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Twitch To Mp4 – How To Convert Twitch Clips to Mp4

Twitch To Mp4

This article features 5 of the best Twitch to mp4 video converters and how to use them.

Twitch is not a new name for gamers and lovers of gaming streams. It is the haven of gaming content. According to official statistics, Twitch has passed 15 million active daily users, with over 2.2 million creators making gaming content every month. In 2017 alone, Twitch users viewed a total of two hundred and fifty-five billion minutes (255 million) of gaming content on the platform. Twitch boast of over One hundred and twenty-four million (124 million) videos that comprise gaming walkthroughs, esports competitions, music, lifestyle, creativity, and DIY tutorials. In 2020, users spend an average of 1 hour and 35 minutes (90 minutes) streaming on Twitch, so Twitch is the undisputed king of game streaming.

There is enough content on Twitch to keep viewers entertained for the whole day, but if you need to convert videos from your favorite Twitch streamers to MP4 then you will need a Twitch downloader. This article will be a full guide on how to convert videos from Twitch to MP4 and download them to your offline folders using the best 5 Twitch downloaders.

Best Twitch To MP4 Video Converters 2022

There are several downloaders out there that all claim to be Twitch video to MP4 converters, but we have made a comprehensive list of the top 5 Twitch converters, and a guide on how to use them to download Twitch videos. We tested many Twitch converters and ranked these 5 downloaders as the best Twitch converters using the following criteria;

  • Ability to download Twitch videos.
  • Download speed.
  • Quality of the downloaded videos.
  • The ability to download videos in different resolutions (144P, 360P, 480P. 720P, 1080P).
  • Convenience.

And here are our list of Twitch to mp4 video converters…

Clip Ninja Twitch Video to MP4 Converter

Starting this list is one of the revolutionary downloaders, and it does an awesome job as a Twitch stream downloader. Although it is best known for perfectly converting Twitch videos to MP4 format, Clip Ninja can also convert Twitch videos to MP3. So if you want the video or audio format of any Twitch video, Clip Ninja does the perfect job.

One of the most outstanding features of this Twitch to Mp4 converter software is that it allows users to get a preview of the video before downloading it, users can also save the thumbnail of that video. So this is an all-in-one tool for getting videos, audios, and thumbnails from Twitch. This article is focused on how to convert Twitch videos to MP4, so we won’t digress from that topic.

How to Convert Twitch Videos to MP4 Using Clip Ninja

Converting Twitch videos with Clip Ninja is very easy and it requires the following simple steps;

  • Go to and copy the URL of the Twitch video that you want to download.
  • Head over to and you will find the download search bar.
  • Paste the Twitch video URL that you copied earlier.
  • Click on submit and the page will reload with information about the URL.
  • You will see a snippet and Thumbnail, these are to help you confirm that it is the precise video, click on the DOWNLOAD VIDEO button and the video will start downloading in a few seconds.

If you want the audio-only format, click on convert to MP3 and the audio version will be downloaded to your device.


Clipr Twitch To MP4 Converter

Clipr has a very simple and user-friendly interface. It is self-proclaimed as the easiest Twitch video downloader available on the web, well we will leave that up to the readers to decide. Although they claim to be the easiest Twitch video downloader, the process of converting and downloading Twitch videos using Clip is not as straightforward as the other downloaders mentioned in this article.
However, the outstanding feature of this Twitch downloader is that it allows users to choose their preferred video resolution (from 144P to 1080P) for downloading the converted video.

How to Convert Twitch Videos to MP4 Using Clip Ninja

  • Go to Twitch and open the video that you want to download.
  • Click on the Share button on the video and copy the generated URL. Copying the link directly from the address bar won’t work on Clipr.
  • Go to Clipr and paste the URL in the search bar found on the home page.
  • Click on GET DOWNLOAD LINK and the conversion process will begin.
  • After successfully converting the Twitch video to MP4, tap the CLICK TO DOWNLOAD button.
  • Finally, click the three dots found at the bottom right part of the converted video clip and click on Download to save the clip to your device’s storage.



The name might sound like it helps reduce your Twitch addiction or is an alternative to Twitch, but it is not. UnTwitch however helps users reduce the time they spend “online” on Twitch by converting twitch videos to MP4 for offline downloads. UnTwitch claims that most Twitch downloaders don’t actually give Twitch videos but m3u8 files.

Using UnTwitch allows you to download your desired Twitch video in various available sizes and formats. A standout feature of this Twitch converter is that you can also select parts of the clip that you want to download. So, instead of spending your whole time and data downloading the complete video, you can simply select the length you need and download it.

UnTwitch also allows users to extract audio in Mp3 format from Twitch videos and save it to their local storage. However, this is limited to only 30 minutes.

How to Convert Twitch Videos to MP4 Using UnTwitch

  • Go to and copy the video link from the address bar or use the share button.
  • Go to UnTwitch and paste the URL in the search bar.
  • Click on SUBMIT, and the video will be loaded.
  • Select the video resolution, and adjust the video to the length you want to save.
  • Click on download.


Onvico Twitch Video to MP4 Converter

This is an online video converting tool that can convert and download videos from several platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, DailyMotion, and of course Twitch. So if you are connected to unlimited Wi-Fi, and you want to download your favorite videos and access them without needing an internet connection, then Onvico is the perfect platform to handle the job. Onvico can easily extract videos from over 400 platforms,  its ability to extract, convert, and download videos from Twitch is not in doubt.

How to Convert Twitch Videos to MP4 Using Onvico

  • Go to Twitch and open the video that you want to download.
  • Copy the video URL from the address bar or by using the share button.
  • Go to Onvico and paste the URL in the white search bar.
  • Hit the enter key or press GO.
  • A list of download formats will be shown, select the desired format and wait for the video to covert and start the download.


Coming last but not rated as the last on this list is YMP4. Unlike most Twitch dedicated downloaders that have Twitch written all over their domain. YMP4 is a discreet but efficient tool for converting videos from Twitch to MP4. Although the website is pretty easy to understand because the converter can be found on the home page, it offers support in different languages so non-English speaking users won’t find it difficult when using this software.

Just like the four converters mentioned above, YMP4 does not require any sign-up or payment to download videos from Twitch.

How to Convert Twitch Videos to MP4 Using YMP4

  • Get the download link from Twitch.
  • Paste the URL in the search box provided on the YMP4 homepage and click GO.
  • A list of available formats will be displayed (including MP3)
  • Select your preferred format and wait for the download to begin.



Converting videos from Twitch to MP4 and downloading them to your device’s storage has never been made easier than what these five Twitch converters are offering. They are free and give users the option to download various qualities.

Note: You can’t use these tools to download videos that are still on a live stream, in other words, when your favorite streamer is still live on a video. You can’t download the video by copying the link and pasting them into any Twitch video converting tool. You have to wait for the live stream to end before downloading the video.

For users accessing Twitch through its mobile app, copying video URLs might seem more difficult because Twitch mobile application does not have an address bar for simply copying the URL. So, if you want to copy the Video’s URL from the app, follow these simple steps;

  • Open the Twitch mobile app.
  • Go to the video that you want to download and open it.
  • The share button can be found below the video, click on it.
  • Several options will be presented, click on COPY LINK, and the video URL will be copied to your clipboard.
  • Now open your mobile web browser and visit any of the Twitch video converters mentioned above and follow the process to download videos from Twitch to MP4.



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