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Samsung Jet 90 Vacuum Cleaner, Cordless, And Bagless But With 200w Of Power

Samsung Jet 90 VS20R9044T2 / ET

The market for cordless vacuum cleaners continues to grow with new and increasingly powerful options.

They are compact, more manageable, and are finally as powerful as the old corded vacuum cleaners that we dragged around the house. And, in an increasingly crowded market, it is the extra technologies that make the difference.

From brushes with antistatic bristles to motors that create mini cyclones to further enhance suction capacity. This is the Samsung Jet 90 VS20R9044T2 / ET that we are going to dissect throughout this article. What does it offer, what technology does it include and how much does it cost?

Samsung Jet 90 Vacuum Cleaner Data Sheet

Samsung Jet 90 VS20R9044T2 / ET
Dust collectorType: Multi Cyclone Tank
capacity: 0.5 liters
General informationCleaning Width: 250 mm
Tip Color: Aqua ChroMetal
Motor: Digital Inverter Motor
PerformanceMaximum Power Consumption: 550 W
Suction Power: 200 W
Cleaning Autonomy (min): 6 min
Operating Time (average): 30 min
Cleaning Autonomy (Max): 60 min
Sound Level: 86 dBA
BatteryBattery Type
21.9 V
BrushSoft Action Brush
AccessoriesAccessory 1: Combination Tool
Accessory 2: Extension Crevice Tool
Accessory 3: Mini Motorized Tool
Accessory 4: Flexible Tool
FiltersExhaust: HEPA Filtration
Pre-Motor: Yes
MeasuresDimensions: 250X1136X215 mm
Weight: 2.7 kg
Price600 euros

The Power Of 9 Cyclones

The key to the suction power of the Samsung Jet 90 VS20R9044T2 / ET vacuum cleaner is related to cyclonic technology. Inside its body is the Jet Cyclone technology with 9 devices capable of collecting the air stream and transforming it into small cyclones. 

Thanks to the 27 air inlets, three for each of these cyclones, a current is created that further enhances the air flow. The result of this is to maintain a suction power of up to 200 watts in the most powerful suction mode. Something that has nothing to envy other vacuum cleaners on the market with a full body.

samsung aspirador jet 90 03 1080x644 1 1

Of course, to get all this suction power and generate the air flow, you also have to attend to the motor that drives all this Samsung vacuum cleaner. They call it the Digital Inverter Motor, and it offers a starting power of 550 watts to create that current of air from one end of the vacuum cleaner to the other. All this to power the Jet Cyclone system that takes care of the rest of the work. Although there are more important parts related to the suction power and this powerful air flow.

Vacuum Cleaner Or Air Purifier?

One of the peculiarities of this Samsung Jet 90 VS20R9044T2 / ET vacuum cleaner is that it does not waste all this suction power and its Digital Inverter Motor to end up releasing the air to the instance without further ado. Not only does it suck, but it also proactively cleans all the air it uses in its flow. And it does it quite efficiently and, above all, very effective. 

Thus, Samsung ensures that the air that comes out of its vacuum cleaner is 99.999% clean. That is, free of particles as small as allergens. Something similar to an air purifier.

Samsung Jet 90 VS20R9044T2 / ET

For this, it uses a very complex and effective multilayer filtration system. The first thing is to collect the air and dust that the main cyclone sucks in and filters the metal mesh grid.

Here are the large particles. The rest of the flow and fine dust then passes through the 9 smallest cyclones and a microfilter. Now only the microscopic particles remain accompanying the air flow. And this is where the 5-layer ultra-fine filter takes care of the micro-dust and all particles between 0.3 and 10 microns in size are trapped. 

In these particles, invisible to the human eye, there are elements such as pollen, mold, allergens, and many other elements. In this way, the Samsung Jet 90 VS20R9044T2 / ET vacuum cleaner manages to expel the rest of the practically clean air flow into the room. No particles, no harmful elements, and, of course, no traces of dust. And it is that, for the connoisseurs, it acts as a HEPA filter to carry out all this.

Obviously, it doesn’t do the same job as an air purifier, but the results are similar. And you know that although the sides of the body of this vacuum cleaner expel a lot of air from the cyclone generated inside it, it is almost 100% clean air.

Samsung Jet 90 VS20R9044T2 / ET

Adjustable And Designed For All Corners

But, as we said above, the fight between powers is not everything in the market for cordless and bagless vacuum cleaners. There are other important add-ons for users, such as add-ons and extra functions.

In this case, we find that the head of this Samsung Jet 90 VS20R9044T2 / ET vacuum cleaner is quite complete with a neck capable of turning 180 degrees to tilt and conform to the ground to clean. But even more so, the bristles of the soft brush are silver and antistatic. That is, the dust does not stick to them when we clean hard floors with cracks and nooks, but is pushed directly to the central cyclone to be vacuumed. And all this with the possibility of being disassembled to clean it comfortably.

samsung aspirador jet 90 07 1080x689 1 1

In addition, the dust container is easily removable and, best of all, washable. Both the filters and the multicyclone piece are waterproof, so they can be rinsed and rinsed without problem for quick and convenient cleaning.

Included in the kit, of course, are various plug-ins and heads. And there is no lack of extendable tube with up to four heights to accommodate it at the distance we need at all times.

If you want, it is even possible to get a Z Station as a charging and storage base for the vacuum cleaner. It is very stylish support that serves to stand the Samsung Jet 90 VS20R9044T2 / ET vacuum cleaner vertically, charge it and also store the rest of accessories and accessories.

samsung aspirador jet 90 06 1080x632 1 1

Samsung has also worked on simplicity in controlling its vacuum cleaner. That is why it has a minimal LED screen where you can see the different modes, know the connected head and have a warning if there is something stuck. Two more physical buttons help to choose the suction power. Everyone can use it.

Autonomy Of Up To One Hour

But if there is an important piece of information in the field of cordless and bagless vacuum cleaners, it is autonomy. Having to constantly charge the vacuum cleaner is what can make you choose one or the other model. 

In the case of the Samsung Jet 90 VS20R9044T2 / ET, the Korean company has achieved more than worthy efficiency, reaching an entire hour of autonomy in the use of the vacuum cleaner. Of course, using its minimum power to save energy. But it is a good tip for a regular house cleaning. Allowing to keep a good surface aspirated without loading problems.

samsung aspirador jet 90 04 1080x581 1 1

Fast charging technology is missing here, as a full charge takes 3.5 hours. The good news is that the battery technology in this Samsung vacuum cleaner is built to last. Thus, the brand ensures that after 5 years the capacity remains at 70%.


It is a modern and powerful vacuum cleaner. It uses cyclonic technologies to offer great suction power in case we need it at specific times. The construction is solid and with a comfortable and practical design. And it is designed both to get anywhere and to collect dust without dirt getting on the bristles and brushes. All this with a good autonomy that offers us to vacuum large surfaces without thinking about the cables. Currently, it is possible to find this vacuum cleaner for a reduced price compared to its original of 600 euros in different Internet stores.

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