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How to Set Up Game Share on The PS5

How to set up game share on Ps5

If you’ve been looking for a way to share your PS5 games with others, you have just found the answer.

This article details how to set up game share on ps5 and what you need to get it working. The article also contains the advantage and disadvantages of ps5 game sharing.

So if you want to share your PS4 or PS5 games with other PS consoles, this is how you do it.

How to set up game share on the PS5


1: Use your PS5 to sign into your PlayStation Network account.

2: To reach the Settings page, select the Gear symbol on the main menu, which is situated between your avatar and the magnifying glass.

3: Choose Users and Accounts.

4: Select the Other option by scrolling down.

5. Choose Offline Play and Console Sharing. If the information indicates that this option is activated on your PS5, you cannot game share and must choose disable.

6: Sign out of your PS5 PSN account.

7: Sign into the console you want to game share with using your PSN credentials.

8: Go back to that menu and choose “Don’t Disable” under Console Sharing and Offline Play.

9. Log off your PSN account on this console.

The person you’re game-sharing with will have access to all of your compatible PS5 games once they sign back in using their PSN account. Don’t abuse this feature. Make a wise choice because, as far as we know, you can only game share with one other individual. In the worst-case scenario, you ought to be able to disable the feature and start the sharing process over from scratch.

You might be curious as to whether the game-sharing function works both ways. Yes, whomever you share with will have access to your library and you will be able to play any of the games that are installed on their console. Say farewell to the era of disc sharing. The contemporary and significantly more practical method of game sharing is here to stay.


PS5 Game share: Advantages and Drawbacks

You must download the games while logged into the secondary account in order to use them. After completing that, you can go back to your primary account and play them at will. However, there is a significant catch: in order to play the games on your main account, you must be online. Your primary account must be online in order for the PS5 console to access its own games because we linked it to a secondary account. Additionally, even if just one account has access to the service’s library of free games, you will still receive the advantages of PlayStation Plus.

Game share on the PS5 is really simple to use once you know where to find it and how it operates. Once it’s turned on, there’s no turning back.


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