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How to Find My Friends on Android and iPhone

Find My Friends App

With the rising number of app developers, there are now many mobile tracking apps available online. Among these, the “Find My Friend” app stands out for being very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The Find my Friend app was developed for iOS devices by Apple Inc. It allows approved friends and contacts to access the GPS location of the user’s Apple mobile device. The app is designed to allow a maximum of 100 trackers, which should be more than sufficient for a single user.

One interesting feature of the app is that the tracker can also receive notifications when the user arrives at or departs from a new location. These actions are determined using the GPS on the iOS device, but only when location services are turned on. A modified version of the app also allows notifications to pop up when a user requests a tracker to know their location. However, it should be noted that this feature can be turned off and on at any time.

The Find My Friends app is designed to work with other apps on users’ devices, such as contacts and Google maps. This allows users to easily share their location with others and keep track of their friends and family members.

How to Track Your Friends with an iPhone Or Android

Since its release in October 2011, “Find My Friends” has become very popular among iPhone users. It is currently one of the most convenient ways for iOS users to share their locations with friends. If peradventure you feel lost or wish to get in touch with your peers, you can notify them utilizing this app. In addition, you can use it to create a route for all to meet up in a new or selected location.

How to use “Find My Friends” on iPhone

  • Firstly, launch the “Find My Friends” app from your home screen on your iPhone.
  • Next, click on “Add Friends.”
  • Now select a contact name from your list of contacts. Note that you can select several contacts on your list here.
  • Click on “Send.”

You’ve successfully added the number of users who can now be able to track you.

To share your location with friends,

  • launch the app.
  • Click on “Me.”
  • Make sure you switch your “Share My Location” on.

Can I Connect iPhone to Android on the “Find My Friends” App?

Unfortunately, no. As of now, the Find My Friends app cannot connect Android and iOS users. Although both Android and iOS have an app called Find My Friend, you can only connect the app from your iPhone to an iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPod devices. In addition, on Windows also has the app available.

Can You Tell If Someone Is Checking Your location?

No, you cannot tell. The Find My Friends app does not notify users when they are being spied on or tracked. If you are concerned about someone checking your location, you should simply pause sharing your location via the app. This will prevent anyone from monitoring your movements.

Best Find My Friends App That Works for Both Android and iPhone

There is a divide between those who prefer iPhones and those who prefer Androids. However, when it comes to the need to keep track of real-time location, both parties can benefit from the assistance of a third-party tracking app. Not all tracking apps are compatible with both iPhone and Android, so it can be difficult to find one that works for both. Here, we will discuss two mobile-friendly tracking apps that are compatible with both the iPhone and Android.

1. Glympse


Glympse allows you to share your location with others via a Web-based map, using the GPS capabilities of your mobile phone. You can share your location for a predetermined period with anyone you choose, by sending them a Glympse. A Glympse is a link that is sent via text message, email, or a third-party app or site, such as Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp. When the recipient clicks on the Glympse link, they can view your location on a map in real-time, for the duration that you have chosen to share your location.

Glympse does not require users to create an account or log in; users can simply download the app and start sending locations. Glympse automatically expires when its timer runs out, so users don’t have to worry about their location being shared when they no longer want it to be. With Glympse, users are in complete control with who they want to see their location and for how long they see it.


2. Familo


The Familo Family GPS Locator lets you stay connected with the people who matter most in your life. With Familo, you can easily track the location of your Friends and Family members on a map in real-time. In addition, Familo can tell you when family members arrive or leave specific locations, and also has a panic button for emergency location sharing. Also, you can communicate privately with other Familo users in a group chat. Familo is also very easy to use for kids and parents and has low battery consumption. Each Familo user gets to decide who can see their location, and Familo can be used anonymously if desired.

With the Familo tracker, you get a comprehensive view of your family and friends’ location. The app also allows users to select when and for how long they want to share their location. Additionally, it features intelligent places, which send notifications when kids arrive or leave specific locations, as well as a panic button which shares the child’s current location with parents. With Familo, you can also create multiple groups for different members and chat with them directly.


3. Life360

Life360 family locator

Life360 is a convenient tool for keeping in touch with your loved ones. You can easily create private groups to keep track of your close friends and family members.

One of Life360’s best features is its chat function, which lets you communicate with other members of your family. Additionally, the GPS tracker lets you view the location of each friend in real-time. Another useful feature of the Life360 app is that it provides notifications whenever a tracked member arrives at or departs from a location, as well as if a phone is lost or stolen, or if a car is speeding.

The Life360 tracker is a great way to stay connected with your friends and family. With just a few clicks, you can create different circles and activate the features you need. Whether you’re looking for a way to stay connected or want to keep track of your loved ones, the Life360 Tracker is a great choice.



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