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Lightshot vs Gyazo – Which Is Better In 2022?

Lightshot vs gyazo

Gyazo and Lightshot are both great screenshot-sharing apps. However, just one of them will win this contest for the best screenshot app. So, we’re putting them to the test.

Gyazo and Lightshot are free and easy-to-use screenshot-sharing apps for your computer or mobile phone. Gyazo is a bit more advanced, as it can be integrated with Gyazo’s developer tools which allow users to upload images from their computer or even post pictures they’ve stored on their server. On the other hand, Lightshot only captures screenshots from your screen and does not allow editing of any kind before uploading them.

The battle has begun! Lightshot vs Gyazo. Both software is set to go at it to the best of their abilities. All they need now is a battlefield. So, as you can see below, we’ve chosen to make this fight in a world where the skies are blue and green grass is spread across the land. We’ll be highlighting some of Lightshot’s key features as well as showing off several images from Gyazo’s development tools.

Lightshot vs Gyazo Review:

Lightshot overview:


Lightshot is the fastest way to create a customizable screenshot. Simple interface, nothing useless, and lightweight.

Lightshot is a screenshot app for Windows that you can download from the Windows store. Free and easy to use, it lets you take screenshots of your screen and edit them with various image editing tools.

This review will cover the strengths, weaknesses, and significant drawbacks of Lightshot as a screenshot tool. The article will also talk about what similar apps are available in terms of features and user reviews.

Lightshot is a screenshot app that you can download to your Windows computer or device. It has both a free and paid version.

As an open-source app, there are no hidden strings attached, and you can edit as many screenshots as you want. However, if you wish to access the full range of functions and tools like a “cropping tool” that lets you crop out parts of the screenshot that you don’t need, then a premium version is available for purchase.

Lightshot is a free screenshot app for Windows that you can download from the Windows store. It has many powerful functions, such as saving screenshots to your PC or mobile device, cropping screenshots, and editing screenshots. It also has various image editing tools for quick crops and fixes. Users have rated it 4.2 out of 5 on the Windows store.

Lightshot is a very easy-to-use snipping tool. Once installed, you can immediately start a full screen or window recording by pressing the standard hotkey (Prt Scrn button on the keyboard).


  • You can add annotations and drawings to images with in-app editing tools;
  • Lightshot offers multiple output modes that allow you to save, share and transfer your captured file. You are available to copy it to your clipboard or save it to the cloud/custom folder; you can also choose to share it on social media or print it directly.
  • The program provides you with quick access to Google image searches.
  • You can control the format and quality of the output.


  • There are only two types of image formats available, Jpg and Png.
  • When you activate a screenshot with a hotkey, it has a delay of one or two seconds.

Lightshot is Developed by Skillbrains License – Free photos and graphics web browsers Apps, and available for Mac OS X, Windows, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

Gyazo overview

Gyazo review

Gyazo is an app that automatically saves screenshots as they are taken to its cloud server for downloading later (and notifies you by email when the screenshot has been saved). You can also share the image with your contacts. It also offers advanced features such as adding comments, drawing on screenshots, or adding text overlays.

Gyazo is popular image-sharing software. It has been around since 2008 and offers an entirely different approach to image sharing. This site is perfect for students, educators, and people who are interested in photography.

The service allows users to take a screenshot of the entire screen or an individual portion of it and share that with their followers without any additional effort. Instead of uploading the images to websites that might not be safe, Gyazo is a safe and reliable place where users can post images that can then be viewed without any issues.

Users have several options to choose from when they want to share a screenshot. They can upload the image, send a link via email or even embed them on their website. The fact that there are several means of sharing makes it easier for users to spread what they find interesting rather than just posting it on their blogs or private social media accounts.

The service has a clean and simple interface that makes it easy for users to understand how to set up image sharing. They can choose the category that they want, provide a description and select which platform to use. This is a very intuitive process that makes it easier for users to upload their images.

Gyazo offers an easy alternative that allows users to take screenshots of their screens while on the move without having to download software or use different methods for taking screenshots.

Gyazo is an open-source screenshot program for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Developed by Note Inc. License: Freemium Photos & Graphics Apps available for Mac OS X Windows Linux Google Chrome Firefox.

Similarities between Gyazo and Lightshot

  • Both are very easy to use for a screenshot;
  • Can upload the captured image to the cloud;
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac.

Differences between Lightshot and Gyazo

  • Recording capability: Gyazo can create Gif images, and Lightshot can only output Jpg & Png files.
  • Output Mode: Gyazo is only available to export the file to the cloud storage, and Lightshot provides four more file output modes.
  • Pricing: Lightshot is entirely free to use, while Gyazo charges for full access to cloud storage and better GIF recording capacity.
  • Tech support and frequent updates: Both can be found on Gyazo. As for Lightshot, no update and no tech support is what Lightshot is to blame for.

Lightshot vs Gyazo Feature Comparison Table

Feature Lightshot Gyazo
Automatic upload Yes Yes
Instant edit screenshots Yes Yes
Native application Yes No
Override print-screen hotkey Yes No
Capture Screen / Take screenshots Yes Yes
Share screenshots Yes Yes
Browser extension Yes Yes
Built-in editor Yes No
Coloured Text Yes No
Downscale Retina Display Yes Yes
Annotate screenshots Yes Yes
Screenshot Tools Yes Yes
Edit screenshots Yes Yes
Screenshot OCR Yes Yes
Customizable Yes Yes
Screen recording Yes Yes
Lightweight Yes Yes
Image Annotations Yes Yes
Blur Filter Yes Yes
Drawing on screenshot Yes Yes
Simplicity and reliability Yes No
Bundled with Windows Yes No
Scrolling Capture Yes No
Freeform capture Yes No
Multiple languages Yes No
Desktop Color Picker Yes No
Save web page for offline use Yes No
Google Chrome Extensions Yes No
Support for FTP Yes No
Capture mouse pointer Yes No
Elaborate sketching and annotation Yes Yes
Image Sharing Yes Yes
GIF recording Yes Yes
File management No Yes
File Tagging No Yes
Instant Replay No Yes
Share on Twitter No Yes
Built-in Screen Capture No Yes
Keystroke No Yes
Portable No Yes
Video editing No Yes
Graphical interface No Yes
One-link file sharing No Yes
Custom domain No Yes
Drag n drop No Yes
File sharing No Yes


Lightshot vs Gyazo – Final Verdict

Although it was an intense fight between the Lightshot screen-sharing app and Gyazo, we are happy to declare Lightshot the winner. Its benefits outweigh its differences when compared with Gyazo. Depending on what you need these apps for, Lightshot is your go-to app for screen grabbing and screen sharing.



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