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3 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android And iPhone In 2022 (No Jailbreak)

Best hidden spy apps for android and iPhone
Ever since mobile phones became an everyday object in every home in the world, spying on them has become a fairly widespread phenomenon.
Do some research on the Internet, and you will find lots of software to spy on mobile phones, with each of them claiming to be the best.
But how can you manage to find the best of all?


The only solution is to spend endless hours testing them and making a detailed comparative analysis of each of them.

Having done this personally, we can confidently state that this is indeed a tedious task!

So why reinvent the wheel?

Since we are always busy reviewing the top-rated and best hidden spy apps for Android and iPhone, you can trust our research and minimise this hard work.

We have listed the best three apps based on complete studies and daily use. And they are as follows;

3 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android And iPhone 2021


This is, without a doubt, one of the best hidden spy apps for Android and iPhone devices. FlexiSpy is equipped with everything you’d expect in mobile spy software – and much more. Record pressed keys, phone calls, access to SMS, email, Whatsapp and even Facebook messages. With it, you can also monitor the device’s location and remotely activate the microphone to record conversations of the phone owner — all without his/her notice.

Note that, although it is necessary to root or jail the device before installing FlexiSpy on an Android phone or an iPhone, the type of functionality offered justifies this need. The root and jailbreak of a mobile phone may seem complex procedures, but they allow you to access more complete functions which include espionage, interception and recording of phone calls, access to the microphone and many other things.

Dare I say again, it is one of the best hidden spy apps for Android and iPhones, if not the best.


After purchasing the FlexiSpy app, you will receive a confirmation email containing your login information and detailed instructions for easy installation.

You should visit the FlexiSpy website and choose the device on which you want to install the espionage app. At this point, you will be given numerous instructions on the screen to complete the installation of the app. After a successful installation, each bit of the destination phone data will automatically be sent to the FlexiSpy server. You can access all this data via the FlexiSpy website from your smartphone or computer.

Several FlexiSpy packages and their features

This hidden spy app for android and iPhone is available in two versions: Premium and Extreme. The premium version of the app offers all the basic features available in other famous espionage software. The Extreme version, on the other hand, takes espionage to a higher level thanks to the possibility of recording and intercepting phone calls.

Now let’s briefly examine the two versions of FlexiSpy.

FlexiSpy Premium version

As mentioned above, the premium version of this hidden spy app for android and iPhone contains all the standard features provided by a mobile spying application. It allows you to easily monitor all calls, text messages, media files, websites visited and other activities of the target device.

However, because the root was executed on the target device, it is also possible to monitor Facebook activities and instant messages sent via Skype, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Below we have reported other known features of the FlexiSpy Premium version:

GPS position localisation – This hidden spy app uses the GPS service on the target device to keep its position regularly updated and monitored. Details of all places visited by the destination device on the map are provided. Furthermore, you can track its location in real-time.

Keylogger – This spy app for mobile, records every key pressed on the target device. You can also have access to user names and passwords entered by the user on various websites.

Screenshot – The app allows you to run screenshots of applications on the device remotely.

Extreme FlexiSpy version

In addition to all the features available in the Premium version of FlexiSpy, the Extreme version also allows you to easily record and listen to phone calls made from/to the target device, to control the microphone and video camera remotely and even to send false text messages from the monitored device.

Some of the main features of the Extreme version of FlexiSpy include:

  • Recording phone calls
  • Interception of phone calls in progress
  • Take pictures from the target phone remotely
  • Environment registration (easily record conversations that take place near the phone)
  • Access to surrounding conversations in progress (with a secret bug on the target device)

Some explanation on the advanced features of FlexiSpy

Interception of phone calls in progress

As is clear from the name, this FlexiSpy function allows you to intercept the calls in progress on the destination device. You can then monitor them as they happen, without your knowledge.

This function acts as a connection of a third party to the phone call, in a manner very similar to conference calls, without anyone knowing that you are connected. This happens while the mobile remains in silent mode. The only condition necessary for this to be active on the target device is the activation of the possibility to call in three. It is therefore essential to make sure that this function is available and activated on the target device. It is, in most cases.

Recording of phone calls

This advanced FlexiSpy feature allows you to record both outgoing and incoming calls (including Skype and Whatsapp calls) on the target device. However, please note that you will be able to record phone calls from and exclusively to certain specific numbers. All recorded conversations are automatically uploaded to the FlexiSpy account. From here, you can download them on your computer or a compatible device.

Environment registration

The FlexiSpy environment recording function is very similar to the sound recording function. It allows you to secretly record conversations taking place near the target phone. To activate this function, it is necessary to start the recording of the environment through the call commands on the FlexiSpy website, entering the desired recording duration time. The microphone of the target device will be switched on (in invisible mode), and conversations will be recorded.

Please note that, being one of the best hidden spy apps for android and iPhone, FlexiSpy continues to add new features to both versions, so it is necessary to continually check the official website to stay updated on the latest offers/features.

How does FlexiSpy work?

For FlexiSpy to work, you will need to download and install it on the target phone to be checked. Once installed, it will run silently in the background, recording all the activities of that particular phone and regularly uploading the monitoring data to the FlexiSpy server.

You can then log in to your FlexiSpy account and view all activity reports. You’ll also have unlimited access to all photos, emails, text messages, social media interactions, GPS locations, contact details, browsing history and other files.



How much?

As explained above, the FlexiSpy mobile app is currently available in two different versions. These versions, with the relative prices, are:

FlexiSpy Premium:

  • $ 68 (USD) access for one month
  • $ 99 (USD) access for three months
  • $ 149 (USD) access for one year

FlexiSpy Extreme:

  • $ 199 (USD) access for three months
  • $ 349 (USD) access for one year

Although FlexiSpy Premium seems to have an excellent quality-price ratio since it is full of complete features (better than many of its competitors on the market), it is the FlexiSpy Extreme version that shines. Although it may seem a bit expensive to many, the advanced features it offers justify every penny.

Overall, if you are looking for a complete mobile spying application, which allows you to have full control over the target device, we can assure you that none comes close to FlexiSpy, in virtually any respect.


MSpyBest hidden spy apps for iPhone and Android

Next on this list of best hidden spy apps for android and iPhone 2020, is mSpy. It is by far the most popular mobile monitoring software among parents, and also among the best selling. Parents around the world actively use mSpy to monitor their children’s online and offline activities.

Using the mSpy mobile app is pretty simple: all you need to do is download and install the app on your child’s mobile phone. It will monitor all its activities while working in the background.

mSpy is currently available for Android and iOS devices. It provides a web control panel which allows you to monitor the activities of your child’s phone remotely and to know its use of social media (including Facebook), Snapchat, phone calls, instant messages, text messages, etc. It also allows you to monitor your child’s current position and check where it is on the map.

One aspect for which mSpy is lagging behind FlexiSpy is the impossibility of listening to live conversations and making phone/environment recordings around the target phone. Apart from that, other mobile spying activities are all efficient.

Furthermore, to use mSpy, the jailbreak must not necessarily have been done on the target phone, although it is advisable to jailbreak the device for unlimited features.

How to use mSpy

This hidden spy app for android and iPhone records activities on the target phone and uploads them to your mSpy account. To use this service, it is necessary to make a subscription to a monthly or annual plan, offered in two different versions: Basic or Premium. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

After signing up for mSpy, you will need to log in to your mSpy account (on its website). At this point, you will need to download and install the mSpy application on the target device. The website offers complete instructions for downloading and installing the software.

After installation, mSpy will run smoothly in the background (on the target phone) and will be completely invisible to the user. In other words, children will never know they are being monitored. mSpy activates the monitoring and recording activity as soon as it is enabled on the target device.

Activities recorded by mSpy include; IM chat, browsing history, emails, text messages, social media activities, phone calls, GPS locations, browsing history, videos, contact details and more.

The support team is quite active, and you can contact them 24 hours a day by phone, email and live chat.

Why use mSpy?

mSpy is one of the most complete telephone monitoring software for parents around the world because it offers many high-end features at a reasonable price.

Below we have reported some of the most appreciated features by most parents using this software:

Jailbreak not necessary – As previously mentioned, it is not compulsory to jail your child’s iPhone in order to use the software. mSpy was, in fact, one of the first mobile spy apps for Android and iPhone  to offer its services without the need to jailbreak. It extracts all the destination phone data from the iCloud backup. To use this software, therefore, your child’s iCloud access data is needed, i.e. his Apple ID and password.

Keylogger functionality – mSpy records all keys pressed on the spied phone. If your child uses a specific social application that cannot be monitored directly with mSpy, you will still be able to see what he is writing on that platform.

Device change – Regardless of whether you choose an annual or monthly subscription, you can in any case use mSpy on a single device at any time. mSpy gives you the option to deactivate the license on a particular device and reactivate it on another. You can perform these interruptions whenever you want.

Geo-fencing – You can access the map available on the control panel of the mSpy website to register the prohibited areas and allow your child. You will then begin to receive instant alerts whenever your child enters or leaves those specific areas.

Easy Wi-Fi uploads – This option is a real boon for phones that have limited data subscriptions! You can access the upload settings from the control panel and choose to load the activity logs only if the target device is in an area where a Wi-Fi network is available. This will avoid excessive data consumption.


How much?

This hidden spy app for Android and iPhone offers the following subscription options:

mSpy Basic

  • $ 29.99 per month
  • $ 59.99 per quarter or
  • $ 99.99 a year

mSpy Premium

  • $ 69.99 per month
  • $ 119.99 per quarter
  • $ 199.99 a year

The annual package is a better choice for those who want to use the software regularly and save money.

You can also choose the Family package, which allows you to use mSpy on three different devices. These plans initially cost $ 359.97 for six months or $ 479.97 for a year. You can also opt for a combination of phones and computers so that you can monitor both for $ 84.99 a month.




Hoverwatch is a convenient and among the best hidden spy apps for Android and iPhones. Just like with the other most famous apps of the same type, this one also works in invisible mode and offers the user a full range of espionage functions.

Hoverwatch is mainly used by employers who want to protect their activities and by parents who want to keep track of their children’s offline and online activities. With Hoverwatch you can instantly access all incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages sent and received, social media activities, GPS position, emails, web browsing history, camera activation, to chats and more on the target phone.

This mobile spying app is inexpensive and is quite easy to use. It offers an excellent spying action on mobile phones for anyone who wants to control a given phone completely.

Hoverwatch – Main features

Hoverwatch offers a full range of mobile tracking features, some of which are:

Complete invisibility – Hoverwatch’s invisibility feature allows the spy user to remain completely hidden from the user of the target device. The mobile monitoring software continuously provides accurate information on the device, while remaining in the shadows.

Monitoring of phone calls – The software, after installation on the target phone, will remotely record all incoming and outgoing calls. The recording will be made as an audio file that you can download to your computer. Each data will upload automatically to the Hoverwatch server.

GPS location – The app can provide the exact GPS location of the target smartphone. Use the GPS and various Wi-Fi connections for easy monitoring of the target phone. You can identify the mobile phone user even if you have disabled the GPS function on your device.

SMS espionage – This hidden spy app for Android and iPhone devices saves all the MMS and SMS messages of the target device on its control panel. All text messages, both sent and received, are recorded and can be viewed on the website at a later time. You can also find out the names and phone numbers of the people to whom they were sent or from whom messages were received.

Easy detection of changes to the SIM card – The Hoverwatch espionage app allows you to continuously monitor the target mobile even if the user changes the SIM card.

Internet monitoring – The application continuously saves the data related to the URLs visited on the target mobile phone. You can later review all these web pages and find out if they are appropriate web addresses.

Online camera management – Hoverwatch lets you take pictures from the target phone every time the user unlocks the device. The application waits a few seconds (after unlocking) and then takes a picture with the front camera of the phone.

Easy chat monitoring – With this spying software for mobile, you can examine all messages sent or received on Whatsapp, Viber and Facebook Messenger. You can easily monitor and save audio recordings, videos and photos of the target device on the Hoverwatch server.

How much?

Hoverwatch spy app for android and iPhone devices is in three different versions:

Piano Personal for monitoring a single device

  • $ 19.95 use for 1 month
  • $ 49.95 use for 3 months
  • $ 99.95 use for 12 months

Family Plan for monitoring up to 5 devices

  • $ 39.95 use for 1 month
  • $ 99.95 use for 3 months
  • $ 199.95 use for 12 months

Business Plan for monitoring up to 25 devices

  • $ 149.95 use for 1 month
  • $ 299.95 use for 3 months
  • $ 499.95 use for 12 months


Best hidden spy apps for android and iPhone (conclusion)

Espionage software for mobile phones is questionable; however, when used in an ethically correct manner, it can be a great help for parents, employers and other people.

Since there are so many on the market, it can be very complicated to choose the best one. We have done a lot of research and worked hard for you, and have thus selected the three best hidden spy Apps for Android and iPhone mobile phones.

We want to say that these mobile spying programs are by far the best we have found after extensive research, both theoretically and practically.

They are much more efficient and useful than any similar app available on the Apple Store or Google Play.

mSpy and Hoverwatch meet all the most common espionage needs of mobile phones, while FlexiSpy is an espionage app for those who want total control over the target device.

If you are serious about recording every activity performed on the target device without neglecting anything, choose the Extreme version of FlexiSpy. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t be interested in any other spying software.


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