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Windows Defender Vs BitDefender 2022 : And The Winner Is?

Windows Defender vs BitDefender

A peek into the fight between Windows Defender vs BitDefender.

If you’ve got a computer and probably familiar with antivirus programs, then you would have heard about Windows Defender; the Microsoft owned antivirus that comes with all installation of Windows.

Like Bitdefender, the software helps protect our computers from malware, viruses and several other threats.

In this article “Windows Defender vs Bitdefender,” we will do a careful comparison between the two software.

Looking at their specifications and ability to detect and handle threats, we will find out which is better; which is more proficient when it comes to cybersecurity.

We did comprehensive research and checked up their user reviews from different reliable sources. Then we looked at their features and other relevant things you will discover as you read on.

Windows Defender Vs Bitdefender; Where The Battle Was Won And Lost

Nearly everyone who uses a Windows computer knows about Windows Defender. It is the default antivirus software that comes with every installation of Windows.
That means the moment you choose to install any version of windows on your computer, you’ve also opted for the antivirus.

The software is quite popular among users who are fans of Microsoft products, e.g. Ms Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and so on. Since Microsoft has been there for ages, it is no surprise that most people trust their products more than anything produced by any other company.

Bitdefender, on the other hand, doesn’t come pre-installed on Windows. You will have to pay for it. You can buy it directly from the brand’s website or through software download sites.

Even though the software doesn’t come as the default antivirus on most computers, it has managed to build a solid reputation for itself. As a matter of fact, if you search for top 10 or top 5 best antivirus programs for pc on Google and don’t find Bitdefender on the list, then I am sorry to say – the list you saw is incomplete. The software is so good that it has been installed on over 500 million computers around the world.

Do you care so much about your privacy online? Do you want to keep your bank details safe on your computer? Or perhaps you never want to worry about one hacker or the other stealing your private information? Then, Bitdefender is the right antivirus software you should get.

The software will keep you safe from ransomware, spyware, virus, worms and several other threats that are all over the cyberspace today.

Below is the full comparison between the two computer programs; Windows defender vs Bitdefender

Windows defender vs Bitdefender; Features Comparison

Windows Defender FeaturesWindows defender features

Windows Defender is the program also known as Windows Defender Security Centre.

It comes with certain features that allow you to have total control over the websites your kids or any other person can visit using the computer.

You can block websites that you know will harm your kids in one way or the other. Sites that contain things like pornographic materials, violence or additional information you wouldn’t want your kids to be exposed to.

The challenge with this feature, though is that it works only on the edge browser by Microsoft. It doesn’t work with any other browser you may have installed on your computer.

To set that on other browsers, you will have to use the settings option in them not directly from Windows Defender.

Next to that feature, is the highly advanced Firewall found on Windows Defender. This feature enables you to stay protected, both online and offline.

It monitors all the traffic that comes in or goes out from your PC and will notify you once it detects something wrong. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about different kinds of threats while you are working online and offline. You can be assured that your private details are not open for hackers to take advantage of.
Other advanced features that you may be expecting an antivirus program to have are entirely missing in this software. For instance: VPN File shedding, encryption, etc. They are all absent in Windows Defender

Bitdefender 1

Coming to Bitdefender, the antivirus program offers maximum security features. The kind you can hardly come across with any other antivirus.

Though you can’t find those advanced features in the free version, the freeware still beats most other software hands down.

However, if you want to experience full protection in your computer, you might want to upgrade to any of the premium plans.
As a freeware, the Bitdefender antivirus comes with features that will help protect your computer against ransomeware, virus, rootkits, worms etc.

Other variants of the program such as the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security, Bitdefender Total Security, Bitdefender family Pack etc., come with very powerful features that make Windows Defender Security Center look like a joke.

For instance, those premium versions come with Vulnerability Scanner, File Shedding tool, Password Manager tool, firewall Module, Parental Control, Encryption utility, Disk Clean-up, OneClick Optimizer, Anti-theft tool, etc.

Each of those plans guarantees you maximum security, online or offline. You can comfortably surf the internet being fully aware that your personal details are completely safe from intruders.

These are features you won’t find in the Windows Defender.

So when it comes to features, between Windows Defender vs Bitdefender, the latter is the winner. It ultimately trumps Windows Defender.

User Interface Comparison

Bitdefender Interface


Bitdefender has a beautiful, simple and user-friendly interface. On the dashboard, which is the default view, you will find several things like your protection status, quick scan, the VPN and safepay browser. The good thing is, this dashboard is fully customizable. You can add or remove any widget of your choice.

By your left, you will find other options just below the “Dashboard”. E.g. “Protection,” “Privacy,” “Utilities,” “Notifications,” “My Account,” “Settings” and “Support.”
A click on the “Utilities” option leads to “OneClick Optimizer,” “Startup Optimizer,” “Disk Cleanup” and “Anti-Theft.” All these found on the white, black and grey interface give it a modern minimalistic look that most users find appealing.

Windows defender


Windows Defender Security Centre interface is no longer as boring and stale looking as it used to be. This is one area the product has really improved on.
The software now features a genuinely user-friendly interface that you wouldn’t have a problem navigating. The default view on the app is the “Home” unlike the dashboard in Bitdefender being the default view.

The moment you open the application, you will find options such as “Virus & Threat Protection,” “Device Performance & Health,” “Firewall & Network protection,” “App & browser control” and “Family options.” Each of these leads you to where you can fully set up the antivirus the way you want.

Between Windows Defender vs Bitdefender in terms of interface,  they both deserve some accolades. The two antivirus programs feature a clean, minimalistic and user-friendly interface.
Based on that fact, there is no winner between the two as regarding the user interface. They are at a draw.

Now, let’s go on to see other interesting things about the two software.

Protection Against Malware

The essence of installing an antivirus app on your computer is to help protect you against all kinds of threats.

In the battle between Windows Defender vs BitDefender, here’s how the two products performed in this regard.

Windows DefenderWindows defender review

According to AV-TEST scores, Windows Defender is among the top best antivirus programs in 2019.
The recent AV-TEST’s July-August 2019 testing, scored Windows Defender 6 out of 6 in overall protection. In terms of performance, the antivirus scored 5.5 out of 6.
Next to that is the overall usability score of 6 out of 6. mind you, the computer program was evaluated alongside 21 other security products to arrive at these scores. They were all tested using their default settings. All were allowed to update automatically at any possible time during the testing and also to query their in-the-cloud services.

With the above scores, Windows Defender is still a powerful force to reckon with in terms of protection and performance.


In the same AV-TEST July-August 2019 testing, Bitdefender performed exceptionally well. In overall performance, it scored 6 out of 6.
When it comes to protection, the antivirus also scored a 6 out of 6. The only place it didn’t receive another 6 is in the usability score. There we see it receive 5.5 out of 6.

Such high scores solidify the point that Bitdefender is one of the best user security software you can ever come across.

Based on the similarities of the scores between Windows Defender vs Bitdefender in the protection and performance testing by AV-TEST, we will give them a draw here. No winner, no loser.

Pricing Comparison


Bitdefender offers four different security plan to users. You can either choose the Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Security or Family Security plan. Each of these plans come with different features and at varying prices.

Though the Bitdefender features tools like Safepay, File Encryption, Network Firewall, etc., you won’t find them all available in each of the plans. You will have to choose the plan that works for you based on your budget and the exact features you need.

The monthly pricing starts at $2.92 while the yearly pricing begins at $34.99.

Windows Defender

For Windows Defender, both the monthly and yearly pricing starts at $0.0 and ends at the same. That means the antivirus is completely free for users. All-year-round. You won’t be required to pay a dime for it.
As for the winner between the two in terms of pricing, there is no winner or loser here. The reason is that you can’t compare their prices since only one has a price.


We have in this article, drawn a comparison between Windows Defender and Bitdefender. Looking at their features, pricing, protection, performance, and user interface, Bitdefender seems to have the upper hand.

Are you searching for a better option between the two antivirus programs?
Then this article “Windows Defender vs Bitdefender” features everything you need to know about the two products.

From our findings and the comparison results, Bitdefender is a better antivirus option than Windows Defender.



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