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How To Play Binamon And How Much You Can Earn

How to play Binamon
NFT games have taken the world by storm. This is a new game mode that may completely change the way traditional game economies work in the future. Binamon is one of the newest phenomenon in blockchain gaming, with its popularity increasing with each passing day.

Keep reading and find out how to play Binamon , what are the available tokens, how much is earned in Binamon and all the doubts you may have before investing your money.

What is Binamon?

It is an NFT game based on Pokemon-style creatures . Nothing new in it since it is the main theme of blockchain games. The strength that Binamon has is that its economy is supported by three tokens: BMON, BMON-Z1 and BNRG. Each token has different prices and is used for different things.

What are Binamon tokens?

BMON is the main currency of the game and the one that allows you to buy monsters in the Binamon Marketplace. BMON-Z1 is the token for planet Z1 of the Binamon metaverse. It is a raw material needed to create Crypton monsters.

BNRG , on the other hand, is basically “energy.” It is a limited supply token that is minted as the game requires it. Its main use is to buy energy boosters or energy enhancers. But when you buy them, the BNRG is burned.

What are Binamon’s monsters like?

It is the main part of the game and the most coveted and rare asset in this universe. These NFTs are Genesis Binamons, that is, the original binamons that are used for a variety of functions in the game. Each NFT has five characteristics:

  • Class – Binamons are ranked by numbers ranging from 1 to 12. This allows you to fight binamons of the same class. The higher the class of a binamon, the better the rewards in a tournament.
  • Attack : it is the strength of the binamon. It varies between 1 and 12.
  • Hornpower : It is the defense that the monster has to resist attacks. Varies from 10 to 100.
  • Element – ​​Gives the binamon unique qualities. There are currently six: Forest, Water, Fire, Light, Psychic, and Quantum.
  • Power – The higher the power, the better the NFT overall

How to open a Binamon account?

After the recent success of NFT games, many have rushed to learn how to play Binamon. The Binamon Marketplace is officially open and the monsters are waiting for you.

Before you start playing, you will need monsters from Planet Z1 . You can get them by connecting your wallet on the official page and buying BMON or BMON-Z1. After purchasing your creature, you will enter the Binamon P2E website, where you can connect your wallet and view your Binamon Z1 monsters.

Each monster has one hour of gameplay. After approving the contract, you will choose the NFT you want to use for the game and you will receive a password in return.

The next step requires you to download the game client, install it, and open it. You will have to enter your password, after which you can choose a monster and play.

How to play Binamon?

How much can you earn playing Binamon

How to play Binamon is very easy. It is possible to move with the traditional WASD movement key or by using the Arrow keys.

How you make use of your allotted time is very crucial. Users run along a path full of monsters, fighting several creatures and improving their skills in the process. They lose time each time they suffer damage. If your efforts to strike your enemy do not succeed, you will also lose time. 

How much can you make in Binamon?

The current average is around 100 USD per month. However, the profits are increasing and could be much higher in the near future.



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