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Best Camera Apps for Samsung Galaxy A20s

Best camera apps for samsung A20s

Having a great camera is one of the most important features of a smartphone these days. And with so many different camera apps available, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

The stock camera on the Samsung Galaxy A20s, though impressive, is quite ordinary. So if you are looking for a third-party camera app for extra edits and designs, here are some of the best camera apps ideal for your Samsung galaxy A20s device.



Pixtica is an Android camera app with a variety of features and controls that will appeal to photographers of all levels. The interface is uncluttered and straightforward, making it easy to use as a point-and-shoot camera and yielding great results with minimal effort. However, it also provides the opportunity for more advanced users to take manual control of settings such as ISO and shutter speed to achieve different photography styles. The filter selection is good and you can view a live preview of the results before taking the shot.

Pixtica offers a wide range of filters and presets as in-app purchases, but the app itself is free to download and use. The free package offers a good selection of features and editing tools, but users have the option to upgrade if they wish to access even more features.

Google Camera

Google camera

Google Camera was designed by Google for Android, and it is the default camera app on Google Pixel devices. This light-weight camera app will be perfect for your Samsung A20s device.

The Google Camera app is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and easy-to-use camera app with a variety of features. The app’s Night Sight and Super Res Zoom are great for taking high-quality photos, and the Photo Sphere and Lens Blur modes offer some fun options for experimenting with your photos. The video quality is excellent, and the stabilisation and slow-motion features are handy for shooting videos.

The Google Camera is arguably the best camera app for Android currently. It may not come with a lot of shiny features but it is great and does its job to perfection. Additionally, it is free, without ads, and devoid of in-app purchases.

Camera FV-5 Lite

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 Lite is a great way to get started with manual photography controls without spending any money. The app provides complete control of the exposure, focus distance, and shutter speed, so you can take great photos exactly the way you want to. If you enjoy using the lite version of the app, you can always upgrade to the full version to unlock even more features. You can also shoot in RAW using and you also have the option to display a histogram in the viewfinder which can be handy.

ProCam X


ProCam X is one of the best Android camera apps for people who value creative control. With manual controls for focus, ISO, and white balance, as well as the ability to select your shutter speed and shoot with rapid burst mode, ProCam X is a great choice for photographers who want more control over their photos.

The ProCam X app provides high-quality 4K video support for newer Android models. Its affordable premium service offers access to an upgraded photo editor.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

Whilst Adobe Lightroom may not be strictly classed as a camera app, it does come with a camera function which is remarkably solid. The main advantage to using Lightroom, however, is its post-production editing capabilities. Once a photo has been taken, it can be loaded directly into Lightroom where users have access to the full suite of Adobe tools. Furthermore, it also supports RAW files.

If you have an Adobe subscription, you can download Lightroom for free. Otherwise, you need to purchase the full Adobe subscription in order to access Lightroom. The subscription can be pricey for just one app.

Manual Camera Dslr pro

Manual Camera DSLR Pro

The Manual Camera DSLR app turns your smartphone into a professional-quality camera. It allows you to control ISO, shutter speed and exposure. You can capture the best photo possible and record your video in 4K UHD resolution. It is a fast camera app that can take many photos at once in burst mode. This is very useful for creating time-lapse or stop motion videos.

You can create photos with various effects, and other pro HD camera pro features such as manual ISO, white balance, manual exposure lock, white exposure, and grid view. This professional DSLR camera will allow you to achieve the best in DSLR photography.



Cymera is a camera application that targets social media users. It may not the right app if you’re looking to do all kinds of photography but it sure is great for sharing fun photos and content on social media.

The controls on Cymera are easy to use and highly efficient. The tap controls include pinch-to-zoom and auto-focus. There is also an anti-shake function and a shot-timer. The main attraction for many is the editing and transformation tools. They can adjust skin tones and conceal imperfections.

The standard stickers and filters can be used to make your life more fun. There are many options. Although the app is completely free, if you want additional features, you can purchase them in the app.


Even though the Samsung A20s doesn’t have the best camera on the market, there are still some great camera apps that can help you make the most of it and we’ve highlighted some of them in this article. We hope you found it helpful.




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