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Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile: which is better?

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Free Fire – Battlegrounds and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ( PUBG ) are probably the two best Battle Royale games for mobile phones. They may be very similar at first glance, but they differ in a few ways.

Although there is no doubt that Free Fire is directly inspired by PUBG, it has some fundamental changes. To begin with, it was always conceived for cell phones and not as a PC game, as was the case with PUBG.

Both games have their strengths and weaknesses. If you want to find out which is the best Battle Royale to play on your mobile phone, read this guide!

Platforms and requirements

Both can be played for free on Android and iOS cell phones. Free Fire is lighter, less demanding, so it can work on modest phones like a Galaxy J1 Mini. On the other hand, PUBG Mobile needs a more powerful cell phone so that our games are fluid, and it also takes up more storage space, especially on iOS.

Characteristic Free Fire Android PUBG Mobile Android Free Fire iOS PUBG Mobile iOS
OS Android 4.0 or higher Android 5.1.1 or higher iOS 8.0 or higher iOS 9.0 or higher
RAM 1GB 2GB (minimum) 1GB 1GB (minimum)
Storage 478MB (minimum) 1.5GB (minimum) 941MB 2.1GB

WinnerFree Fire, for having less demanding requirements in every way.

Game development

In games of this nature, a certain number of players start out without equipment or weapons and must try to survive in a hostile environment. Each one faces other players and they are eliminated one by one until there is only one winner.

As in the PC version, PUBG Mobile accepts 100 players for each game, which can last between 25 and 35 minutes. In contrast, Free Fire games last a maximum of 20 minutes and only allow up to 50 players. Naturally, the creators of Free Fire chose this route to force clashes between players, making the game less strategic and action-packed.

PUBG Mobile gives us access to four maps that are exactly the same as the PC version: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. As these are immense battlefields, it is important to find a vehicle to explore and move around the terrain, and to avoid radiation causing us to bite the dust. The Free Fire, Bermuda, and Purgatorio maps are smaller, with less vegetation and few differentiated areas.

Play No. Players per game Average game duration Maps Modes
Free fire fifty 15-20 minutes 2 Solo, Duo, Squad
PUBG Mobile 100 25-35 minutes 4 Solo, Duo, Squad

WinnerPUBG Mobile, for having more varied maps and a greater number of players. On the other hand, Free Fire is preferable for those who want short, action-packed games.

Armament and supplies

PUBG started out as a mod for ARMA 3 and always took extra care in the realism of the weapons. The recoil or bullet drop (the fall of the bullet along the distance) is very similar in the mobile version compared to the PC version. In Free Fire, this type of detail has been greatly simplified, since the shooting distances are smaller.

The shooting mode also differs greatly between PUBG weapons. For example, an AKM and an M416 are very different weapons, despite being two assault rifles. In Free Fire, the weapons of each type are relatively similar to each other, the biggest difference being the damage they cause.

The accessories that we can add in PUBG are very varied and improve different parts of the weapon. In Free Fire, the extras help the recoil and the amount of ammo, but the improvement is not very significant.

In PUBG, there is greater variety in the type of throwable explosives. We have smoke grenades, fragmentation, blinding, or Molotov cocktails. In Free Fire, at most, we have fragmentation grenades and others that create walls of ice for protection.

There are different types of healing in PUBG (bandages, medkits, pain relievers) and ways to increase sprint speed with energy drinks. In Free Fire, there are hardly any medical kits, all the same, and with the same healing capacity.

Play Number of weapons to carry Gauge difference Melee weapons Different ammunition
Free fire 3 (not counting melee) No Yes Yes
PUBG Mobile 3 (not counting melee) Yes Yes Yes

Winner: PUBG, for the largest amount of weaponry, its realism, and differentiation between each of the weapons.

Competitive mode

In PUBG, competitive games have always been present at a certain level. Free Fire added this mode later, as a Ranked mode, allowing us to compete against players from all over the world. In both games, we increased our score and experience based on eliminations, final position in the game, time survived, and other details.

Winner: Tie! In both, we received rewards in competitive games and both games have a good player base, although in PUBG there is more movement.

Characters and experience

In Free Fire, we have a series of characters with special abilities. Throughout our career as a player, we can access new fragments of the history of each character, increasing the power of that ability. We can also customize your equipment on a cosmetic level. In PUBG, there are no different characters, only the avatar of our player whose appearance we can also modify with clothes, accessories, etc.

WinnerFree Fire, because we can not only modify our appearance but also choose unique characters that give us extra abilities.

Time to choose!

If your cell phone is not very modern, you may only be able to play PUBG Mobile well with very basic graphics. In that case, Free Fire will be your best option. In addition, Free Fire takes less time to have action-packed games, with fewer players and shorter duration.

On the other hand, if your mobile phone allows it and you prefer more tactical games, with larger maps and a good range of weapons and equipment, PUBG is your choice. It is more realistic in the aim and the way the weapons fire, although for this reason, the games are more difficult and slow.

If you still can’t decide between Free Fire or PUBG, take to the battlefield and try both!

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