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Blinkist vs GetAbstract – Best Book Summary App In 2022

Blinkist vs getabstract

Head to head comparison between two giants in the book summary club – Blinkist vs getAbstract.

Book summaries help you to get salient or important points from a book immediately, and with the required information, you are able to develop yourself, improve your business or simply gain useful knowledge about a particular field or the world in general.

With a lot of book summary apps on the internet, there are two that are among the most known and used reading apps, they are Blinkist and getAbstract.

If you are reading this, then it’s probably because you are in a dilemma of which app to go with, you want value for your money, hence the need to know which is worth your money. Worry less, as in this post, we help compare Blinkist vs getAbstract to help you decide on which app to spend your money on.

Blinkist vs getAbstract Overview

Blinkist ReviewBlinkist review

Blinkist is an app that is based on summaries of non-fiction books, and the books are usually popular. Blinkist is only focused on summaries of popular non-fiction books. The summary of a book is always attached to an audio file of the text and takes approximately 15 minutes to read.

“Blinks” is a term for chapters of summaries that are divided, and contains about 300 words, which is about 2 minutes of an audio file of the text.

Books can be found by searching for a book title or the author of the book, and also scrolling through categories of books and curated list. Blinkist can be used on both desktop and mobile devices as an application.

On finding the book you are looking for, or seeing the one you like, you can forward the book to your Kindle device or just save it to your personal library. You can use the text summary and audio file of the book offline once it is saved in your personal library.

You will agree that it makes it easy for you to use while in situations where internet connection is disabled.

As said earlier on, blink is always attached with an audio file that makes it easy for you to read first and then listen, or listen first and read, or you simply can do both at the same time.

The audio file is located at the bottom left of your desktop or near the headphone icon of your mobile device.

Cost of Blinkist

To get started with Blinkist, you must purchase the premium plan, which enables you to have access to every single one of Blinkist’s book summaries.

Three payment options for the premium plan are available for you and there include the following:

  • $15.99/monthly subscription
  • 99.99/yearly subscription, or $8.34/monthly subscription for a year.
  • $549/yearly group subscription of about 10 people.

As with other app marketing strategies to turn users to subscribers, Blinkist offers you a free 7 days trial to have access to its features and make use of book summaries you’d like.

It is worthy to mention that a credit card is needed for the free trial, and what this implies is that you should cancel if you do not like the platform before the eighth day or you will be charged through your credit card.


getAbstract ReviewGetabstract review

getAbstract is said to have been around since 1999 and has summaries in seven languages, unlike Blinkist with only English and German, making it just two languages.

The seven languages of getAbstract include; English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Russian, and French. The summaries of getAbstract are very different from summaries of Blinkist.

Not all getAbstract summaries come with an audio file, and the audios are not subdivided into sections. But note that it is proven that Blinkist audio is more user friendly because it is easy to go back and forward to seconds or minutes of the full audio file.

Cost of getAbstract

There are various subscription plans to purchase to be able to access getAbstract, the plans range from monthly to yearly subscription plan and starters to the pro subscription plan.

  • $99/yearly subscription – Starters plan for access to over 20,000+ summaries in different categories and titles.
  • $299/yearly subscription – Pro plan for access to download PDFs, ePubs, and audio, or send summaries to your Kindle device on different categories.
  • $59/yearly subscription – Pro plan for students and Starter plan for students is free.

Note that to access the student free plan or pro plan subscription, you must send a form of student documentation such as your student ID.

It is also worthy to note that the Starter plan for Students is absolutely free while the Pro plan is just $59 yearly with features such as having your own audio playlist and personal channels.

Other users can simply try the 3 days trial getAbstract provides, and your credit card is not needed like that of Blinkist.

After 7 days if you are satisfied with the service you can then opt-in for a paid subscription to get access to the full features and packages it provides and offers.


Blinkist vs getAbstract: Categories Challenge

The following head-to-head challenge between Blinkist and getAbstract will be based on five categories, which are;

  • Book Selection category,
  • Quick summaries category,
  • Long-form summaries category,
  • User-friendly category and
  • Business owners category.

The comparison of Blinkist vs getAbstract below will aid you in making the right decision between which platform to use so as to get adequate value for your money. Let’s dive into the details below:

Category One: Book Selection Challenge

• Blinkist now has more than 3,000 titles in a wide range of categories of book summaries while getAbstract has a wider category than Blinkist, now having more than 20,000 titles of book summary.

• Blinkist concentrates mainly on readers searching for advice or tips on improving themselves such as Personal and Self Growth and Improvement, Motivation, and Inspiration, Productivity & Time Management, or individual careers such as Entrepreneurship and finance, Corporate Culture, Marketing, Sales and branding.

• getAbstract category is more concentrated on business and brand books, with more focused categories on Customer Relations, Employee Retention, Negotiation, Gig Economy, and marketing.

• Blinkist has many categories for searchers looking to know about topics on Science, History, Philosophy, Religion, and of course technology.

• getAbstract have quite smaller titles or categories focusing on Science, Politics, Biographies, and Environment.


getAbstract being in existence for long has an advantage as it has built a larger comprehensive online library over the years, unlike its Blinkist counterpart.

Blinkist is not so far away from getAbstract as it is constantly improving and developing new features for its users.

When the focus is on career and finance, getAbstract takes the day, it clearly is the best option you might want to consider.

Category Two: Quick Summaries Challenge

• Blinkist “Blinks” feature, which allows its users to read or hear one meaningful element from a book is sorely designed to be consumed in short summaries.

• getAbstract summaries are consumed as a whole text or audio file by its users.


It all depends on your preference and the amount of time you can spend in reading, hearing, and assimilating or getting the required information.

If you are the type that loves to learn one piece at a time you definitely should consider the Blinkist “Blink” feature but if you probably want a whole overview of the book or category, then getAbstract would be a better option for you.

Personally, I’d go with the Blinkist Blinks format, reading and hearing it, piece by piece.

Category Three: Long-form Summaries Challenge

• With Blinkist you will always get a preview of the former blink you read or heard, as it uses a short format method, while with getAbstract, it’s a whole package.

• You can sit and read or hear the summary of a book chapter or category at once.

• The quality and quantity of both chapters are quite similar, you just need to know which works best for you, you have to read, hear, and get the required information needed from the chapter.


Both platform are great for long term summaries. You just have to know which works best for you and stick to it.

Blinkist might also seem to be the most preferred option in this category, as it is easy for it users to read or hear large complicated books within a relatively short period of time to aid your time management while you get the required information.

Category Four: User-friendly Challenge

• Both platforms are generally user friendly, they are easy to access and use, easy to navigate from one feature to another, and easy to get result on searched topics or titles.

• Blinkist and getAbstract are both ads free, so you won’t have to bother about seeing annoying ads while using both platforms.

• The design of both platforms is also unique and clean, making it user friendly. Both platforms do also have apps that are 100% functional and effective as their websites.

• Blinkist and getAbstract have blog sections where users interact with each other, ask questions, share ideas and opinions on business, finance, and personal development, not forgetting book choices are also point of discussion amongst users of both platforms.


Blinkist and getAbstract are both user friendly but Blinkist is more user friendly as it has some features that improve user’s experience on its platform, unlike its getAbstract counterpart.

Some of the features include: highlighting of text on the Blinkist platform, Syncing note with Evernote and an Audio version of every summary, which getAbstract does not have.

Based on the above points you might want to consider using Blinkist as its extra features make it more user friendly than getAbstract.

Category Five: Business Owners Challenge

• getAbstract has a huge advantage here because of its huge based categories of titles are purposefully designed for business owners.

• Blinkist, on the other hand, does have a more personal list of categories that helps individuals with the growth of their business, not necessarily having a feature that caters for the need of the employees.

• getAbstract allows businesses to have access to its yearly group subscription plan of employees in a group of 1 to 10, which Blinkist does not provide.


getAbstract win the challenge for business owners as it has features that cater to the needs of businesses, their owners, and their employees. Blinkist does not offer this feature to its users.

Blinkist vs getAbstract (Final Verdict)

Blinkist and getAbstract are both platforms that are great for use but personal preference is always the heading factor to making a choice of which platform you want to use.

I’d advise that, for personal use, you should make use of Blinkist while for business purposes, make use of the getAbstract platform as it is more business-oriented.

The similarities of both platforms are much more than their differences, in order words both platforms are a great option for use. You just need to make use of the free trial periods that both platforms offer and decide which works best for you.

After deciding on what platform you like more, proceed to purchase a subscription plan and get the best value for your money.



And that’s a wrap on this blinkist and getAbstract comparison. If you have read to this point, then we hope you will be able to decide on which book summary to use.

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