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How to Fix a Short Circuit on a Computer

How to Fix a Short Circuit on a Computer

A short circuit is when two or more wires in your computer come into contact with each other. A short circuit on your computer can cause damage to your motherboard and can even cause it to burn out.

Short circuits occur in computers because of different reasons. Some of the most common causes are spilled beverages, an unexpected brownout or power outage at home or at the office, or a basic cable fault.

How to Fix a Short Circuit on a Computer

To fix a short circuit on a computer, you first need to identify which wires are short-circuited. To do this, follow the instructions below:


Try a different power outlet

Plugging your computer into a different power strip or outlet will allow you to test the power supply.

Remove dust from the computer

Switch off the computer. Unscrew the access door on the back of the computer to reveal the casing. For the door to be removed or opened, you might need to press a button or release it. Then, blast the dust out of the computer, including the fans and the area around the motherboard, using a can of pressurized air.

Screw all unscrewed components

Verify if any computer components are loose. Ensure that the motherboard is fully secured with screws. Lift the CPU bar, remove the CPU, and unscrew the CPU fan and heatsink. Reinstall the CPU, ensuring sure that the CPU and CPU socket’s missing pin and hole-filled corner match.

Replace the power supply

Finally, change the power supply. Disconnect any drives and other powered hardware from the power supply as well as the power supply from the motherboard. Lift out the power supply by unscrewing it from the case’s back. Connect the power to the motherboard and any other gear that needs a power connection after replacing the old power supply with a new one.

People also ask

Can a short-circuited motherboard be fixed?

There is no way to fix the motherboard itself if it was damaged by an electrical short or surge. A removable or peripheral component, such as RAM, that was harmed by an electrical short or surge can be changed.

What causes a laptop to short circuit?

A short circuit can result from a number of problems, such as spilled liquids, an unanticipated brownout or power outage in the house or business, or a simple cable failure. This does not imply that you should discard the laptop immediately because it might still be usable.

What happens when a computer shorts out?

The most common source of electrical shorts within computers is errant metal fragments that create an electrical connection where one shouldn’t. Electrical shorts may result in the PC shutting down abruptly and without an error message. They may also prevent the PC from turning on at all and even destroy it.

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