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5 Best Laptops with Screens for Sunlight – Great For Outdoor Use

Best laptop screens for Sunlight

Working on a laptop outdoors can be a challenge, especially in sunny weather. The glare from the sun can be very distracting and make it difficult to see what’s on the screen. Here are some tips for choosing the best laptop screen for sunlight.

How to Choose The Best Laptops For Sunlight

The following are what we would look out for before buying a new Laptop for outdoor use;


Unlike using your laptop in the bedroom, you may have to deal with various inappropriate situations such as: inhaling dust particles, strong sunlight or even the possibility of falling. However, we don’t need laptops like the Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme or the Panasonic Toughbook, they’re incredibly durable and even waterproof, but not usable for us.

The best laptops for outdoor use should be durable enough; A metal case would be better. You may also consider a protective case to reduce the risk of damage.


It’s pretty obvious that if you’re dating a laptop, it shouldn’t break your back. You’ll be grateful for a sleek and portable laptop while you work on the go. In most cases, the weight of a laptop is directly related to its size; You won’t find a travel companion in a 17-inch laptop category. In general, 14-inch laptops or smaller are ideal for portability. It doesn’t mean we can use an 11-inch laptop, please remember your requirements.


It is quite difficult to find a laptop with greater brightness, a compact body and long battery life, but it is not impossible. The battery life of a laptop depends mainly on three factors: the processor, the screen, and storage technology. If you’re looking for a long backup, choose a laptop with a low-power CPU and SSD storage. We can’t compromise on screen brightness for outdoor use.

Frequently asked questions about using laptops outside

Can I use my laptop in the sun?

Of course, you can, but we recommend avoiding direct sunlight as it generates a lot of heat and can potentially be harmful to your laptop if used for a long time.

Is sunlight bad for laptops?

If your laptop works fine, I mean no heating problem, you can use it under sunlight. On the other hand, if your laptop already lacks sufficient cooling and heats up quickly, avoid using it in direct sunlight.

What temperatures can a laptop withstand?

Most electronic devices containing semiconductor components work best between 50 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 35 degrees Celsius). You should avoid using your laptop outside of this range as it might not perform as efficiently.

Do Anti-Glare Laptop Screen Protectors Work?

Yes, not only do they provide you with protection from excessive lights, but they also prevent dirty fingerprints on the screen. You don’t need to clean your laptop screen every day.

Is Screen Guard necessary for a laptop?

If you want to avoid scratches, smudges or stains on your keyboard (when the laptop is closed), use a screen protector.

What is Anti-Glare on Laptops?

The term anti-glare is used for laptop screens because it eliminates screen reflections and improves visibility. Today, many manufacturers use this technology in laptops and other electronic devices.

Does ultraviolet light damage electronics?

No, ultraviolet light is not harmful to devices. However, the plastic body may degrade in colour quality if exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time.


The 5 Best Laptop Screens for Sunlight

Working outside the office has its benefits: no one is going to pop into your cubicle to ask you a question, the sun is shining, and there’s a fresh breeze in the air. But, if you’re like most people, you probably also need to stare at a computer screen for hours on end. That’s where finding the best laptop screens for sunlight comes in. Below are our top selections to aid you with your outdoor work.


 Best laptops for outdoor use

The Lenovo ThinkPad T490s is my top choice for an external laptop, offering a brighter screen along with solid performance and longer battery life. Moreover, it is quite lightweight and portable, making it an ideal travel companion.

The T490s is equipped with a 4.6GHz 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of memory and 1TB NVMe SSD storage to ensure a smooth working experience. Performance is certainly excellent, but this laptop isn’t ideal for graphics-intensive work; However, you won’t mind photo editing or light gaming.

The best thing that makes this laptop suitable for outdoor activities is its excellent display. The 14-inch Full HD IPS panel can reach up to 400 nits of brightness and is also anti-glare; So you can easily use it in the sun. Unlike its predecessors, this Thinkpad is quite modern and offers a compact body with a thin frame.

Lenovo’s professional series is known for its durability and efficiency, and the T490s won’t let you down. The quality of the keyboard and touchpad is so excellent that many bloggers and typists choose Lenovo business laptops solely for this feature.

Incredible screen, powerful performance and lightweight design, plus really noticeable longer battery life! Additionally, the Lenovo Thinkpad T490s promised maximum security; and were equipped with a TPM 2.0 chip, a ThinkShutter, a Kensington lock slot and a fingerprint reader.

If you’re looking for a reliable and durable laptop for outdoor use, the Lenovo ThinkPad T490s might be a viable option.




Best laptop screens for Sunlight

The Dell XPS 13 9380 is slightly more expensive than the previous laptop and offers plenty of great features.

First off, it’s a touchscreen laptop with a 13.3-inch display that boasts a super-sharp 4K resolution. The image quality is extremely sharp and pleasing; You can also use it for color-sensitive tasks. For outdoor use, the panel has up to 400 nits of increased brightness. Additionally, the XPS 13 features an InfinityEdge bezel, which not only makes it quite portable, but also attractive.

Like the Lenovo T490s, however, it has the same 4.6GHz quad-core Intel processor, but you get 16GB of RAM, which can make multitasking easier.

For storage, it has a PCIe-based 512GB SSD; Therefore, it can start in seconds and makes the performance very easy. Unfortunately, the cutting-edge 4K panel and superior performance mean you have to compromise on battery life, which lasts no more than 8 hours.

Coupled with a high screen-to-body ratio, slim and portable design, the XPS 13 can be a great carry choice. Plus, the sharpest, most vivid display with 400 nits of brightness makes it usable even in bright light.




Microsoft surface book 2

Granted, the Microsoft Surface 2 doesn’t have the brightest screen around, but it’s the most balanced Windows device for outdoor use and offers almost all the features you need.

The best thing about the Book 2 is that it comes in multiple configurations. If you don’t have strict requirements, the Intel Core i5 variant with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage would suffice. The top-end model offers an Intel Core i7 processor with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage, although very expensive.

Unlike the previous two laptops, the Surface Book 2 comes with the dedicated Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU; Therefore, you can also use it to design or play games.

The Pro 2 is available in two screen sizes; You can choose between a 13 inch or 15-inch model depending on your needs. The screen quality is just awesome, with 3260×2160 pixel resolution and 400 nits brightness, it can provide you with lifelike images and is also suitable for outdoor use.

The only sore point of the Microsoft Surface series is; They are quite expensive, especially some accessories like the S Pen are not included. If you use a lot of peripherals with a laptop at home, you might be running out of ports and need a Thunderbolt hub or Surface port.

Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the most versatile and powerful devices that gives you an effortless computing experience along with the ability to draw and take notes. If you have a lot of cash to spend on your laptop, the Surface Book 2 might be the perfect option.




Lenovo yoga

Yes! Another ThinkPad for this roundup, but wait a minute, is from the Yoga series; Therefore, it can also be used as a tablet. This latest version has many new advanced features, let’s see what they are.

First of all, it’s a 14-inch Ultrabook with a touchscreen in Full HD resolution and higher brightness of around 477 cd/m². Whether you use it in direct sunlight or in the dark, the image quality is unmatched. Plus, you can get the most out of it with the touchscreen and convertible design.

The quality of the keyboard and touch is genetic; Whether it’s the sensitivity or the movement of the keys, everything is just perfect. If you type a lot, the Thinkpad keyboard and trackpad are one of the most viable options. A unique feature of this model is that it has a special type of rising and falling keyboard that automatically rises when you fold it into laptop mode.

The Thinkpad series is already known for its durability and reliability, but this one goes a step further. Tested to 12 military requirements, this X1 Yoga has passed more than 200 quality checks. It doesn’t matter if you use this friend for travel, entertainment or something else, he can handle any situation.

Under the hood, this friend is equipped with the latest Intel Core i7 processor with 8/16 GB of memory and 256/512 GB of SSD storage. In addition, the battery life is also excellent, according to the manufacturer, this Thinkpad Yoga can offer up to 15 hours of battery life. In addition, it can be charged up to 80% in one hour thanks to Rapid Charge technology.

Rugged performance, innovative design, longer battery life, longer durability, and a brighter screen are some of the features that made us include this ultrabook in this roundup.




Samsung note book 9

Supported by the terrible brightness of up to 500 cd / m², the Samsung Notebook 9 took an important place in this summary. Even Samsung has highlighted this feature as an external mode.

This Samsung laptop offers a 15-inch full-size screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels that supports touch functions. Best of all, despite its size, this laptop is incredibly light and perfect for travel. Moreover, the battery life is also quite long which is amazing.

This new Samsung laptop has the latest Intel i7-8565U processor which supports a clock speed of up to 4.6 GHz. Storage selectable up to 16GB with maximum PCIe SSD storage of 1TB; sufficient for most tasks. Again, this isn’t a high-end graphics laptop; So you might be disappointed if you are looking for this one. However, casual games or photo and video editing are fine.

This portable ultrabook is crafted in a 2-in-1 design; Therefore, it also supports tablet mode. Unleash your creativity with the included S-Pen, it’s a passive stylus and you never need to recharge it.

Moreover, the Samsung laptop has a built-in 5-watt dual speaker powered by AKG amplification technology that can deliver cinema-quality sound.

A larger screen, lighter body, brighter display, outstanding performance, and impressive battery life are some of the great features of the latest Samsung Notebook 9 that make it a reliable choice for on-the-go use. outside.



In Conclusion,

This article looked at the best laptop screens for sunlight. It provided a list of five laptops with great screens for working outdoors. If you are in the market for a new laptop and are looking for one with a good screen for viewing in sunlight, we hope you can now be able to make a choice after reading this piece.


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