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Ccleaner vs iolo – Which Is A Better PC Cleaner? vs

It can be damn frustrating when your PC starts malfunctioning or lagging as a result of unseen errors.

These are not what can be gotten rid of by just dusting the system or rebooting it.

So, by how?

You have to make use of system clean-up programs, to boost the performance of your system.

In this article, we shall be comparing two types of system clean-up software, which are  Ccleaner and iolo system mechanics.

This article will give you deep insight, into the two software, and will help you decide the one to go for, based on your need. vs

Ccleaner Overview


Ccleaner is a computer clean-up software, which works on any personal computer using Microsoft operating windows.

The software will speed up the performance of your system, by cleaning up junk files.

In addition, the Ccleaner also protects your files, and gives adequate security to your system, it cleans up browser history, cache, and any temporary files that have accumulated over time.

What Can You Use Ccleaner For?

Just as the name already suggests “clean”, the program is meant to clean any unneeded or unnecessary files on your system, which may be making your system lag behind.

The first capital C stands for Crap, this means, the software will clean up any crap on your PC.

In addition, the software also performs the following function.

  • Security: It prevents your system from any cyberattack, or people that want to steal the information you store on your PC.
  • Privacy: It gives you maximum privacy, by deleting passwords unknowingly stored on websites and configuration files.
  • Frees up Space: Have you ever wondered why your system becomes so filled up, without having many files on it?

it’s a result of junk files, and some old files, which are no longer useful.

However, with Ccleaner, you will be able to get rid of all these, so there will be more than enough space on your PC.

  • Increases Speed: Your PC will lag, and perform slowly when there are a lot of junk and unnecessary files on the system. However, with Ccleaner, all these will be cleaned up, and your PC will perform faster.
  • Stability: The software will stabilize your system and enable the windows operating system to run smoothly.
  • Real-time protection: The software gives you real-time protection, by cleaning up any traces of your online transaction.

Regardless, of any browser you use, be it chrome, safari, opera mini, etc this software will clean all of your traces, of whatever you perform

What Ccleaner Can’t Do. 

You shouldn’t expect this software to perform everything. It will surely have its limitations.

We’ve already analyzed what this software can do, at thriving subheadings such as.

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Real-time protection
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Space

As we already explained, briefly, let’s examine what this software can’t do.

  • Ccleaner cannot clean or detect viruses: If there are viruses on your computer, this software can’t detect them, nor can it clean them up.
  • Can’t Remove Malware Or Spyware: You can’t make use of the software to detect or remove malware.

Can Ccleaner Cleaned Files Be Recovered? 

What people consider most when choosing a clean-up software, is if it’s possible to recover a cleaned file with that software.

If you use Ccleaner, to clean up some files, the chances of recovering such files are very minimal.

The chances of recovery depend on the settings and permission you gave to the software.

In order words, it’s possible to recover files deleted by Ccleaner, only if you make use of third-party software, that is meant for recovery purposes.

System Requirements For Ccleaner.

Ccleaner will work effectively on any PC, that’s using Windows 7 operating software and above.

In addition, there are no hardware requirements for this software, and it occupies little space.

And just so you know, you can’t use this software on Linux operating software.

Is Ccleaner Free?

No! It’s not free. Using Ccleaner will attract a fee of $24.95. However, you will be allowed to use the software for 14 days.

After the free trial has elapsed, you will have to pay to continue using the software.

  • CCleaner Professional- costs $24.95 per year for one PC
  • Cleaner Professional Plus Plan- costs $39.95 per year and allows up to 3 PCs on a single account
  • CCleaner Professional Plus (bundled)- costs $69.95 for two years and can be used on up to 3 PCs with just a single account.

What’s iolo?

Iolo technologies

Iolo is a system cleanup software, which performs functions similar to Ccleaner.

It cleans up system memory and frees up storage.

In addition, once you purchase this software, you will be given an unlimited license, which means if you have more than one pc in your household, you only need one license for them all.

This can save you from the extra cost of purchasing the software for each of your PCs.

iolo Features

  • Deletes junk files that can cause sluggishness and system instability.
  • It boosts your system performance in real-time, to make gaming, streaming, and downloading seamless.
  • Removes system-hogging bloatware you didn’t know was there.
  • Frees trapped memory and defragments drives for even more speed
  • Helps secure open router ports and connected home devices
  • Automatically cleans and repairs whenever your PC is idle

How Much Does Iolo Cost?

iolo also offers a free trial that offers routine checkups, deleting junk files, and performance boosting. However, the paid version comes with even more features. With a paid subscription, you can recover your deleted photos, clear your browser history, remove unnecessary bloatware, and reorganize your registry.

iolo premium comes in different packages and their prices are as follows:

  • Iolo System Mechanic Pro- $39.95 per year for a single PC
  • Iolo System Mechanic Professional- $55.96 per year
  • Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate- $63.95 per year

Difference Between Ccleaner vs Iolo System Mechanics 

Both software performs the same function and does the same thing.

However, there are two main differences between these software, which are.

  • With Ccleaner, you can schedule the time you want it to always scan your device, however, with iolo cleaner, there is no feature for such.
  • With Ccleaner, you can always keep all your system software updated, as this program regularly scans your device and lets you know each time one or more software becomes outdated, so you can just update them with the click of a button. iolo does not offer this feature.
  • iolo software is more expensive than Ccleaner.
  • If you are using Ccleaner software, you might find that its features and interface look outdated, however, iolo looks very modern. So you will enjoy the design and modern features it has. vs – Which Should You Go For?

We’ve taken our time to explain all the features of this two software, and will believe by now, you would have had an insight into which of them you should go for.

Both software is great and performs the same function, however, Ccleaner edges out iolo by a slim margin as it allows you to schedule scans, and also reminds you each time a software needs updating.


A Lagging Pc can be of great concern to its user because it will slow down the speed of the system. And with that, you won’t be able to do what you are to do on time. However, with Ccleaner or Iolo software, you will be able to speed up the performance of your PC.

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