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Transfer Music From Your iPhone Storage To iTunes With 2 Free Methods.

Transfer music from iPhone to iTunes

One of the most frequently asked questions from iPhone users is “how to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes for free.” This is because losing your music library on iTunes for an unknown reason is not rare. And regardless of what caused the erasing of the iTunes library, the fact is that you cannot recover the lost songs except the songs that were already in your iPhone. In the event that you lose your music in your iTunes library, follow these steps to transfer music from your iPhone storage to iTunes, that is if the songs are still available in the device storage.

Before going full swing on how to do this, you need to know that the ‘transfer purchase’ option (File > Device > Transfer Purchase) should not be mistaken as a means where you transfer your music library on your iPhone. The ‘transfer purchase’ only enables the transfer of music, movies, and other media files which were purchased from the Apple Store and as a result causes the non-purchased files to get erased during the transfer. So, iPhone users should not use this option if the files they’ll be transferring include non-purchased items. Instead of using the transfer purchase option, they should use another software.

For transferring music from iPhone to iTunes, you’ll need third-party transfer software. There are several software programs you can use in carrying out this activity. In this article, I would share two of these software programs and how you can use them for free to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes. They are:

1. Appandora iPhone to iTunes Music Transfer

2. iExplorer

1. Using Appandora iPhone to iTunes Music Transfer

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to music from iPhone to iTunes by using this free software.

Step 1: Download and install the Appandora iPhone to iTunes Music Transfer software on your computer.

Step 2: Get the latest version of iTunes if you don’t have one.

Step 3: After you have installed the Appandora iPhone to iTunes Music Transfer, connect your iPhone to your computer via your USB cable.

Step 4: After your computer has been recognized by the iPhone, launch the software.

Step 5: Go to the left side of the software after launching and click on Media and highlight Music on the right panel. Thereafter, select the music files and click on the Export option on the top to transfer the files you have selected from your iPhone devices to the computer.

Step 6: After exporting the music files to your computer, open iTunes and sync the music files you just exported from your computer to your iTunes library.

Step 7: When these steps are completed, the music playlist will be transferred to your music library.

2. Transfer Music From iPhone Using iExplorer

Here are the steps on how to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes using the iExplorer software

Step 1: Download the iExplorer software and install it on your computer. If you download the free application, you should expect limitations on the activities. That is, if you decide to download it, you would be limited to only the transfer of 10 songs.

Step 2: Turn off the automatic syncing settings on your iTunes. To turn off this setting, go to edit > preference > devices > prevent IOS from syncing automatically. Select OK and exit.

word image 1 1 Step 3: After installing successfully, open iExplorer software on your computer. Use the free mode if you purchased it for free and connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 4: After following step 3 instructions, select Music, which is located on the middle panel of the Device Overview screen. Alternatively, you can open your music library by selecting Media Library through the sidebar located on the left-hand side of the program interface.

Step 5: Select the music option on the main screen to view the music available on the iPhone. This software automatically detects which music is already on iTunes and which those not on iTunes. This will help you transfer the files accordingly.

word image 2 1

Step 6: By clicking on a song once, you are selecting it for transfer. To select multiple songs of your choice, hold the Ctrl key and tap on the songs you would want to transfer.

Step 7: After you’ve selected the songs, click on the ‘Transfer’ button located at the bottom of the panel. Tap on the ‘Transfer Selected to iTunes’ option, which will pop up to transfer the songs from your computer to your iPhone.

Step 8: After you’ve followed these steps carefully, your playlist will then appear on your iTunes.

word image 3 1

How To Transfer Songs From iPhone To Your PC

Some might be wondering if it’s possible to transfer from your iPhone to your computer too. Yes, this can be done for free if you follow the instructions below:

1. Download the AirMore application on your iPhone.

2. Open the app.

3. Tap on the blue button located just below the app and then select ‘Radar’;

4. This action will prompt the AirMore app to recognize your device and then click on it to connect.

5. Click on the ‘Music’ tab and select the option you want to transfer.

6. Tap on the ‘Export’ option and wait for a few seconds so that the music files will be saved on your computer.

I hope you have learned from this post how to transfer music from your iPhone to your iTunes for free. Software programs like Appandora and iExplorer can be useful in this regard. In this same article, we have also seen how to transfer songs from your iPhone to your personal computer. If you have tried the steps mentioned above, kindly do well to comment on your experience.

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