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How to Restart an iPhone 13

How to restart iPhone 13

Restarting an iPhone is one of the most common tasks performed on an iPhone. You’ll see this as the first step in any number of iOS troubleshooting steps. It’s a good practice to restart your iPhone periodically to ensure that you’re running the latest software and that there aren’t any software updates that you’re waiting on.

To restart your iPhone 13, you’ll have to go through the following steps.

How Can I Restart My iPhone 13 Without Using the Screen?


The iPhone 13 cannot be restarted or soft reset using an onscreen menu or function (the same is true for all other iPhone models). Instead, you must be aware of the proper button presses to make. What you should do is:

  • The Volume Down and Side buttons should be pressed and held simultaneously.
  • Technically, you can also utilize the Volume Up button, however, doing so could result in a screenshot being mistakenly taken.
  • Release the Volume Down and Side buttons when Slide to Power Off appears.

Note: Your Medical ID and the iPhone’s Emergency Call function are both accessible from this screen. You should be aware that Face ID and Touch ID are disabled on this screen if you choose not to restart your iPhone. To enable these capabilities once more, enter your phone’s passcode.

  • Slide to Power – Off to turn the iPhone 13 off from left to right.
  • pause for 15–30 seconds. Hold down the Side button until you see the Apple logo after turning off the phone. Release the Side button to restart the iPhone 13.

How Can I Force My iPhone 13 To Restart?


The standard restart won’t function in some situations. These situations include ones when the screen is frozen and you are unable to restart normally as detailed in the previous section. You require a hard reset, hard restart, or force reset or restart in this circumstance. Although it is a more potent troubleshooting tool, you won’t lose any data.

Follow these instructions to restart an iPhone 13 forcefully:

  • Press and release Volume Up.

  • Press and release Volume Down.

  • Press and hold the Side button.

  • When Slide to Power Off appears, ignore it. Hold on until the Apple logo appears. Release the Side button when it appears to allow the iPhone to restart.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my iPhone 13 to factory settings?

To transfer or reset your iPhone, go to Settings > General.

Delete all settings and content. Your iPhone 13 will be restored to its factory settings after doing this, erasing all of your personal data.

When my iPhone won’t power on, how can I fix it?

Try a hard restart or reset if your iPhone won’t power on. You can try placing your jailbroken iPhone in DFU mode to undo any changes if your device is jailbroken. Contact Apple support if the warranty on your device is still active.

How do I defrost the screen on my frozen iPhone?

Most iPhone issues can be resolved with a quick reset. If your iPhone freezes at the Apple logo, either the operating system or the hardware of the device is broken. A botched software update or hardware problems may be the cause of the iPhone’s White Screen.

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