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How To Reverse A Tiktok Video

How To Reverse a Tiktok Video

If there is one thing that distinguishes TikTok, it is because of its creation area. Want to know how to reverse a TikTok video? The number of filters, effects, and settings available to create videos are fascinating.

 Thanks to this, users can unleash their imagination. One of the most striking is the reverse effect. Do you want to know it? Keep reading.

Reverse Effect On Tiktok

What exactly is the reverse effect of TikTok? When we make use of this effect, TikTok is responsible for flipping and reversing the playback direction of a video. Obviously, if you want to achieve a result that attracts attention, the original video must be recorded taking into account the investment that will be applied in the TikTok editing area.

So that you can see the possibilities of this effect, we have compiled some of the most interesting videos. They all belong to the #reversechallenge tag, which you can use to inspire you and share your creations.

We start with the classic pyramid of glasses trick. In this case, instead of recording the construction assembly, the disassembly was captured. When reversing the shot, the effect is very interesting.

Destroying a phrase created with an infinity of coins and then reversing the video leaves a very striking result. By the way, the user shares the moment of creating the video. This can help you make your own montages more accurately.

A bottle of Coca Cola bursting and the effect in reverse. It seems like a very simple way to avoid disaster. Although, the reverse effect is not going to save you from cleaning everything.

We end this review with a compilation of jumps to which the inverse effect has been applied. This is certainly an easy video to capture.

How to make a reverse video on tiktok

How To Reverse a Tiktok Video

How do you create these eye-catching effects on your own? It’s actually quite simple. The first step is to navigate to the TikTok creation zone. This is done by clicking on the lower central button, which is represented by the Plus symbol. Then, proceed with the steps outlined below:

  1. Record your video. Remember that all shots have to be designed to apply the reverse effect. Therefore, everything you capture must be rendered in a contrary to natural order.
  2. Edit, apply effects or add music. The set of actions that you carry out in the recording area will be reversed. So if you don’t want to reverse the music, add it after recording is finished. When you have your video ready, go to the editing area by clicking on the confirmation button.
  3. In the editing area, click on Effects. Then open the Weather categoryThen, tap on Invest .

At that time, TikTok will take care of applying the reverse effect on your video. Before applying it definitively, you can preview the result. When you have it ready, just use the Save button. So, post your video normally.

Quiet simple, if you have any question regarding this, kindly leave a comment below and you will get a response asap. Thanks for reading.

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