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How to Crash Your Chromebook intentionally

How to crash your ChromeBook

Crashing your Chromebook on purpose can be fun in some cases, so long as you have the right motivation behind it. Maybe you want to get out of an important meeting or you need an excuse to leave early from your shift at work—or maybe you’re just bored and want to see what happens when you try these steps out. Whatever the reason, this how-to guide on crashing your Chromebook will help show you exactly how to do it right.

3 Ways to Crash Your Chromebook on Purpose

1. Type in Chrome://restart into your address bar and click enter. This will crash the Chromebook without effect. This method can also be used to crash school Chromebooks.


2. Another way of crashing your Chromebook is to disable Secure Boot. This can be done by opening your Chromebook’s BIOS settings and navigating to the Security tab. Once there, you should see an option to disable Secure Boot. Select this option and then save and exit the BIOS. Your Chromebook will now boot without Secure Boot enabled, which means it will be more susceptible to crashing.


3. Press search + esc simultaneously, this will launch the task manager. Once you’ve selected the second-highest item and clicked end process, your screen will go black for around 1.5 seconds before returning to whatever you were doing.

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