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Why Your Radio is Louder Than Your Bluetooth Plus Solutions

Why is my Radio Louder Than My Bluetooth

If you’ve ever wondered why your radio is louder than your Bluetooth, you’re not alone. Many people have asked this question, and there are a few possible explanations. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the possible reasons why your radio might be louder than your Bluetooth, and offer some tips on how to fix the problem.

A Bluetooth speaker is one of those smart devices that you will find in 9 in 10 homes today. Apart from that, there are other Bluetooth audio devices like your car speaker, headset, and more. Bluetooth speakers are super convenient, handy, and easy to operate with their decipherable buttons and control. However, most people complain about a notable difference between the radio mode and the Bluetooth mode of the speaker.

According to some users, the speaker is louder when set to radio than when playing music or connected to Bluetooth generally. That can be mystical if you do not know the possible causes of such volume difference. Fortunately, we are here to show you some of the reasons your radio volume is higher than Bluetooth and suggest ways to combat it.

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3 main reasons your radio is louder than your Bluetooth

Whether it’s your car Bluetooth or portable Bluetooth speaker, the following are possible reasons your Bluetooth volume is lower than your radio;

  • File compression

The radio mode streams the audio directly to the speaker. That is unlike Bluetooth mode, which processes an audio file before playing the sound. It compresses the file first by reducing its size and transmits it as a signal to the Bluetooth device. Such a process lowers the audio quality and may reduce its original volume.

  • Smartphone volume restriction

When playing songs on Bluetooth audio devices like your headset, your android may place volume restrictions to protect your eardrums. Such a limit will affect the output of the sound coming from your headset when calling, listening to songs, or audio files. When that happens, you usually cannot raise the volume past the restricted level until you permit it.

  • Device mechanism

Some audio Bluetooth device versions are better than others. While some distort the audio quality before playing, others amplify the sound and make it come out better. It may be that your Bluetooth speaker has a weak signal that affects the music or audio volume. Some people never experience the low volume issue because their Bluetooth audio player has a powerful signal.

Ways to make your Bluetooth volume higher

Try the fixes below to enjoy your sound quality better when using Bluetooth;

  • Get a Bluetooth with a strong signal

An advanced Bluetooth speaker has a stronger signal after audio file compression.  Such speakers use the latest Bluetooth, like aptX, 4.0, or 5.0 that enhances the audio quality and sound output. Those newer Bluetooth versions also have more bandwidth, which allows you to connect your devices on a longer range.

Most people using the latest version of Bluetooth do not experience a lower sound than their radio. However, if yours is an advanced Bluetooth speaker and you have a lower volume issue, see other possible solutions below.

  • Re-connect your device to the speaker

Sometimes, especially after connecting to a speaker for an extended period, the connection suffers a glitch. Nothing is wrong with the device or the speaker. You may just need to re-add the smartphone, headset, or whichever Bluetooth device to forge a stronger connection.

The break connection glitch is not unexpected as Bluetooth is an old technology, making it subjected to inadequacy sometimes. Simply forget the Bluetooth speaker and pair it again to prevent low-quality sound or lower volume.

  • Remove the Absolute Volume Restriction.

Android 7 Smartphones upwards have an absolute volume restriction setting. The option prevents your device volume from going higher than the set limit. You have to disable the Absolute Volume Restriction for your sound to go higher than the current volume.

Follow the following steps To disable the absolute volume restriction;

  1. Go to Settings > About phone > Builder number
  2. Tap the Builder number seven times
  3.  You will get feedback stating that you are now a developer.
  4. Go back to the About phone menu and click on Developer Options
  5. Click the button in front of Enable to switch it on
  6. On the same page, look for Disable absolute volume restriction and switch it on

Once you follow the steps above, restart your smartphone and try playing music via Bluetooth. You should be able to increase the volume without restriction already.

  • Get a bigger Bluetooth speaker.

Do this only after trying all the tricks to adjust your Bluetooth volume. Sometimes, bigger is better when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. It may be that your current speaker is limited and needs to be replaced to enjoy a higher-quality sound. Ensure you buy a speaker with one of the latest Bluetooth versions and a stronger signal. That will ensure that you have a good connection and quality audio output.

  • Adjust the range of the speaker and Bluetooth device

The range of your smartphone to your headset or speaker sometimes determines the audio output quality. That happens especially when you use an older Bluetooth version at a range longer than 30 feet. To ensure quality sound, you should ensure that your music player and the connected device are close.

The closeness strengthens the signal transferred from your laptop or smartphone to the music player. That way, there will be no interference, and you will enjoy the sound quality.

  • Connect to two speakers at once!

It is possible to connect your device to two speakers at once. Some high-end speakers, like the JBL, and high-end smartphones, like the latest Samsung phones can allow that. You can check if your device allows you to connect to two speakers by pairing both.

The pairing process is as simple as connecting to one speaker. After connecting to the first speaker, search for available devices and pair them with the second one. From there, you can play music or audio files on your phone and listen through two speakers.

Last words

If your radio is louder than your Bluetooth, do not fret. One of the solutions listed above should help you enjoy better sound with your Bluetooth audio devices. Apply the fixes that fit your situation and begin to enjoy quality music.

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