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Embee Mobile Performance Meter App Review 2022 (Pros And Cons)

Mobile performance meter review app

Today, we are going to be looking at the Mobile Performance Meter App and give answers to some of the most asked questions about this app. Some of the questions we will be answering include the following:

  • Is the mobile performance meter legit?
  • What are the methods of earning with this app?
  • How much can one make with mobile performance meter?
  • Is this app safe to use?
  • Who can join the mobile performance meter?

But before we go into all of that, let’s begin by looking at what this app is, and what it really does.

What is Mobile Performance Meter?

The mobile performance meter app is a free mobile tracking app from Embee that pays you for having the app installed on your phone, while it monitors your daily phone activities.

How Does Mobile Performance Meter App Work?


The app works in a simple way; after installation and signing up, the app then begins its work in the background of your phone. All you have to do is make sure that the “meter” is running in the background so you can earn points which can then be redeemed for gift cards on stores such as Amazon, JCPenny, Domino’s, Sears, etc.

The mobile performance meter app does not disturb or prevent you from carrying out your normal daily activities with your phone. What it however does is monitor how you use your phone, and collect the data it will need.

At this point, you are probably wondering if it is a safe app to use since they are going to be collecting your data.

Well according to them, no personal data such as your email, pictures, or text messages will be collected. They also will not have access to your passwords and banking details, so you have little to worry about.

What Type Of Data Will The Mobile Performance Meter App Collect From My Phone?

Yeah, I will ask that too if I were you. I mean since they’ve said they will be needing non of your sensitive data, what type of information will they be needing then?

Below are the types of data you should expect the mobile performance meter app to collect from your device right from when you begin signing up with them;

  • Your email
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Your location
  • Occupation
  • Income level
  • Education level
  • Your household details
  • Mobile network operator and plan
  • Names and types of apps you use
  • Duration of phone calls
  • Speed of your device network and duration of browsing sessions
  • Date, time, and amount of texts sent
  • Type of device you use
  • Survey responses

Is Mobile Performance Meter Legit?

Yes, mobile performance meter is a legit GPT (get paid to) app that has been paying and will pay you for allowing the app runs in the background of your phone while it collects data.

What Are The Methods Of Earning With This App?

There are three major ways by which you can earn with the mobile performance meter app and they include the following;

1. Data gathering

This is the main way of earning with this app and is in fact, the main reason for the launch of the app. By data gathering, we mean, you allow the app to run in the background of your phone so it can collect data while you earn points. After installing the app, you have to set it up to work and the app will work you through the process.

When the app has been installed, and the set-up process completed, you would then have to let it run in the background so you can earn. The amount you can earn with this method depends on the amount of data collected by the app but it usually varies between 5-10 meter points or maybe more.

2. Paid surveys


One other way to earn from this app is through paid surveys. However, this option can only be unlocked after you’ve used the app continuously for two weeks. The surveys are quite easy to answer but you still have to go through the qualifying process just like you would on the surveys from other sites. If by any chance you fail to qualify for a survey, you will be rewarded with two meter points. Although it’s not much at least you get something out of your efforts which is really thoughtful of them in my opinion.

It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete each survey and when you are done, you get rewarded with about 50-100 points per survey. However, don’t think that you will be getting surveys on a regular as they don’t usually come in that much, and sometimes when they do come, you might be screened out. So, this cannot be said to be a reliable way to earn rewards. However, just take it when it comes as it can be a bonus way to earn more points.

3. Referral program

Finally, you can earn with the Mobile Performance Meter app by referring others to join the program. It works like every other referral program.

To invite others to join, so you can claim a reward, you will need to send your invite link to the person(s) you want to invite. These invitees must need to use the app and earn meter points before they can claim their reward which is usually 100 meter points per invite.

How Much Can You Earn With Mobile Performance Meter?

To be frank with you, this is not some get-rich-quick scheme. To put it simply, this app will not make you rich. The amount of money you can make with this app depends entirely on the amount of time you are willing to let this app run in the background of your phone and the number of surveys you are willing or will be qualified to take, plus the number of referrals you can introduce this app to, and get them signed up.

So you see, even I cannot give you the exact figure you can make while using the app as that depends totally on you. However, assuming you have the app running  24/7 in the background, you will earn a constant figure of 20cents daily. In a month, that would be $6, or $72 per annum. You can increase this figure with surveys and referrals.

Is The App Safe To Use?

To answer that question, I will leave you a quote from the developers of the app…

We’re legit and have paid out millions in the last year alone. Embee gathers metrics on network performance (speeds), how people use their phones and delivers insights to the largest market research companies. We do not sell your personal information, you will not get spam from us and there are no ads. With your help, companies are able to better understand mobile device trends such as network speeds, app and website usage trends. You are effectively helping shape the future of mobile.

I do not think there’s anything to add to that. We move!

Is The Mobile Performance Meter App For Everyone?

There’s no information on their website or app that states the countries where the app is available. So the best way to find out if the app is available in your country is to launch your app store and search for “Mobile Performance Meter”. If the app shows up among the results you get, then it is available in your country and you can go ahead and install it.

The mobile performance meter app has only been made available on the Google Playstore for Android users. So if you are an iPhone user, then this app is not for you, unfortunately. You can however check out other apps like Mobile Performance Meter that is available for your iPhone device.

Also, the Mobile Performance Meter app can only work on specific Android phones. If your phone does not meet their standard, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to use the app. To confirm if your phone can support it, try installing it from the Google Play Store, and if you are successful, then you are good to go. You however need to be signed up for a phone plan to use this app.

How Do I Contact Mobile Performance Meter Support?

To contact their support team, log in to the app and click on the question mark icon in the upper-right corner which will lead you to their support page.

You can also reach them via email using their email address; [email protected]

Pros and Cons of Mobile Performance Meter

We’ll now look at the good and the bad side of the mobile performance meter app.


  • The app is very easy to use
  • The payout threshold is not high
  • It offers a passive form of earning
  • Does not consume battery power


  • Not available for everybody
  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Does not offer cash rewards
  • You cannot use the same account on another device; you will lose all your earnings if you change your phone

Final Verdict

Mobile Performance Meter is a legit app that will pay you for having the app run in the background of your phone while it collects data. And like every other platform out there, it has some good and bad sides.

Signing up is easy as the process involves mainly giving the app certain permissions, and it does not consume your phone’s battery power.

One big downside of this app, however, is that you cannot transfer your account to another device. So if somehow you need to uninstall the app or your phone gets damaged, you will lose all your earnings.

Asides from the factor above which seem to be the main negative side of it, the mobile performance meter app is a good way to earn passive income online. So if you are eligible to join, and you don’t mind getting gift cards instead of cash rewards, then you should go ahead and sign up.

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