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7 Best Similar Games Like Afk Arena (Updated 2022)

Games like afk arena

A look at some of the best games like AFK Arena. 

AFK Arena is one of the best idle games available for mobile gaming. Characters on this game are always active even if players are not. AFK Arena characters keep exploring uncharted locations, fight enemies, and earn bonuses, coins, weapons, spells, and EXP when users are not actively playing. These bonuses can be claimed by players anytime they launch the game, and can be used to upgrade the overall strength of their characters.

Battling on AFK Arena is mostly automatic, making it one of the best idle games for busy people. The overall animation and graphics used in making this game give it a superhero comic theme. Although battling on AFK Arena is mostly automated, players can manually build their characters, choose battle modes, create battle strategies, upgrade characters, and unleash their devastating special abilities by tapping their unique cards during battles (this can also be done automatically when players are not active).

There are several RPG games that are similar to AFK Arena. All of these games claim to give the “best gaming experience” but sadly only a few of them could meet up to the standards set by AFK Arena. We have made extensive research and come up with the best 7 similar games like AFK Arena.

These games were chosen using the following criteria:

  • Game Modes
  • Idle System
  • Bonuses
  • Collectible Characters
  • Graphics
  • PvP Arena
  • Overall Gameplay
  • Guild
  • Gacha

7 Games Like AFK Arena

1. Idle Heroes

Idle heroes

Idle Heroes is quite similar to AFK Arena, it has different playable characters that are unlocked as the game progresses, special abilities, bonuses, and lots more. When It comes to idleness, players can train their characters while they are offline, and use those characters in battle when they are upgraded. Build a dreaded team of heroes, test their abilities on various ancient battlegrounds against the forces of darkness, and upgrade them from Sara Forest to High Heavens.

Idle Heroes has over 200 playable characters from different clans and they all possess unique abilities that make it difficult for players to have a favorite character. Characters can also evolve into their super mode after they have gained enough battle EXP and upgrade points. Special abilities and amours can also be forged into more advanced ones using coins and bonuses in the game.

You can play different battle modes including online multiplayer mode, mysterious towers, hero quests, guild, and Arena mode. Android users can also use Google Play Points to unlock different characters and merchandise in the game. This RPG game is available on both Android and iOS devices, it has millions of active players worldwide and has a rating of 4.5 stars.





Afk cats

Another great game like Afk Arena is Afk Cats.

AFK Cats is a cheeky cat-themed idle game where players control an army of steampunked warrior cats. Lovers of Animals, good humor, and fun games would enjoy playing AFK Cats.

Players are to choose a team of cute looking kittens, and train them into an elite squad of fighters to battle their arch-enemy “Doomba ” the vacuum cleaner.

This is an idle game, so, most of the fighting can be done while players engage in other activities. The characters can gather new materials, special abilities, weapons, EXP, and equipment from battles even when players are offline.

You can never get bored while playing AFK Cats because there are lots of on and off-battle activities that would keep you entertained. There are over 70+ characters to unlock and train throughout the game. If you love free loots and special abilities, AFK Cats has hundreds of weapons that can be used by your characters. Pairing the right character with the correct weapon will unlock their full potential, giving better combo during battles.

While not battling Doomba and his evil army, you can also test your strategic skills by battling against other players in an online PvP mode. Using the best strategy (characters, weapons, special abilities, etc.) would increase your chances of winning PvP battles.



3. Tap Titans 2 – Heroes Adventure

Summoners era


Tap Titans 2 is an interesting idle game and one of the best tappers games of all time. As a player, you tap your screen to make characters take actions, however, it is more fun than it sounds.

Players control a hero with spiky hair that wields a big sword, tapping on your screen will make the character swing the sword and attack enemies in front of them. The first stages of the game are quite easy but as you get deeper it gets tougher. Coins can be acquired by killing enemies, and those coins can be used to upgrade your hero, hire allies, buy weapons, and special abilities.

The idle part of Tap Titans is mostly based on your hired allies, they can attack enemies and pick up coin bonuses even when the player is not tapping. Upgrading is not limited to the main character alone, hired allies can also be upgraded to strengthen them and unlock the hidden abilities that they can unleash to deal max damages to enemies.

Tap Titans 2 is quite straightforward but the boss mode is different; the player has a time limit to defeat the boss else they will have to repeat that level.

Idle game players that are enthusiastic about RPG tapping games will have a great experience when playing Tap Titans 2. Players that believe tapping games uninteresting should also try TapTitans because it will change their whole perspective of tappers, the developers of this game did a pretty decent job in revolutionizing tapping games.




4. Summoners Era

Summoners era

Summoners Era allows players to summon characters (gods, elves, demons, titans, and orcs) to battle the fast-growing forces of evil. Your team of heroes can train themselves and battle the enemy even when players are offline.

Characters have unique abilities that make them special and they can be selected from six different factions. Build a good team, activate their best skills, create a good battle strategy, and battle against other players from different realms, towers, dungeons, and arenas. The success of your team depends on how well you strategize.

Global challenges allow players to team up with other players around the world to win Global Awards.




5. Idle Mania

Idle mania

If you are a big fan of AFK Arena and you are looking for similar games, look no further because Idle Mania will not feel strange to you.

The world has fallen into chaos and destruction, choose from the list of over 160 characters in 6 factions to battle the evil and bring back peace and order. As an idle game, characters can train themselves and hunt for treasures and other bonuses while the player is offline.


The six factions (Undead, Chaotic, Lawful, Savaged, Harmonic, and Civilized) are made up of characters that possess unique abilities and battle styles. Pick your characters from different factions to build a strong team that will defeat the forces of evil even when you are offline.

Idle Mania has different battle modes but the fans favorite is the PvP mode where players can battle other players in 1vs1, 3vs3, and 5vs5 battle. While not battling other players, you can also team up with them to fight evil forces and restore peace.



6. Lucid Adventure

Lucid adventure

Lucid Adventure is another game that is similar to AFK Arena. If you enjoy playing multiplayer modes in AFK, then you will be pleased with the whole concept behind Lucid Adventure.

This is a team-based idle game that ranks down new players to the bottom of the ranking and they have to battle their way to the top of the list where the elite players’ reign supreme.

Players can choose characters from different factions (warriors, heart healer, sora, hohohians, and sora) to battle enemies in the arena. While players are idle characters can train, level up, collect bonuses, and grow stronger for the next battles.



7. Zombie Land

Zombie Land

Rounding up our list of similar games like AFK Arena is Sony Pictures Television’s Zombieland. 

An AFK game with horror-themed graphics and storyline, ah this perfect combination for most mobile gamers who appreciate idle games. This is a thrilling game where players try to survive through stages as the dead walk again.

Build a squad of quirky characters with several costumes and equip them with perfect weapons to deal lethal damages to the undead.

The Zombieland idle game was inspired by the movie, players can unlock their favorite character from the film and use them to battle the ever-growing army of the undead. New characters with unique abilities are also added in every update.

Go out to the ruins and loot for valuables amongst the pile of the dump but watch out for the brain-eating zombies. Players can tap on the screen repeatedly to shoot down zombies, the more you shoot the more they come. How many waves of the undead can your characters survive?




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