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10 Romantic Games Like One Room: Runaway Girl (PC, Android, iOS)

Games Like One Room: Runaway Girl

One Room: Runaway Girl is an Adventure, Anime, Mature, Visual Novel, and Single-player video game developed and published by PARTHIA KYODAN. The game is recommended for grown-ups only, as it contains scenes not appropriate for younger players.

In the game, you (the player) take on the role of a male protagonist who needs to head to the station for a certain mission.

On your way to the station, you met this beautiful damsel sitting under a roof on a bench along the railway with many thoughts running through her mind.

Suddenly she calls out to you, and you two began conversing. Apparently, she is homeless as she is having problems with her people, and needs a place to stay.

So she asks that you accommodate her and in return, she will see to it that you are well taken care of. All your needs and cravings she will satisfy as long as you use protection.

Now, you must make the decision on what to do with this pretty girl who has given herself to you. What you do with her in your room and what kind of relationship you kindle with her is all up to you.

Did you enjoy playing this game? Because I did. And there are even more like it.

One Room: Runaway Girl Alternatives

Should you be looking for other games like One Room: Runaway Girl, I’ve got a great list for you. Check it out!

1. My Magical Demon Lover

My Magical demon lover

Alright! Here’s one that I love and feel is a good alternative to One Room: Runaway Girl.

Tristan is the protagonist and all his life he has dreamt of being a wizard but doesn’t know how to go about it. Fortunately for him, his grandfather is one (a wizard) that protects his entire village and is the first one in three generations to show any interest in magic. After waiting for like forever for his grandfather to accept him as his apprentice, it’s finally happened.

Tristan has been summoned to the tower by his great grandfather, but not for what he had hoped for; at least not exactly. Percival is eager to leave for a vacation from his duties of protecting the village, and this requires Tristan to take over.

Tristan must choose a mentor from the three demons that Percival has lined up for him. These demons will give Tristan the magic he needs to become a wizard, but they will require something in return: his but*. Tristan has a chance to fall in love with one of the three demons, but who will he choose?

2. Butterfly Affection


Butterfly Affection is a game created by Ray-Kbys and made for PC. Even though it is a short game (about 2 hours of gameplay), it is one that kept me totally engrossed with it till the end.

The game plot goes thus: one fateful day, you find this strange and gross-looking creature near your home, initially, you were scared and have no idea what it is or what to do with it. But after careful consideration, you decided to take it home and care for it. And as the game progresses, you start to warm up to this strange-looking creature that goes by the name Ageha and felt it is something special.

The “gameplay” involves you living day to day with Ageha and deciding what activities and so on you want to do with her each day.

The game is incredibly well-drawn, and by the end, I felt as though I was watching a movie. The art, along with the writing, had gotten me so invested in the story that the music, while sparse, seemed to work in the game’s favor. Without voice acting, I felt that I had a better idea of what the main character would sound like. And like I said earlier, Butterfly Affection is a really short game and you can easily finish this game in around two hours or thereabout.

3. Life with a Slave – Teaching Feeling

Teaching Feeling

Although “Life With A Slave -Teaching Feeling” may seem like a game that glamorizes having a s*x slave to do your bidding, the reality is quite different. This game is more about the feelings and emotions that come with having a slave, rather than the act itself. The game may not have the best name, but it is definitely a unique and interesting experience.

This is a visual novel with an anime graphic style and a lot of explicit content. The protagonist is a certified doctor who often provides services to people who cannot go to official institutions because of the police. So this time he saves the life of a wounded man and is given a slave in payment for the services rendered. What this means is that the player can do whatever he/she likes with the slave girl including banging her but there are consequences attached. The goal of the game is that you do everything to restore the girl to normal life, or at least something resembling it.

All in all, I believe that Life With A Slave -Teaching Feeling is an excellent game. It features an engaging story and provides players with the refreshing perspective of not being focused on lustfully pursuing the slave character. My goal was to make her happy and lead a good life, which led me to heavily consider every choice I made so as to not upset her.

4. The Imperial Gate-keeper


The Imperial Gatekeeper by Tengsten is a puzzle/visual novel game that focuses on immigration. The player’s character, Til, is a former soldier who has been assigned to work as a gatekeeper. Til is unhappy with his current situation, but he is determined to make the best of it.

As an imperial checkpoint officer, your daily duties include checking civilian passes, conducting pat-downs, and allowing or denying entry based on your inspections. However, you can also choose to engage in immoral activity with attractive individuals who attempt to pass through.

You however won’t be working on the border alone. At your side are the stern but helpful Chrisia and the laid-back Richard. The three of you need to do your best as your superior pushes you to your limits to further her political career. Eventually, you will be caught up in the conspiracy behind the traffic administration.

Although the game is not particularly innovative in terms of storyline, it does balance the decent and indecent gameplay choices quite well. The power fantasy aspect is complemented by the story choices, making it more than just a conveyor belt of lovemaking. I also believe that the inclusion of LGBTQ+ content is praiseworthy and necessary as I have not seen many other games with such content, and it is finally refreshing to see.

5. Campus – Date Sim

Campus - Date Sim

As the name suggests, Campus – Date Sim is a dating simulator Android and iOS game with great graphics.

The player, who is the most attractive guy on the campus, must choose and date a girl that can fulfill his requirements from among the many charming girls who are interested in him and eager to communicate with him. He can attract the girls by giving gifts and flirting with them in unique styles.

The player must utilize all their college experience and display their romantic skills. The game has many date locations, but not all are unlocked, so the player must earn money by completing missions and unlocking all the beautiful environments. The Campus: Date Sim game has essential features such as Many Locations, Virtual Money, Plenty of Attractive Girls, and a gift System.

6. Summer Memories


Summer Memories is a lewd exploration and time-management game by Dojin Otome.

It is the summer break and it has been a long time since you last saw your aunt and cousins living in the countryside, so you don’t know what to expect. What could go wrong? Find out in Summer Memories!

I would compare this game to a sort of “open-world” visual novel. The game is set inside a small home, filled with interactive characters and objects. The aim is to make the most out of each day, by talking to characters and collecting new items and skills (to unlock new interactions). To learn new skills, you must purchase them using “Memory Points”, which are earned through character interaction (or intercourse).

Speaking of Intercourse, it is a skilful minigame that requires you to manage a combination of arousal, noise, speed, and stamina. Too much arousal will cause you to wet yourself and collapse, losing precious time. Too much noise will cause you to be caught and it’s game over. Going too fast will deplete your stamina and cause you to collapse, also losing time. You have a total of thirty days to do as you wish.

7. Succumate (Game Like Teaching Feeling)


Summer Memories’ creator brings you a new game with a twist! In this game, you must take care of a demon named Lilim. Succumate is an Adventure, Anime RPG developed by Dojin Otome and published by Kagura Games.

One day, as you arrive home, you find your apartment door ajar. Fearing the worst, you barge in only to find… a beautiful woman sitting there? However, you quickly realize that this is no ordinary woman. She is a demon named Lilim who has come to the human world in search of good food and entertainment. Now, you have to expend all your effort to keep Lilim happy… or else!

I wasn’t surprised by the storyline as I wasn’t expecting anything short of “classic” from the producer, Dojin Otome. Succumate brings the art and gameplay we’ve come to love from Summer Memories with a story that is too good to pass up.

8. Bottle Biosphere – Living with a Runaway Girl (Game Like Butterfly Affection)

Bottle Biosphere: Games like Teaching Feeling

Bottle biosphere is a crude visual novel with simulation gameplay elements.

After a long and tiring night shift, all you wanted was to go home and get some rest. However, you were surprised to find a girl in a black sailor uniform sitting outside your door. Out of kindness, you invited her to stay at your place for the night. And, to your surprise, she kept coming back every night! “I…I can’t think of…anywhere to go…sorry.” This is a pure love visual novel simulation game about a quiet runaway girl and the lonely man who takes her in.

As you now share a living space with a runaway girl, take the opportunity to get to know her better through interaction, and hopefully form a bond with her. Remember to be mindful of your actions as they can have consequences, and your goal should be to melt her frozen heart rather than break it.

9. Littlewitch Romanesque – Editio Regia

Littlewitch Romanesque

Become a teacher of magic! Through your teachings, your students will learn and develop their skills in magic.

The storyline is about a wizard Domino, who is the youngest wizard to earn the rank of Archmage. He has just begun his study of the ancient Dark Tower, a trove of lost magical knowledge. However, the Council of Archmagi has assigned him two gifted but troublesome students – Aria, the daughter of a noble family, and Kaya, an orphan with an unusual heritage – and given him just three years to complete their training, a process that normally takes decades.

As Domino, you are responsible for mentoring Aria and Kaya in their training to become witches. This includes taking them to the classroom to grow their skills in spell casting, as well as sending them on quests to test their progress and show them the dangers that exist in the world. You must also teach them the value of friendship, as it is a mage’s strongest asset. On your adventure, you will encounter all sorts of creatures, including dragons, assassins, fairy queens, elvish hunters, and warrior angels. However, the most dangerous creature you will come across could very well be yourself…

10. Ephemeral – Fantasy on Dark

Ephemeral - Fantasy on Dark

A forbidden campus love story across races, between Cloé and the other Residents of the Dark.

Ephemeral: Fantasy on Dark is a romance video game that combines elements of anime, adventure, and visual novels, and is offered by Dramatic Create for Windows.

The protagonist is a female named Cloe who is a citizen of a secluded town filled with zombies like herself. Cloe feels that she is trapped in a life of slavery and wants to escape.

One day, she received an admission letter from a school, and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her to see the outside world. The school is attended only by the elites of various races. It is in this school that Cloé learns of the forbidden love across racial barriers…


Well, what can I say! That’s my top 10 games like One Room: Runaway Girl. What do you make of my list?


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