Barcelona.

Shein Pros

  • A specialized platform.

Shein is more focused on clothing on its website. The app offers a broad selection of clothes for men, women, and kids.

  • Simple to use

Shein’s application and website are very user-friendly. It is easy to navigate in and around the platform. And as the products are organized according to categories for clothing, finding what you are searching for is seemingly easy.

  • A huge selection of clothing at low costs.

The price is among the most intriguing aspects of Shein. There are many items of clothing that cost less than 20 euros.

  • Extensive product description.

A wealth of information about the product is included in Shein clothing and other products. For accessories, you will find information about the items and the brand.

  • Quick purchase procedure.

In addition to its intuitive interface, the buying process is completed in just a few minutes through its website as well as on its mobile apps.

  • Different payment options.

Shein provides the option to pay for orders via credit card or PayPal. It also comes with ClearPay, a system that lets you pay in multiple installments.

  • Discount coupons for benefits. 

Shein offers discount coupons along with points program and other promotions through which you can avail of discounts on purchases.

  • Clothing of all types and sizes.

Shein clothing

One of the benefits of purchasing clothes from Shein is that they have different sizes to suit all kinds of individuals based on their physical appearance. Both thick and thin can choose from many different clothing items.

  • Free shipping starts at an order of over 29 Euros.

If you buy items of more than 29 euros, shipping is free. This is an interesting offer that could entice buyers, especially those who buy large quantities of different items.

  • Daily novelties of all the latest clothes.

On the Shein platform, you can find over 500 new clothes products daily. A fascinating way to stay abreast of the most current fashion trends in the market.

  • User reviews. 

Based on the feedback that customers leave about the product, you’ll have a great basis for determining whether the product is too small, or too large, or otherwise.

  • Long return period.

Shein gives a longer return period of up to 45 days to return an order placed. Shipping is free for the first return.

  • E-Gift Card. 

You can gift a card pre-loaded with an amount of between 40 to 150 euros to someone to exchange it for Shein products.

 Shein Cons

  • Delay in deliveries.

Like Wish and several international online stores, quick delivery is not their major selling point. Orders usually take at least two weeks to get to the buyer.

  • Damaged products.

Buying online can result in the item arriving flawed or defective to the buyer following the long trip.

  • Additional return labels with costs.

The initial return label though completely free, if you choose to make a second or subsequent return label, they’ll be priced at 4.50 euros.

  • The quality of clothing is poor or subpar. 

Another drawback of certain Shein products is that their quality appears in a certain way when viewed in photographs, but a different thing in reality. They are items of low quality, even in their raw materials.

  • Low-level buyer protection.

The buyer isn’t fully protected in purchases in the event of any issue with the platform. In India, it was shut down in the year 2020 because of the breaching of the privacy rights of the user.

  • Offensive items.

The company has faced complaints about the sale of products that could be offensive or inappropriate on multiple occasions.

  • Labor exploitation.

While Shein is certified with the SA800 certification, it has however only allowed regulating minimum requirements for ensuring the safety and health of its workplace, yet manages to guarantee all that is required for a decent job.

  • Customer service can be better. 

A lot of customers complain about difficulties when reaching Shein Customer Service. There is a possibility that the time delays in this service are greater than the norm.

  • Copied clothing designs.

SHEIN has been accused of copying the designs of several smaller fashion labels. So the design you pick might not be the original one you imagined.

Is Shein a reliable Shopping site?

There is no simple answer to this question. Shein is a Chinese clothing company that has been accused of numerous unethical practices, including using forced labor and producing counterfeit products. However, the company has also been praised for its affordable prices and trendy designs.

Ultimately, whether or not you choose to shop on Shein is a personal decision. If you are concerned about supporting companies with questionable ethical practices, you may want to avoid shopping on Shein. However, if you are looking for affordable and stylish clothing, Shein may be a good option for you.

Are Shein and Wish the same company?

No! Shein and Wish may be operating in the same niche market, but they are entirely different entities with different founders.

Shein deals mainly in fashion materials for women, although they also sell those for males and children, but Wish deals in a variety of products ranging from clothing, jewelry, health products, and automotive accessories, just name it.

Wish vs Shein which is better?

There is no clear winner when it comes to Shein vs Wish. Both companies have their pros and cons. Shein is a cheaper option, but Wish has better quality control. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what you are looking for and what you are willing to spend.


Now that we’ve completed the Wish vs Shein clash; the pros and cons for each, we have shifted the ball to your court. It is now left for you to decide on which of the giant marketplace you would choose for your next shopping spree. And after what you’ve read here today, you are certainly not going to be too wrong with either of them.

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