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Uninstall Nova Launcher from Android in 2 Easy Methods

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How to uninstall Nova launcher on Android: A step-by-step guide


Nova Launcher is one of the most popular Android launchers. It offers a range of features, such as customizable icons and home screens, gesture controls, and more.

However, you might want to uninstall this launcher from your phone for one reason or another. Maybe it’s not performing well on your device and you want to try out a new android launcher or you just want to go back to the stock launcher that came with your phone. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to uninstall this Nova launcher, I’ve got you covered in this article.

We’ll be uninstalling this somewhat “stubborn” launcher from our android device in two easy methods. And the processes are as follows:

How to uninstall Nova launcher on Android (method 1)

Locate your Android phone “settings” app, and launch it.

How to uninstall Nova launcher on Android

Next look for the “Apps” or “Apps and notifications” widget and click on it.

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Now scroll to find the app you want to uninstall: in this case, you will be looking for the Nova Launcher app. Click on it.

Nova Launcher uninstall


The screen that appears next should present you with the uninstall button. You can go ahead and click to uninstall the Nova launcher app from your device.

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Now if the uninstall button is presented but isn’t clickable, it means that the launcher is set to “default” on your device, and to be able to uninstall it, you first need to revoke the default settings.

Nova launcher uninstall button not visible

Now how can you do this? On that page you currently are on; the Nova launcher app info page, scroll down a little and locate “open by default” and click on it.

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Next click on “Clear defaults”

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Now go back to trying to uninstall by clicking once on your phone’s navigation back button. You will discover that the “Uninstall” button is now visible and ready to be clicked on. Feel free to click on it to uninstall the Nova launcher app from your Android device.

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2nd method of Uninstalling Nova Launcher on Android

This second method is pretty straightforward and should be easy for anyone.

Launch your Google PlayStore app,

Google PlayStore

Search for Nova launcher, and click.

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Click on it again and you should see the option to uninstall the app from your device. To uninstall, click on this button.

2022 06 14 10.52.34 01 1

And no, it doesn’t matter whether the app has been set as the default launcher on your Android phone or not; as soon as you click on the uninstall button, it will be deleted from your phone for good.

But have it in mind that your phone will automatically adopt the default launcher it came with if there’s no other launcher present on the device.

And that’s it! This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to uninstall Nova launcher on Android. If you are having trouble with Nova launcher or just want to try a different launcher, this guide will help you uninstall it quickly and easily.



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