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Why Does a Green Dot Or @ Appear In a WhatsApp Chat?

WhatsApp chat have a green circle

Do you ever wonder why a green dot or @ appears in a WhatsApp chat? Well, there’s actually a reason for it! Here’s a quick explanation of what those symbols mean and how they can be helpful in keeping track of your conversations.

Why does WhatsApp chat have a green circle

Why does a WhatsApp chat have a green circle?

WhatsApp chats that have unread messages are shown at the top, on the right side of it a green circle with the number of unread messages is shown. As soon as you enter that chat, the entire chat is marked as read and if you go back to the chat list you will see that the green circle has disappeared.

Now, what if you had hundreds of messages to read and you just read the last ones? In such a case, you can go back to the chat list, long-tap the chat to select it, use the ⋮ menu, and choose Mark Unread.

When you mark a chat as unread, WhatsApp adds the indicator of the green circle in the chat, although it does not move the chat itself, that is, it does not go to the top, as it would happen when a new message arrives. Basically, it’s the same badge that appears when there are unread messages. Still, since WhatsApp doesn’t know exactly how many unread messages you have, only the circle appears and not the number.

Otherwise, as soon as you enter the chat, it will be marked as read again and therefore the green circle will no longer be displayed in the chat list. If you haven’t finished reading all pending messages yet, you’ll need to mark them as unread again.

Why does an at sign appear in a WhatsApp chat?

Ok, we already know what the green circles with or without numbers that appear in the list of WhatsApp chats are, but this badge can be accompanied by a more enigmatic symbol: an @ or @ next to the WhatsApp chat.

This is something that you will only see in groups, as it is a way that WhatsApp has to show you that, in one way or another, someone is talking about you in said group and you might be interested in reviewing the message in case you want to reply.

Specifically, when an at sign appears next to a WhatsApp chat, it means that someone has mentioned you or replied to one of your messages in a group. WhatsApp mentions are available in groups and are done by typing @ in a chat and choosing the person’s name. Replies to your WhatsApp messages in groups also show the same sign.

Basically, it’s a way for you to distinguish where your attention is needed in a group that can have hundreds of messages, so you don’t have to go through them all. When you open the chat with pending mentions, a floating button with an at sign will allow you to jump directly to the last mention, making it easier for you to respond more quickly and easily.

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