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Top 10 Best Paid Android Games In 2022

Best Paid Android Games

Our list of best paid Android games in 2022. 

What better way to unwind and unburden your mind than playing games from your mobile device. Whether you are going for a long journey or waiting on someone, these boredom-curing pills is a sure way to improve your mood wherever you are.

Fair enough, games come in a wild variety of genres, so there is basically a game for everyone. Games are fun and refreshing. You certainly would learn something new with puzzle games, sharpen your strategic thinking with war games, enjoy playing your sport from the comfort of your chair, and overall boost your concentration skill.

We all love free games, no doubt, but in the world of games – the best things don’t come free. While most Android games come with a free version, you have to pay for the premium version, which guarantees maximum fun and reaching your full potential in the game.

Quick warning: not all games are worth a dime. Some games are nasty, shitty, and would piss you off with never-ending ads. We bring you this list of tested, trusted and best paid Android games which you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

These games are definitely worth the money, so hang on as we take you on this roller-coaster ride of killer premium games that will sure keep you thumbing.

Best paid Android games 2021 – top 10 list

1. Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Price: $3.9 US / 5.16 CAD / 5.7 AUD
This masterpiece by Ustwo Games is the poster game for puzzle meets architecture. Monument valley comes with an awesome plot of a progenitor, Ro, and her daughter. It is simple to use. The graphics and scenery are stunning and captivating, the architecture and geometry are iconic, and the soundtrack is beautiful. The levels are just as awesome as the storyline and will surely make you eager to hop on to the next level. This game is a must-have for any gamer who loves puzzle and adventure.


2. TerrariaTerraria

Price: $4.9 US / 6.51 CAD / 7.25 AUD
Terraria deservedly made our list of best paid Android games for 2021.

This is one game you can play with up to seven friends via local wifi. This adventure game gives you the experience of exploring various locations from deserts to floating forests and even the dreaded underground with wonderful scenery. The character gets to face zombies and monsters at night and mine blocks during the day. As you are exploring, you can discover great resources that can help build tools and even houses for you.


These tools will make you take on the evil bosses. It is not a get done quick kind of game but one which requires your time and involvement. On the plus side, you can personalize your character. The graphics are top-notch, and the sound effects are lovely.


3. Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasGrand theft auto san andreas

Price: $6.99 US / 9.16 CAD / 10.22 CAD
Developed by Rock Star North, this action-packed mission is certainly worth the pay. You play the character of Carl Johnson, an ex-gangster, who returns to his neighbourhood after the death of his mum to own the streets. You get to have guns, cars, build houses, and engage in some naughty activities, which gives the game a unique outlook. The touch screen controls might be a bit hard to remember for a newbie but certainly gets better with more practice.

This open-world game also comes with side missions like getting a job, beating someone up, or stealing a car to give the game more spice and action. This is definitely one of the best paid Android games in 2020.


4. Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic (Kotor)Star wars

Price $9.99 US / 13.5 CAD / 14.66 AUD
Originally developed by BioWare, this is one awesome RPG we highly recommend. Set in a mysterious republic, you earn points by the decisions you make. Whether you decide to help or kill the characters you come across in the game, you get rewarded for it, and this defines the path of your avatar- for light or darkness. The characters are easy to control, just by taking swipes. The game, on the other hand, might not be so easy for a novice but surely gets better with time. The graphics are top-notch, and the soundtrack is superb.


5. StarDew ValleyBest Paid Android Games

Price $7.99 US / 10.49 CAD / 11.45 AUD
Stardew Valley is one farming simulator game at its core that successfully charmed us. This fun and learning game begins with the progenitor taking over his Grandfather’s farm in Pelican Town. Just like other games with similar plots, you get to build the farm and earn some plots along the way. The twist that makes this game unique is you get the opportunity to build your character and own your game. There are lots of activities to partake in, such as networking with the townsfolk, going fishing, and even getting married. The graphics are cool and simple. The controls are handy and not burdensome, and you can easily switch tools.


6. Riptide GP: RenegadeRiptide

Price: $2.99 / 3.85 CAD / 4.29 AUD

Next on our list of best paid Android games is the Riptide Gp: Renegade.

This is one of the best there is in jet ski racing. This futuristic racing game comes with great graphics, wonderful sound. With great control options, you get to play very crazy stunts- as wild as your imagination can go. The game comes as a story of an ex-con racer who sets out on a revenge mission. You ultimately progress through levels that get more challenging as they come. There are eight tracks in the game, all of which are so exciting to race on.


7. Assassin’s Creed IdentityBest Paid Android Games

Price: $2.5 US/ 3.32 CAD/ 3.70 AUD
Developed by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft, this is one staple series that is generally loved by gamers. This action-packed RPG game falls nothing short of our expectations. With excellent graphics and quite many assassin characters to choose, it sure does deserve a place in this list – and on your mobile. You can unlock different locations, all with lovely scenery. The characters are easy to control, with a swipe here and there, you can get some thrilling jumps and theatrics.

8. MachinariumAndroid games

Price : $4.99 US/ 6.51 CAD / 7.25 AUD
This award-winning indie game has a hub of opportunities for excitement and fun. Developed by Amanita Design, this is one user-friendly puzzle cum adventure game you would certainly want to have in your android phone. This game involves guiding a robot, Joseph, through the city. You scale through the levels by solving the puzzles. With its ethereal soundtrack and awesome display, this highly addictive game has a storyline that will keep you itching to see the next level.

Although it is quite challenging, the developers included a help book to guide you through the game. Hence, you can be assured not to have that frustrating end that comes with most puzzle games.


9. MinecraftMinecraft game

Price: $6.99 US/ 9.17 CAD / 1O.25 AUD
Developed by Swedish developer Mojang, get to experience the feel and fun of building from the very scratch with this game. This game of creativity and survival gets the player sourcing materials to build castles and wading off monsters trying to destroy their work. It is easy to control the character creating an awesome dynamic flow.


10. NBA JamPaid Android Games

Price: $4.99 US/ 6.51 CAD/ 7.25 AUD

Completing our list of best paid Android games is the NBA Jam by EA Sports.

Enjoy your favourite sport anytime, anywhere, and celebrate goals in this sports app. Unlike the popular basketball game, this is a simple two by two-game you can play against friends. The graphics and sound are great. The announcers bring some form of comical relief to the game. With great graphics and moves that defy physics, you sure will have a thrilling experience.



There goes our list of best paid Android games for 2021. From the adventure games to the racing games, we have successfully span through paid games you can get for your android device.

This review ensures you have a knowledge of the best apps to get before going for the purchase. Please share with us your experience with these games as well as other great games you certainly think are worth a purchase.

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