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7 Top Classified Ads Websites Like

Sites like jiji

Free classified ads websites certainly have been around for a long time now, and fortunately, it has come to stay for good.

It is important everyone knows how to utilize these online marketplaces in the sales and purchase of goods and services – because the world is literally online.

As a business owner, there’s no better way to promote your products and services other than through free online classified advertisement websites. It is easy, less expensive, and saves you time.

Classified ads are a form of promotion with a brief description of the products or services to be offered to buyers on the platform. These ads are usually tailored to a particular geography or location, making it easy to reach the target audience. It also comes with pictures of the product, its price tag, and the contact information of the seller. is one of the most popular free classified ads platforms in Nigeria and Africa. This website simply offers a platform where buyers and sellers of goods and services connect and exchange transactions.

In this post, we will be listing other 7 classified ad sites like that you need to know of for the purchase or sales of products and services.

Let’s get on with the list!

1. OLIST.NG is a free classified ad listing website in Nigeria, it is a legit and safe marketplace that is uniquely created for both individuals and businesses to advertise, promote, buy and sell products and services. The website has a product listing of literally everything you’d think of. From electronics to furniture to properties.

You can find a product that is either new or neatly used on this platform. And they are quite affordable. As a seller, you can post your ads for free, but you must verify your identity before access is granted. You must register and follow all the necessary steps before posting your ads.

As a seller, your ads must adhere to the policies of the platform before acceptance. At buyers and sellers can be sure of a secured and easy exchange of transactions. Follow the platform’s policies as either a buyer or seller and you’d be glad you discovered such a platform.


Jobzilla is an online classified ads website mainly for employment. It is trusted to have the most recent job opening and other business openings. At times, they help in distinguishing scammers from occupation searchers as they accept those searching for work don’t have the right to be duped.

The platform also educates Nigerians with tips on the best way to improve in their various professions. Jobzilla’s main goal is to reduce the number of unemployed youth in the country which they’ve accomplished in some little ways.

Therefore, if you are a graduate looking for a job, or perhaps you want to change your job, then the best platform for you is JOBZILLA. You can also post job ads on the platform. That’s if your business is hiring. But you must go through the verification process to validate how real you are.

There are strict policies created by the site to ensure that all users operate on a legal and fair basis. Therefore, there’s little to no room for scammers.


MoboFree is one of the main African versatile social classified ads websites that permit individuals to purchase, sell and even trade items with other users online.

This classified site combines a social media setting and classifieds ads settings into one coordinated online platform and makes buying and selling online more fun, simple, personalized, and safe.

That is, when you get on this platform, it has the feel of social media site, but here, the main goal is buying and selling products and services. This way, it becomes fun and safe for all users.



If you are hoping to buy, sell or rent out your property, then, at that point, this is the site for you. Private Property links users to individuals and properties so users can get the most recent postings and secure the best properties in the market.

They help to make users’ quest for their next property a simple/astonishing experience. They ensure the quest for a property is as easy and viable as possible. With a few purchasers and dealers or tenants on this site, it is an extraordinary alternative to list your property, regardless of whether as a specialist or a private merchant.

Therefore, if you have a property you to give out for rent, you can also log into the platform and list your property there. Interested tenants will contact the number you provided and you guys can strike a deal.

The same goes for someone who sells their property. The platform has a strict policy in place to ensure that every transaction is legal and safe for both parties. You must therefore adhere to the policies for a safe transaction.


Checki is a legit and safe online classified ads website for everything Autos. The platform center around vehicles and all things autos.

All things considered, they give a powerful advertising medium to users to purchase and sell their cars, vans, bicycles, trucks, and other sorts of vehicles.

All the vital security precautionary measures are required to make sure the platform is ok for users to utilize so you need not stress over falling for scammers.

Every user is mandated to abide by the platform policies. Failure to do so would result in restriction. This, therefore, makes the platform quite legit and safe for everyone.

You can list your cars, trucks, motorbikes, and all sort on the platform. And you can likewise buy from other verified sellers on the platform.


Gidi market is one of the most outstanding classified sites in Nigeria and Africa in general. It was created by Niyi Yusuf. The site started operations in 2012, and ever since, it has grown a huge audience.

GIDI MARKET is an African-based online free classified adverting organization that empowers its users to buy and sell a wide range of products and services on the platform.

The services offered include SMS Blast, Social Media, Branding, and TV Ads. These are digital services that are important to the growth of a business. You therefore will be making the right choice as a business owner when you get on this platform.


This platform is generally new on the internet, however, it is now being utilized by an enormous number of users right here in Nigeria and Africa.

Their TV advert promotions made them very popular in quite a short period of existence. And so, since it started operations, users have been on the platform buying and selling and giving good reviews to the platform.

Just like its name implies, EFRITIN is a free classified ads website like where literally, every product and service can be sold and bought. It connects buyers and sellers by offering a platform that is safe for transactions.

It is free and fast and safe. Small businesses can simply get on the platform today and start promoting their products and services. The same applies to buyers also.


The above is a list of free classified ads websites in Nigeria similar to Some of these platforms operate in other countries in Africa and Europe. They are relatively free, cheap, safe, and easy to use.

As a small business owner, you should take advantage of these platforms and list your products and services. They are a large audience waiting to buy from you. Check them out today.


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