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10 Best Third-party App-stores For iOS Devices

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Apple had already expanded the horizons of the technological world with its many upgrades and modifications. Their operating systems were made popular due to their luxurious features as well as possessing the best security for worldwide users.

But due to the high security, Apple limited access to a large number of applications thereby forcing many Apple users to jailbreak their iOS devices or install other third-party app stores to go far beyond the Apple limitations.

A third-party app store is a software application developed by a separate developer or developers. These third-party app stores are not a creation of the original trader. There are many third-party app stores for iOS, but these are not developed by Apple. But like the “Apple App Store”, most of these third-party app stores are safe and high security and privacy-conscious.

Most of them are stable and allow installation on all iOS devices. It is convenient and quick to use these third-party app stores for iOS. These app stores allow users to download many applications, tweaks, themes, and many more. Some of these app stores allow you access to download the Jailbreak application without jailbreaking your iOS device.

For these reasons, many Apple lovers/ iOS device users install these third-party app stores to expand their Apple privileges.

Below are some of the well-known third-party app stores for iOS devices.

Best Third-party App Stores For iOS

1. AppZule

AppZule is an iOS app store with higher security and modern features that provides iOS users with expanding Apple privileges with many advanced features, free applications, customizations, jailbreak apps, themes, and tweaks.

With AppZule, you do not need to jailbreak your iOS device to download the jailbreaking applications. AppZule possesses a comprehensive, highly secured, high-performance core system. Therefore the application core of AppZule contains numerous modern features that will provide a better user experience.

The user-friendly interface is one of the main advancements in the Appzule. This user-friendly interface provides users with a smooth user experience. Furthermore, anyone (with a minimum tech-related knowledge) can quickly learn how to use this application.

You can use your social media account to log in to AppZule. Furthermore, your purchases will all sync with your profile. Your installation history also will be aligned with your profile.

If anyone is looking for a third-party app store, AppZule is one of the best solutions for all. All you have to do is download AppZule to use its functionality and advanced features with expanding Apple privileges.

2. Tutu App

One of the common claims on third-party app stores is that most of them are unable to provide proper support after the installation. However, Tutu-App squashes that rumour by properly supporting all iOS devices. Moreover, this app store is not only for the iOS platform as it supports the Android and Windows platforms. It is also a user-friendly application with a quick process. Typically, Apple devices can be compatible in less than 2 minutes.

Tutu app includes many advanced features and many games, jailbreaking apps, tweaks, charts, managers, hacked games, emulators, and many more. It offers any premium apps for free. The unique feature of the Tutu app is the chart section. Users can see the most popular and upgraded apps through this section. It will increase your search process efficiency.

If you are going to download the Tutu app, you should have to select one option from their “VIP( not available to download free)” or “Regular( free version)” options. With the Tutu app, you don’t need to jailbreak your apple device.

3. F-Droid

If you are looking for a reliable and cool little app store, F-Droid is the best for you. F-Droid is one of the oldest third-party app stores for iOS devices. It is a very reliable third-party app store with trusted support for many years.

F-Droid includes some basic or in-built applications, such as some games, a simple calendar, etc. It is an open-source third-party App store, and there is only an open source for all the apps on the app.

4. Appvalley

AppValley is a newly introduced third-party app store with a user-friendly interface. Many users across the world use this application. It provides you with unlimited access to many applications, jailbreaking applications, tweaks, and games.

It’s also supported for the latest iOS 14 updates. It allows you to download jailbreaking applications without actually jailbreaking your device. AppValley is a user-friendly and higher secured third-party app store for iOS devices.

5. EonHub

EonHub is another third-party app. It is upgrading the user experience regularly and includes thousands of applications, games, tweaks, and more. In comparison, this third-party app store is entirely free.

 The jailbreakers used it earlier to install some unauthorized software, but it doesn’t require jailbreaking now. Therefore, to use this, there is no jailbreak required.

It provides users with a user-friendly and easy process. You don’t have to update it, and you can open it and quickly download many applications and games from there. EonHub always offers modern and advanced features to its users, and they regularly upgrade the technologies and content.

6. Aptoide

Aptoide is another popular, suitable, and old third-party app store for iOS users to enjoy many modern apps (Flesky, Nest, Yowindow weather), jailbreaking applications, games, tweaks, and many more. It consists of both paid and unpaid applications. Typically this app offers coverage of antivirus apps for the users.  

 If you love to install a third-party app store that provides you with many apps, including the rarest apps that are not available very quickly, Aptoide is the best solution for you.

 Aptoide provides most of the premium applications at affordable price ranges. The most exciting factor is that you can download these applications legally, and then you can put them to the official app store.

It provides you with a considerable amount of price deductions. Furthermore, aptoide gives exciting offers for users to get daily paid apps at a free cost.

7. TweakBox

Another third-party app store for iOS is the Tweakbox. The second edition of the tweak box is compliant with the current update of iOS. It brings the updated edition of the original applications. Therefore, you can download modified apps, hacked applications, at a free cost.

Most iOS users have to jailbreak their iOS device if they want to install third-party apps. Tweak box offers you all the applications you can run on your iOS device. It includes many jailbreaking applications, and you do not need to jailbreak your iOS device.

8. iTweak Vip

The iTweak VIP app store is one of the best third-party applications in the iOS store. It is really simple to use. This app is specifically developed to fulfil the higher security requirements of iOS devices.

It is exclusively supported on all iPhones. A wider variety of games and applications are supported by it. It is really easy to use, and it is user-friendly. All iOS devices are well compliant with it.

9. App Even

This recently launched app store is yet another third-party app installer that merits its place on this list. With it, you can install modified and advanced apps, even those that cannot be found on the official Apple App-store.

It is user-friendly, and you do not need to jailbreak your device. This provides you with many applications, hacked applications, emulators,  free games, and many more. App-even supports iOS version 10 upwards.

10. Altstore

Completing our list of best third-party app stores for iOS is yet another application that doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iOS device. At the time of writing this, AltStore is supported by a few applications but we are expecting many more apps in the future.

It is also not based upon the certificates of the developers. It lets users import files created by Riley Testut in the form of .ipa files. It is safe and easy to use.


Above are the ten best third-party app stores for iOS devices. Most of them provide you with modern features with a user-friendly process. Many of them charge affordable prices and some of them are cost-free.

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