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Pros And Cons Of Using Discord As a Bussiness Tool

Pros And Cons Of Using Discord As a Bussiness Tool

Discord was born as a private voice and chat platform to facilitate communication between video game players. Today it is also widely used for communication between workers in a company. Discover the pros and cons of using Discord as a business tool.

Currently, Discord already has more than 150 million users worldwide. On the platform, you can exchange text, audio, and video messages quickly. What was born as a space for the communication of gamers to gain weight every day in the work environment? Here are the pros and cons of using Discord as a business tool.

Pros Of Using Discord As A Work Tool

We begin the analysis of the pros and cons of using Discord as a work tool with the advantages of using this platform in a work environment.

  • Free and multiplatform. Among the advantages of using Discord is that it is free software and can be used on different platforms such as Microsoft, Mac, or Linux. In addition, it has an app for Android or iOS providing accessibility of all kinds to workers.
  • Easy to use platform. Any user will be able to use the platform without too much effort. It is quite well-organized and intuitive.
  • Voice chat room for teamwork.   Voice chat rooms are very useful because they allow team members to meet and chat to get organized and work on a project. With the option that allows giving priority to some users over others, it is avoided that the audio conversations intersect.
  • Sharing files of considerate size. Discord allows you to send and receive files of up to 8 MB in its free version, or 100 MB with a subscription to the Nitro version. Already 8 MB is a fairly considered size to send images or other work files.
  • Highlight the messages with a “pin”. To highlight the most important messages in a conversation, you can pin them and leave them highlighted so that users see them as highlighted.
  • Security in deleted messages. Another advantage of Discord is the security it provides when a message is deleted. If the user deletes a message, it disappears completely from the system, and neither Discord nor another user will be able to recover it in any way.
  • Create all the channels you need. On a server, you can create the number of channels you need without limits and sort them by topic. Thus, you can make channels by departments or projects for your company.
  • Photo scanning for illegal content. For sent photos Discord has a scanning system that goes by the name of PhotoDNA. What this system does is check and verify the images in search of explicit or illegal content.
  • Bots that provide many more extra functions. In Discord, you can add Bots to servers. These bots allow you to moderate the servers, add filters, or, for example, there are music bots to put in an ambient mode while you work.

Cons Of Using Discord As A Work Tool

On the opposite side within the context of the Pros and cons of using Discord as a work tool, we have the disadvantages that you do not have to use this tool for work.

  • Not all of the platform’s servers are efficient, so it cannot be ruled out that failures occur in them.
  • Join by invitation. To join a server you have to receive an invitation from the person who created it or who already belongs to it.
  • The quality of communications is sometimes not the best and failures occur especially in calls and video calls.
  • New elements are only in the paid version. High-quality streaming or sending of up to MB in files is only available on the premium version of the platform.

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