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Games like Mashed: 10 Alternatives That Are Just As Fun.

Games like Mashed

Mashed is a top-down racing game that allows up to four players to compete against each other in 13 different environments. Using a variety of weapons or just your driving skills, you can unleash your fury and cause absolute carnage against your friends!

Now if for whatever reason you are looking for other games like Mashed, we’ve got a couple listed below just for you.

10 Best Games Like Mashed That You Should Play.

1. Wrecked: Revenge Revisited

Wrecked: Revenge revisited

Wrecked: Revenge Revisited is a PlayStation as well as Xbox racing, single-player, plus multiplayer automotive fighting game developed by Supersonic Software but also released via the 505 Games. This game is set in a unique area and features various weapons and customised cars and trucks. First, the player must select his preferred automobile from the possible choices and enter the constructed world. His main objective is to eliminate others and complete each level to be the champion.

This game is handled from a third-person perspective, and the players will be immersed in diverse scenery full of complex bends, barriers, and dangers that must be avoided or overcome at all costs. To prevent it from falling mostly during the bend, the user must slow right down his velocity. The champion is the person who crosses the goal line first. The essential elements of Wrecked: Revenge Revisited have included a 3d model, several automobiles, motorsport gameplay, excellent controllers, and much more. You will enjoy this game if you try these out.

2. Jak X: Combat Racing

Jak X

Naughty Dog’s Jak X: Combat Driving is a motorsport computer game featuring strong automobile warfare components. The game has Single and Multiplayer options and allows you to enter the virtual world by choosing your vehicle. It is set in Kras City and will enable you to manage the character Jak and his buddy Daxter. The Gas utilization drugged the hero as well as his partner during the contest. He compels Jak to compete in the next competition for him in exchange for the cure. Select your car and battle in the Kars City Championship alongside the finest racers in the globe.

Each automobile throughout the game is equipped with weaponry that can be used to damage other cars. There seem to be a variety of venues to visit and compete alongside computer-controlled automobiles. Winning after every round will give users extra lives, which you can use to enhance your car, weaponry, and skills. Jak X: Combat Racing includes 24 race circuits, eight open battle arenas, the power to attack opponents with firearms, personalization, exploration mode, over 120 objectives, and much more.

3. Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal is a single and multiplayer adventure, automobile warfare video game created by Eat Sleep Play and released by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game is based on a thrilling story of a serial murderer called Sweet Tooth that murdered his relatives after developing Dissociative Identity Disorder. The videogame is established in a fictional setting and allows you to play as the hero, and includes several tasks. It concentrates on automobile conflict and has modes including 4-player split-screen multiplayer, Nuke Mode, and Gaming Experience.

Users must choose their car and load it all with dangerous guns at the start. Navigate the wide world, locate their objective, and then destroy it with weapons. The game features various factions to play and enjoy, and you may choose one of them and complete objectives to get points. Utilize your points to gain access to additional weapons, equipment, and vehicles. Enjoy varied sound effects while driving your vehicle with seamless controls. Twisted Metal is the greatest videogame to enjoy and appreciate because of its rich scenery, engaging action, and fantastic plot.

4. Mad Max

Games like Mashed

Avalanche Studio’s Mad Max mixes aspects of Action-Adventure and Vehicular Combat. Caves, deserts, and canyons make up the post-apocalyptic world in which the game takes place. The plot centres around the hero, Max Rockatansky, and his attempts to avenge his fighter, stolen by a gang led by Scabrous Scotus. It takes you through an incredible journey and allows you to choose your vehicle and enter the gamespace, where you can outfit it with lethal weaponry and armor, as well as improve it with achievement rewards.

The wasteland can be explored on foot or by automobile. To overcome your opponents, the game incorporates aspects of boxing and wrestling. It had a third-person and a first-person viewpoint. Navigate your car with intuitive controls and battle foes, defeating them with weaponry and unlocking new features. Take vengeance and complete all quests. Additional vehicles can be unlocked and used throughout gameplay. Mad Max is the greatest match to watch and explore, with a beautiful world, stimulating and engaging activities, a fantastic story, and excellent controls.

5. Death Rally

Death Rally

Remedy Entertainment’s Death Rally combines aspects of action, racing, and vehicular combat. It has single-player and multiplayer modes, as well as the ability to play from a top-down perspective. The player begins with a poor automobile named Vagabond and $495, and his primary goal is to compete against computer-controlled cars armed with lethal weapons. The player can win the race by finishing first, collecting money while racing, and destroying automobiles. Explore the game world, confront terrible challenges, and fight the Adversary, the true lord of Death, in a one-on-one battle to finish the game.

Upgrades, equipment, weaponry, engine speed, and tires can all be used to improve his car’s performance. The videogame happens in many different settings and allows the player to submerge himself in warfare. Death Rally, Simultaneous Mayhem, Ultimate Team, Unlocking Cars, Firearms, and Missions, Awards, Celebrity Drive, and much more are among the game’s thrilling highlights. It’s one of the best games like Mashed and would be a very enjoyable game to engage in.

6. Full Auto

Full Auto Game

Full Auto is a Sega-published Addictive, Action, Vehicular Combat, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Pseudo Interactive. The game takes place in a destructible universe and contains an Unwreck mode in which you can go back in time and play the game again. There are four different vehicle classes to choose from, each with its own set of weaponry, talents, and powers. It allows you to explore numerous locales while racing against other players and a computer-controlled car. Choose your vehicle from the available classes and enter the game environment, where you must complete a series of tasks by destroying other vehicles, collecting power-ups, and earning money.

With your money, you can unlock additional challenges, cars, and weaponry. To complete the level, improve your talents by accumulating experience and defeating all opponents. Different Races, Weapons, Powerful Foes, Different Racetracks, and more are all included in Full Auto. Full Auto is a fantastic game to play and entertain with its detailed environment, intense gameplay, and amazing mechanics.

7. Roadkill

IMG 20220609 233230 1

Roadkill is a computer game developed by Terminal Reality but also released by Midway Games that has an activity, immersive experience, exploring vehicle warfare, solo, and cooperative modes. It takes place in an article environment and is focused on vehicular combat. The gameplay is identical to that of the Grand Theft Auto series. Choose your car and enter the game environment, where you must accomplish a series of missions to advance in the storyline. Your vehicle is outfitted with lethal weaponry and equipment. The purpose is to race with AI drivers or even other players, destroy adversaries with rockets, automatic weapons, as well as other weaponry, and finish each stage promptly.

Utilize your new abilities to gain access to new vehicles, weaponry, and equipment. The game is based on the film Mad Max. You play as Mason Strong, the hero, and your primary mission is to achieve your character by engaging in illegal actions and completing chores. Roadkill is a fantastic game to play and enjoy because of its rich scenery, great gameplay, excellent controls, and interesting story.


8. Auto Assault

Auto assault

Auto Assault is a computer videogame developed by NetDevil and distributed by NCSOFT that combines adventure, multi-player internet, and automobile warfare. The videogame is referred to as an apocalyptics environment as well as mixes fighting and role-playing features. Automobiles, battleships, lorries, semis, motorbikes, and other automobiles are among the several varieties available. It’s based on the Mad Max movie. It contains three active character classes: Human beings, Monsters, and Predators, from which you can choose one to enter the virtual world and perform a series of difficult missions.


9. Pursuit Force

Pursuit Force

Sony Computer Comedy’s Drive Pursuit is an exploration, modeling, automobile warfare, and single-player games console. Across the gameplay, the players take on the role of a police officer who engages in straight violent confrontations, perhaps on pedestrians or in fancy cars. The participant must confiscate automobiles and motorcycles while following down highly armored criminals as an agent of the law protection officer.

10. Motor Mayhem

Motor Mayhem

Rounding up our list of best games like Mashed is Beyond Games’ “Motor Mayhem”, a single-player and simultaneous activity video game that was launched by Work Instruction. It takes set on a flammable planet inhabited by enemies and their commanders. You can take on the role of the game’s hero, control a brake pedal, and participate in combat with foes in this game. There are several missions to complete, each with its own set of issues, vehicles, and enemies to contend with. Your truck is equipped with powerful weapons that may be activated by collecting points. Take out your opponents using your weapons.

Enjoy the game environment, drive around at your leisure, and complete quests. To remove the adversaries, various weaponry such as projectiles, rocket launchers, machineguns, and so on can be used. To win the stage, you should beat your opponents to the finish line. Upgrades your car’s engines, tires, chassis, as well as other components to improve its performance. Car Mayhem is indeed the best videogame to explore and enjoy since it has the best features, fascinating play, and stunning images.


There you have it! Our list of the best games like Mashed is finally out of the bag. Mashed is a great game to have some fun with friends. If you’re looking for an alternative, check out some of the games listed in this article. Comment and share with your friends to let them know about the fun you can have playing these games.



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