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Darkanime Down!! Here Are Its Best Alternatives

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Anime has become a part of mainstream media in recent years, and its fan base is rising steadily. From the traditional best like Naruto to the recent ones like Jobless Reincarnation, more and more people are beginning to fall in love with the world of anime, and you would not blame them – anime is fantastic.

DarkAnime Overview

For all anime lovers, it’s a well-known fact that getting a site where you can get your favourite content is very hard, as anime sites tend to experience legal issues a lot. Still, I am positive that in all your years of hunting for anime, you must have come across the name “DarkAnime”. is one of the best sites to stream anime out there, and the best thing about it is that it is free and multiplying in terms of content and subscribers. Been quite popular and such a fan favourite; it has been featured on the exclusive list of the best anime streaming sites in the world. This is mainly because of its eye-catching design and user-friendly nature that’s so simple that even a child will be able to browse through their favourite animes and get to download them easily.

Dark Anime isn’t entirely free as they also offer a premium version. The benefits are that you can watch your favourite anime in HD quality without the interruption of ads.

I love DarkAnime for its simple web layout that makes finding and locating the anime resources you want very easy and hassle-free. It also offers up to date content on the latest animes, and the site is consistently updated to prevent virus and bug issues, all to get a seamless working layout for you to download and stream your anime at will.

It is stocked with almost every type of anime – from shonen to isekai to josei to harem and more. So I advise you to check Darkanime out and see if you consider it a good place for anime watching.

UPDATE: DarkAnime is currently down, use it other alternatives below. 

Best Alternatives to Dark Anime

Despite all my ramblings about the site Darkanime, some people would still not see it as their go-to site for streaming anime movies. This set of people will be happy to know that there are several other sites like Darkanime which offer identical content or even better ones. We’ll be looking at those sites in the paragraphs that follow. So please stick with me!

1. KissAnime

Kissanime is definitely a worthy alternative to DarkAnime, and many other people in the world share that view. It is a primary platform for watching video animes, and it has such a wide variety and enormous group of cartoons & anime that can be watched and downloaded at will. In case you are also looking for old or current episodes of anime, you can find them here at no cost at all. There are many choices of finding animes; you can filter them by alphabets, new, last patch, success, anime rank, etc., allowing you to seamlessly sift through their extensive collection, which includes more than forty-seven types for all the animes. The very best part of Kissanime is its great content and user-friendliness.

You can also browse through the latest anime news if you are crazy about the anime community and are a thorough fan who desires to know everything about anime. You can stream Asian dramas online; you can get them to publish the anime of your choice if you’re striving to uncover anime or even haven’t discovered some anime worth watching.


2. AnimeLand

Also known as, DubbedTV, Animeland is among the list of the most advised and most popular anime sites in the world popularly described for its enormous collection of dubbed anime series. Dubbed anime information is the primary claim-to-fame of Animeland and the reason for their outstanding success.

Apart from being amongst the best-dubbed anime websites, Animeland is also popular because of its exceptional, easy-to-use site interface that is described as being of the best anime web interfaces.

Their information is organised alphabetically, allowing anime fans to look for their preferred anime selections quickly. In case you’re having difficulty looking at the news via alphabetic types, you can also make use of Animeland’s intelligent search bar, which with its filters, can help you pinpoint the anime you want to find very easily.

The best part is their “no registration policy,” which allows for anime fans to experience their preferred anime content without hassle; thus, anime fans don’t need to be worried about the site consistently nagging the person to register to get their content. The fact that it is also free makes AnimeLand a dream come true for anime fans all across the globe.


3. Gogo anime

GoGo anime is considered one of the best anime streaming sites out there, and it provides an enormous set of anime content to back this up. None of the content is held on their databases, based on the GoGo anime privacy policy. The database is simply a summary of documents kept somewhere, but that should not worry us so long as we have free access to the enormous anime series we want. The makers have created different methods for anime scanning and finding. You can often relate to some classified anime database structured by genres or even have an alphabetical setup list.

There is additionally a search bar where anime’s name tends to be joined, allowing for easy pinpointing. You can scan for a specific anime on this page and explore a comprehensive list to pick something interesting. You can check for anime in different genres: horror, mystery, romantic, anime related to faculty, sorcery, ninja, and so on. There is also a wide variety of anime for our babies like Pikachu, Doraemon etc. Many others, along with Sailor Moon, are anime for learning. GoGo anime is also free, making it a haven for anime fans all across the globe.


4. Justdubs

Justdubs is an online compilation of solely dubbed animes, although subs also accompany several of them.

Really, what could be much more attractive for anime fans than a completely free tool for watching Asian animation masterpieces? I believe there can be nothing better.

The JustDubs site is truly a masterpiece; the site is filled with traditional and newest anime and has constant updates on the homepage. The site’s main page is split into several categories: Latest episodes, the most recent cartoons, latest animes, etc.

Besides anime, Justdubs is also home to tons of regular cartoons like Garfield, Aladdin, A Pink Panther etc. Naturally, a lot of them are Japanese production animation, but the dubs and subs help even non-Japanese to enjoy these contents.

A selling point and one of the best features of the Just Dubs website is the fact that all the movies are high-speed load without any interruptions and stops. The sound is crisp, simple to understand, and readily available in English, unlike other Japanese dubs that ruin the whole anime watching experience for you.

Just Dubs has a spectacular dark theme design with a good background picture on the roof of the homepage that complements and heightens the amazing feel of the site. The web interface also makes it much easier to understand the site structure and get acquainted with it quickly so that you can quickly find what you’re searching for. Justdubs is also a good option for an Otaku Streaming anime site.

Search screens enjoy a couple of options: like searching through the initial letter of the anime by genre, plus other hassle-free methods.



5. CrunchyRoll

Darkanime alternatives

Crunchyroll is yet another alternative site to DarkAnime. It has an extensive selection of Anime, Drama, and Manga and anything you might be looking for. You will find many popular animes like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Angel Beats, and several more of our heart throbbing pleasure content.

All the anime contents are correctly categorised into fifteen genres, namely: Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy, Comedy, Sports, Drama, and much more. The Dramas are sorted into fourteen different categories and split into various folders based on the nation of production (Japanese, Singaporean, and Korean) and genres (Family, Horror, Romance). The site post links to anime production news on its main page and is the most popular anime streaming website on the planet.

You can watch some anime for free with a few pop-up advertisements. There’s also a function to take out all the promotions, have permission to access a locked drama, manga, and anime and a chance to view the newest releases the moment they’ve been broadcasted in Japan, but for this feature which is a paid feature you have to register as well as sign in with your account.


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