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DLive vs Twitch – Best Live Streaming Platform in 2022

Dlive vs Twitch

There’s a lot of debate in the streaming world about which platform is better – Dlive or Twitch? Both platforms have their pros and cons, but it’s hard to deny that Twitch is the more popular option. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at both platforms and see which one comes out on top.

Over the years, live streaming has become popular, even among gamers. It is an excellent feature that allows a person to share the content of their screen with millions of others around the world in real time while still being able to interact with their viewers.

When we talk about live streams for gamers, we think about YouTube Live and Twitch. Twitch because it is one of the most outstanding and widely used live streaming platforms. And with such a high number of users, one might come across lots of worrisome content; however, Twitch has set up policies and regulations guiding its users, to help keep its Live Streaming platform a safe place. Defaulters of these rules are usually given a strike, suspension, or permanent ban.

And with lots of harsh restrictions from Twitch, the need for a live streaming platform that offers similar features with more lenient regulations was highly sorted for, and in comes DLive.

Dlive is a live video streaming platform that allows you to watch or broadcast live content. It is similar to other platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Live, but with a few key differences. For one, Dlive uses the Steem blockchain to reward content creators with cryptocurrency. This means that creators can earn money from their live broadcasts. Additionally, Dlive has a focus on community-driven content, which means that viewers can directly support the creators they enjoy.

Dlive and Twitch are two of the most popular live-streaming platforms. Both platforms offer a variety of content, including gaming, music, and general entertainment. So, which one is better? In this article, both streaming platforms, DLive and Twitch, will lock horns, and we’ll see which is the best for both new and professional live streamers.

Quick Verdict: Dlive or Twitch Which is Better

Dlive is a relative newcomer to the streaming world, but it’s quickly gained a following thanks to its unique features and user-friendly interface. One of the biggest selling points of Dlive is that it doesn’t take a cut of your donations or ad revenue – instead, it operates on a voluntary tip system. This means that streamers can keep more of their earnings, which is a big plus.

Twitch, on the other hand, is the most popular streaming platform by far. It has millions of users and features a wide range of content, from gaming to IRL streams. Twitch takes a percentage of donations and ad revenue, but many streamers are willing to sacrifice a few earnings for the exposure and reach that Twitch offers.

So, which platform is better? It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to maximize your earnings as a streamer, then Dlive is the way. But if you are looking at getting more reach and more people to follow you, then Twitch is for you.

Dlive vs Twitch: Contrast


Twitch vs Dlive

Dlive is an excellent platform that is on the blockchain-powered by Lino. It offers both video uploading and live streaming services, which are directly integrated with Steem Blockchain. Dlive has an estimated 3 million active users every month and over 35 thousand active streamers.


The story of Twitch started back in 2007; it was first known as because it was solely created to cover the non-stop live stream of Justin Kan, the co-founder. Fast Forward to June 2011 (4 years later), was rebranded to, and it started gaining popularity, and by February 2014, it became the 4th most significant source of internet traffic in the United States.

Twitch covers the live streaming of eSports channels and video games. It has amassed a lot of users from all over the world. Twitch has over 17 million active users every day and over 4 million broadcasters monthly, it is responsible for about 2% of the total internet traffic used in the United States.

Dlive Vs Twitch: Earning Avenue


The total revenue generated on Dlive is given back to the users; Dlive doesn’t keep any percentage cut for themselves. 90.1% of the revenue made from subscriptions and digital gifts, is given back to the streamers, while the remaining 9.9% is kept in a pool and given as a reward to the most popular live streamers that contribute more to Dlive on a daily basis.

Dlive also offers a partnership program for its streamers to motivate them by giving rewards for creating more content. Dlive rewards are based on gift cards, status recognition, and other additional features.



There are several ways to make money from Twitch, but the best approach is to become a popular streamer. Becoming famous on Twitch can take months, nevertheless, here are some ways you can earn from being a Twitch live streamer:

Brand partnerships: This is another means of affiliate marketing for Twitch streamers (do not mistake it for Twitch Affiliate Program). Companies partner with streamers to advertise their products to their viewers. Streamers get a percentage from each sale made through them. You can work with brands selling products such as headsets, gaming hardware and software, chairs, energy drinks, and other accessories.

Donations: Twitch users will likely donate to your channel to show support. Streamers can add a donation link via Paypal or Streamable and share the link on their stream channel.

Merchandise: This is another way to monetize your Twitch channel if you have dedicated fans on your channel. Twitch merchandise can be T-shirts, Mugs, stickers, and laptop cases. You can add your brand logo to these merchandises and promote it on your channel.

Twitch Affiliate Program: This is the official way to get paid directly from Twitch; however, you have to meet up to the set of criteria. You can not apply for the Twitch affiliate program if you don’t get the official invitation from Twitch. Requirements for Twitch Affiliate;

  • Minimum of 50 followers
  • At least Seven unique days of broadcast
  • 500 minutes broadcasted
  • An average of 3 or more concurrent viewers

You can earn from Twitch affiliates via:

  • Subscription: Viewers pay a monthly fee to unlock special features such as exclusive chat rooms, discounts on merch, and emoticons. Twitch monthly subscription varies, starting from $4.99 to $24.99.
  • Game Sales: While playing games on your channel, a pop-up button would appear on your screen, prompting users to buy the game. You will get a 5% commission for every game sold.
  • Virtual Cheers: Virtual cheers are used to show support to live streamers whenever they are playing a game. Viewers buy cheers called bits (vary in size and color). A bit is worth 1 cent, Twitch live streamers can accumulate bits and cash them out.

Twitch Partner Program: Being a Twitch partner is the highest form of monetizing for your Twitch streaming channel. Twitch partner is exclusively for popular streamers with a huge fan base and quality content. There is a huge difference between being a Twitch affiliate and being a Twitch partner.

Being a partner on Twitch comes with a lot of advantages such as;

  • Customized Cheermotes
  • 50 Unlockable subscription Emotes
  • Game sales
  • 3rd party ads
  • Full access to transcode
  • Steam delay option
  • Chargeback protection
  • Shorter payout time frame (45 days)
  • 24/7 support from Twitch
  • Verified channel badge

Dlive Vs Twitch: Viewers Rewards


Making money on Dlive is not limited to just live streamers, viewers can also earn money for every minute spent on this platform. You get LINO Points based on your engagement rate (comments in Dlive’s community, subscribing to channels, and watching live streams) and these points can be easily redeemed directly to your PayPal or bitcoin wallet. 88 Lino points are approximately equal to $1.22 according to Dlive.


Only streamers on Twitch can make money from its platform.

Dlive Vs Twitch: Users Statistics


  • Dlive has over 8.56 million visits (+11,749 visits compared to December 2019)
  • 16 thousand daily unique visitors (unregistered users)
  • 900 thousand daily page views


Twitch remains the number 1 live streaming platform when it comes to statistics (more viewers, streamers, and content). There is always new content available every minute.

Twitch Main Stats:

  • 2.78 million (average) concurrent daily viewers.
  • 51,000 verified Twitch Partners.
  • 3.9 million broadcasters (streamers)
  • Users spend an average of 1.35 hours watching live streams daily

Dlive Vs Twitch: Restrictions


There are few regulations and restrictions on the kind of gaming content that can be streamed on Dlive, it allows live streaming of some Not Safe For Work (NSFW) streams and also free speech.


If you are a lover of rules and don’t mind restrictions, you will enjoy Twitch. However, it is very strict when it comes to punishing offenders.

Dlive Vs Twitch: User Interface


Desktop Web: Dlive’s web version features a pitch-black theme and yellow icons for easy identification. Several games are featured on its homepage, with the top available live streams pinned at the top.

Mobile Web: The mobile web version also has similar features to the desktop version. The mobile page is fast, responsive, and supports all live streams. It has a static homepage, a login button, and a dropdown menu for easy navigation of all streamable categories on the platform.

Mobile Application: Dlive has a mobile application for both Android and iOS devices. It is built for both streamers and viewers, it supports notifications and reminders whenever your favorite streamer goes live, and you can also manage your account directly from the mobile application.


Desktop Web: Twitch’s web version features a white theme, black text and static pages are enclosed with purple text. The homepage features a few gaming categories, live channels, a list of new streamers, and recommended categories.

Mobile Web: The mobile web version has a similar design to the desktop version, the theme can also be toggled to dark mode for eyecare. A search button to easily find your favorite channels, a static homepage button, and categories for easy navigation.

Mobile Application: To get the best experience while using Twitch from a mobile device, the mobile application covers all the top features of the desktop version while giving speed, and easy navigation. Twitch’s mobile apps are available on both iOS and Android stores.

Dlive Vs Twitch: Which Is Better?

For New Streamers

If you are a new streamer and you want to make some money from live streaming then you need to be on a less competitive platform. Dlive is an excellent option for new streamers because it is easier to monetize your channel.

For Popular Streamers

Twitch still has more users and content than Dlive, so if you are a famous streamer who loves the competition and also wants to broaden your horizon, then Twitch is what you need.

For Viewers

Viewers spend precious time and data every day on streaming platforms, Dlive pays its viewers (non-streamers) for their time spent on its platform. However, if you want more streamable content and would like to meet millions of other viewers without getting paid, then Twitch has everything you need.

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