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How to Fix Kodi Won’t Play Issues (Discovered)

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Today we’re going to be talking about kodi and some common issues you may encounter while streaming videos on it.


Kodi is a great platform where you can watch entertaining and high quality videos but the problem is that many people can run into some issues and some technical glitches.


If you happen to get stuck in some of these issues or like the video won’t even open at all then read to the end of this article as we’re gonna be addressing some common issues and proffering some solutions to resolve these issues.


Before we jump into some solutions to why kodi may not work, we’re going to be addressing some common errors you might find in kodi while streaming videos. And it doesn’t matter if you have the free version of Kodi or the paid add-ons, these errors apply to everyone.


Some Common Kodi Errors

Kodi crashes too often

Many users have reported that kodi crashing is a pretty common error that can happen time to time. And usually unexpected crashes from Kodi are a result of uncleared cached files or third-party add-ons.


Kodi freezes while playing video

In many situations you might find that the video freezes during playback and this is generally because you’re either running an incompatible or an outdated version of kodi in your system.


Failed to install a dependency

This is an error message that usually prompts when the application fails to install an add-on number


Kodi add-ons not working

Now in many situations, you might run into some installed add-ons that just won’t work in kodi and if this happens, you won’t have access to all the features in kodi and might even face errors while playing videos.


Kodi buffering issues

Buffering is a pretty common error many users may face now if you are buffering and you have the buffering screen just like this then that means you’re probably not connected to a stable internet connection.


So now that you know the types of issues you might face in kodi let’s start with some solutions that may help you resolve them.


How to Fix Kodi Won’t Play

Since it’s pretty challenging identifying the root cause of your problem you will have to implement different solutions and stick to the one that works for you.


So without wasting a single second let’s start with the first solution to fix Kodi videos not playing and just some other errors you might face.


Fix Kodi won’t play issues by clearing cache

Most issues with Kodi can actually be fixed by just clearing out the cache and temporary files that’s been built up over time.


The cache is basically temporary storage where Kodi downloads a few seconds of video so you can have uninterrupted playback and smooth experience.


However, when the cache starts to fill up, Kodi might crash or just show you a choppy video and if that’s the case then you want to make sure you follow these simple steps so you can clear out the temporary files in Kodi.


There’s no direct way to clear caches in Kodi and to do the job, you have to:

  • Install the indigo add-on. you can install this add-on from the tv add-ons repository
  • After the add-on is successfully installed click the maintenance tab
  • Then click on the clear cache button
  • And then confirm the action

Wait for a few seconds and let Kodi automatically clear all the cache files.

Once the process completes check if you’re able to watch videos in Kodi or not.

Fix Kodi won’t play issue by updating to the latest version

I mentioned earlier that running an outdated version of Kodi is the most common reason behind unexpected screen freezes.

So if kodi keeps freezing during playback make sure you update it to the latest version. And to do this go to Kodi’s official website and follow the on-screen instructions to install the newer version on your system.

If you’re running Kodi on your android device you can directly install the latest version from Google PlayStore.

Fix Kodi won’t play by updating add-ons

It might be possible that a specific add-on has been outdated and in this situation you’ll have to update that selected add-on in order to watch your tv shows and videos without any interruptions.

  • Click the add-ons icon and select “my add-ons”, then click “all”
  • Select the add-on you want to update
  • You’ll see a full information screen of the selected add-on
  • Click “versions” and select the latest version of the add-on to install it

Fix Kodi errors with the aid of a VPN

Finally, if you still see some kodi issues you might want to use a vpn to resolve it. Some of the errors in Kodi are as a result of the third-party add-ons installed. Mainly because they violate the content privacy laws. That’s why it’s always advised to use genuine add-ons in kodi so you don’t run into any unexpected errors.

But if you still want to use a third-party add-on, make sure to use a dedicated VPN application to hide your ip address so as to protect your account from getting banned. Using a VPN will also help you access add-ons that aren’t available in your region.


So that’s everything you need to know about different ways to fix kodi issues and errors, and media playbacks and all that kind of stuff. If you follow these methods carefully you’ll be able to solve every kodi error easily.

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