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Hinge Vs Tinder 2022 – Battle For The Ultimate Dating App

Hinge vs Tinder

If you’re trying to decide between Hinge and Tinder, you’re not alone. Both dating apps are hugely popular, but they offer different experiences. So which one is right for you? You will find out in this detailed comparison of two of the best leading apps in the dating industry – Hinge vs Tinder. 

Meeting people for the first time can be really difficult for many, thus the number of active users on dating apps keeps increasing on a daily basis. Lots of users looking for hookups or relationships from online sources have led to the creation of numerous online dating apps.

Among this heap of online dating apps, it is usually hard to find the best. Nevertheless, there are few that stand out from the rest.

In this article, we will be giving an in-depth review of two of the most popular online dating apps (Hinge and Tinder).

Should you use both apps? Do they have special features that make them stand out in their unique ways? Finding the perfect online dating app that covers all our emotional needs is like looking for a grain of rice in a heap of sand.

Hinge Vs Tinder – What You Should Know



From the moment you use this app, you will understand why it has over 1.5 million users addicted to the platform. Since its creation in 2012, Hinge has steadily risen above the rank of the most-used online dating app.

Before it became popular with many active users, Hinge nearly went out of business due to insufficient funds to keep the service running. However, Justin McLeod, the owner of Hinge invested in creating a mobile application and also hosted a rebranding party which led to the raising of funds that kept Hinge afloat.

By mid-2017, Hinge became so popular that it was mentioned more than other online dating apps in the New York Times wedding section. In September 2017, Hinge matchmaking feature was released to change the way people were matched in other online dating apps.



Tinder has been the Alpha of online dating, it is so popular that if you come across 10 people using online dating services across America and Europe, 6 are on Tinder.

When the need for online hookups was highly needed, Tinder came into the game in 2012. It won the award for “Best New Startup of 2013” and by 2014 it registered over 1 billion daily swipes (Swipes is used to match users on Tinder).

Just within a year of its launch, Tinder made the list of the 25 most-used social media platforms worldwide. Tinder became the first online dating application to be listed on the top 5 most used web services in 10 years.

Hinge vs Tinder: User Profile


A complete Hinge Profile has 6 images or videos, users also have the option to add three prompts that are to be answered, there are over 90 prompts to choose from. Each prompt on Hinge has a maximum of 150 characters. Other users can like your images (or videos), but you must upload 6 photos before you can like the profile of other users.

Your desired matches will also be displayed on your Hinge profile for others to see. Screening matches such as location, age, height, kids, educational level, and drugs will also be visible on your profile.



A Tinder profile is made up of 9 images (although only 1 is required) with an option to include video snippets of 2 seconds that will be repeatedly played to anyone who visits your profile (this feature is called Tinder Loop).

Bios are optional on Tinder and a bio has a 500-character limit. Your Tinder profile and your information (age, occupation, location, and educational level) are made public to every user. However, users with premium accounts can keep their profiles private.

Hinge vs Tinder: Linking to other social media platforms


Hinge allows you to link your Instagram account to your profile, it previously requires users to log in with their Facebook profiles, and matches them with people who they share mutual friends with. However, a Facebook login is no longer required on Hinge.


Tinder users can link their Snapchat, Instagram, Bitmoji, and Spotify accounts, you can also choose your favourite artist and anthem (with this, you can easily be matched with other users who have similar tastes in music).

Hinge vs Tinder: Free Accounts Features


You can enjoy all the basic features of Hinge without spending a penny. Some free features include;

  • Viewing Matches
  • Receiving Matches
  • Sending and Receiving Messages
  • Filter (Gender, Age, Location, Religion, Ethnicity, and Distance)


Tinder also has a lot of free features but there is a limit on the number of profiles you can like in a day. Some free features include;

  • Create a profile
  • Facebook / Phone number login
  • View profile (Age, Mutual friends,
  • Location, Mutual interests, Distance, Brief description / Tagline)
  • Search Filtering
  • Swipe (Limited)
  • Match
  • Chat

Hinge vs Tinder: Premium Features


Hinge Preferred (this is what the premium plan is called) has multiple price ranges ($4.99 – $12.99/month). The amount you pay depends on how many months advance you want to subscribe to, the more months you add, the less expensive it gets.
Hinge premium plan gives you complete access to all the basic and advanced features on its platform. Hinge premium features include;

  • Access to Hinge experts
  • Unlimited likes
  • Unlock advanced profile preferences


Tinder’s premium membership package is divided into two different plans (Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold). Tinder Plus is less expensive ($9.99 – $19.99/month depending on your age) and you get access to all the basic features and some advanced features such as;

  • Location Changer
  • No Ads
  • Hide Profile (Age, Distance)
  • Rewind last swipe
  • Unlimited likes
  • Super like (5 each day)
  • Tinder Boost (once every month)
    Tinder Gold is more expensive ($12.50 – $29.99/month depending on your age and location) and you get unlimited access to all the basic and advanced features such as;
  • View the list of everyone who liked your profile
  • Swipe WorldWide
  • Shows recently active users
  • Get featured as a top picture
  • Super Boost

Hinge vs Tinder: Messaging


Starting a conversation on Hinge is easier than on Tinder, although both messaging platforms are similar. You can exchange unlimited messages with other users when you have been matched with them.
Messaging on Hinge is easier because;

  • If you have several unanswered messages, Hinge’s “Your Turn” feature allows you to get a peek of all the messages that you have not responded to. This is a good feature that will help you manage your long list of conversations and keep them going.
  • A good conversation starter feature allows you to send a message with your like (once you like a profile, you have the option to send them a message), thus you might hit the ice breaker before you get matched.
  • You can also comment on individual parts of the user’s profile, this will let them know the portion of their profile that attracted you to them.


You can’t start a conversation on Tinder unless you have been paired. Unlike Hinge which has several conversation-starting features, Tinder doesn’t. Nevertheless, Tinder Feed is a feature that allows users to comment on the recent public activities of other users (changing profile picture, updating bio, and location, but you must be matched to the person before using Tinder Feed.

Hinge vs Tinder: Match Making


Match Filter

Hinge has a more advanced option for screening profiles that you would want to be matched with. Hinge has a wider range of screening preferences, so you can easily find the profile (or something closer) of users that would fit into your category.

A Hinge Free plan allows you to filter profiles based on;

  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Location
  • Height
  • Age
  • Maximum distance range

Hinge Preferred allows you to filter profiles based on;

  • If they have kids
  • Smoking
  • Educational background
  • Marijuana
  • Family plans
  • Politics
  • Drugs
  • Drinking

You can set a minimum number of these preferences each profile must have, profiles that have lower than your specified number won’t be recommended to you for matchmaking.

Hinge’s Most Compatible feature shows you profiles of users that you are likely compatible with. According to statistics from Hinge’s Most Compatible Algorithm, profiles in this category are 8x more likely to go out on a date with you (an easy way to get hooked up).

Hinge also has a feature called “We Met”, after matching up with a profile and hitting a conversation, you would most probably exchange mobile numbers. After this Hinge will follow up in a few days to find out if you have met with the person, and also if you will like to meet up with them again.


Users on the free plan are allowed to like 10 profiles every day, upgrading to a premium plan (Hinge Preferred) will give you unlimited likes every day.


Match Filter

Matchmaking on tinder is basic for both free and premium users, you get to set your preferences based on;

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Maximum distance range
  • Location
    However, Tinder Top Picks shows you a list of users that might fit into your category based on previous profiles that you have liked. You can like unlimited profiles from Tinder’s Top Picks if you are a premium subscriber, but free plan users are limited to only 1 like per day.


Tinder has the advantage here, you get 100 swipes (likes) every 12 hours (200 in 24 hours). However, upgrading to Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus gives you unlimited swipes.

Hinge Vs Tinder: Statistics

Year launched 2013 2012
Number of downloads 8 million 100+ million
Percentage of users in the U.S 94% 16%
Number of relationships/hookups made weekly 8000 30000
Percentage of users looking for a relationship 90% 23%
Percentage of users looking for a long-term relationship 49% 12%



Hinge Vs Tinder – Which Is Better?

If you are looking for a serious long-term relationship, Hinge is the perfect online dating app for you. It has a high average rate of quality matches, and users can easily find the perfect match using its advanced match preference filters. When it comes to striking a conversation, Hinge makes it easier for everyone, it gives lots of icebreaking options that could be used to start a conversation that might result in a beautiful relationship.

If you are looking for hookups and going on casual dates, then Tinder is your best bet. With over 57 million users in 190 countries, hooking up has never been made this easy. Tinder users go on over a million dates every week and this online dating app has matched over 20 billion users since its creation.

For college students, Tinder is the real deal. 40% of college students in the U.S use Tinder for hookups, while half of the users on both platforms believe that there is no difference between the apps. However, the amount of students who meet up on Hinge is 73% while Tinder is 40%.

If you want to meet up with your match within a week, then you should use Tinder. According to stats, 95% of users get to meet up with their matches within a week, the overall percentage for other online dating apps (including Hinge) is just 25%.

If you want to spend less and enjoy more features, Hinge is your best bet. Spending just $4.99 every month for a premium membership seems to be a good deal for me. Tinder, on the other hand, is more expensive but has more premium features that are yet to be introduced on Hinge. So if you feel like paying at least $9.99 every month to use features like Hiding your profile details, changing your location, seeing who liked your profile, and lots more, then I recommend using Tinder.

When it comes to knowing more about your matches (even before starting a conversation), Hinge is more open than Tinder. Premium users on Tinder can easily hide some details on their profile which makes it harder to know more about them without striking up a conversation.

If you want faster matching with people close to your location and you don’t mind spending time on screening profiles, then you should use Tinder. Hinge gives you a more precise match although the more preferences you set, the lesser matches you get. So if you prefer the quality of matches over quantity, I recommend that you create an account with Hinge today.

And that brings a wrap to the comparison of Hinge vs Tinder. Which of the two dating apps do you find interesting?



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