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7 Best Antivirus For iPhone Devices In 2022

best antivirus for iPhone

This article features 7 of the best antivirus for iPhone users in 2022 

Are antivirus software essential for iPhone devices? Over the years, it has been a heated debate about the need for antivirus on smartphones. A couple of tech enthusiasts believe that smartphones can’t be affected by malware because of sandboxing; on the other hand, it is widely advised that antiviruses are used on smart devices to ensure all-round protection.

Can iPhones Suffer Virus and Malware Attacks?

The probability of an iOS device being affected by a virus is very low; nevertheless, it can happen. Although iOS security is advanced when compared to Android, Jailbreaking your iPhone significantly increases the chance of getting malware because unauthorized applications will have the ability to take unrestricted control of your device.

Besides that, iPhones also has BlueTooth vulnerability, which was discovered in late 2018. They can also be hacked when using rogue public Wi-Fi and the recently fixed security problems encountered during FaceTime. So, it is safe to say iPhones are vulnerable to viruses. Using an antivirus on your iPhone gives you an extra layer of security.

Best Antiviruses For iPhone and iPad

iPhones need antivirus, and there are many antivirus software on the iOS store; however, not all are worthy of being called an antivirus software. So what are the best antiviruses for iPhones? We have compiled a list of the seven best antiviruses for iPhone users. They are classified based on their functionality, and how much security they offer.

N.B; This list was compiled in no particular order.

  • Lookout Security & Privacy

Lookout has over ten years of experience in providing antivirus and overall security to smartphone users. This mobile security application possesses elementary features such as detecting and blocking malicious websites and unsecured WI-FI networks to more advanced features that guarantee full protection.

Their most noteworthy feature is the $1M Identity Theft Insurance offer. This is a premium feature that ensures up to 1 million US Dollars of your total expense if you suffer any identity theft when using their antivirus. This expense covers reapplying for credit cards, stolen wages and legal charges, and other expenses.

Lookout which is one of the best antiviruses for iPhone also has a security team dedicated to Identity Restoration Assistance; this feature helps reduce the damages during an emergency.


  • Backup Photos, Call Logs, and Contacts: This feature allows users to make encrypted copies of their files on a secured server, which can be accessible from the web or mobile app. Users can select what data they want to backup, frequency of the backup, and if the backup should be done on data or Wi-Fi. This can come in handy if their device is stolen or they are switching devices.
  • Breach Report: This feature gives a real-time alert of data breaches across apps installed in your device. Suppose a user reports data breach anywhere in the world. In that case, it automatically gets updated for other users to protect their information.
  • Anti-theft (Remote Lockdown Option): This is handy. If your device gets missing or stolen, you can remotely lock the device and render it useless to anybody. This is an automatic feature triggered by sim card removal, uninstalling of the Lookout app, and switching the device to airplane mode. Suppose any of the actions are taken on your device. In that case, the app automatically locks itself. The primary and secondary cameras take a photo (possibly capturing the face of the thief) and send it to the user’s email.
  • Security Wi-Fi, Apps, Privacy, and Web: This is a multifunctional feature that gives all-round protection to the user’s device. The inbuilt scanner always scans the new and existing application and notifies the user of possible trojan, malware, or virus.


  • Multiple security features
  • Easy to use
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Free and paid options available


  • Locks the device every time user tries to switch sim cards or put the phone in airplane mode.
  • VPN hardly connects for safe browsing


  • Norton Mobile Security

This software is packed with multiple functions and is part of the Norton360 subscription that can be used on computers and smartphones (iOS and Android).


  • Device Security: This feature monitors and maintains the overall health of your iPhone. It notifies you of an outdated operating system (prompting you to update your OS and get the best security updates). It gives tips and recommendations on actions to take that will improve your smartphone’s invisibility.
  • Wi-Fi Security: Security scanners check Wi-Fi connections before connecting; it detects unsafe networks and notifies users about them.
    Web Security: Norton’s Web Security feature ensures safe web surfing by blocking actions from websites trying to steal your personal data. It also notifies you of malicious links in emails, applications, and text messages.


  • Reliable protection from phishing.
  • Blocks unwanted calls and SMS from flagged users.
  • Detects and blocks all kinds of viruses and malware.


  • Paid software with 30-days trial
  • Slow customer care service


  • Trend Micro Mobile Security

Spending $89.95 annually for this software is unarguably a good spend because it is one of the best iPhone antivirus that gives real protection.


  • Privacy Protection: Surf the web without worrying about hidden trackers or being hacked. This security feature ensures that users browse through their favorite websites without suffering a data breach; it blocks and warns users about potentially harmful websites.
  • Parental Control: Thanks to its parental control feature, parents don’t need to supervise their children’s browsing activities. It blocks kids from visiting harmful websites and webpages that are not suitable for their age range.
  • Virus Scanning: Apps, websites, and media files get scanned to verify that they are free from viruses and malware. Infected services are immediately quarantined, and the user is notified.
  • Anti-Theft Features: Users can protect their data when their device is missing or stolen. It allows users to remotely lock their device, erase data, and also locate missing devices. If your device is missing in a confined space, you can remotely ping it, and it will ring out loud.


  • Excellent protection against phishing and blocking of malicious websites.
  • Advanced security features.
  • In-built browsers.
  • Tracks missing device to the closest cell tower.


  • Parental control is easily bypassed on some websites.
  • Slightly expensive price tag.


  • McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is loaded with tons of free security features. It has in-app ads that can be stopped by switching to the premium version.


  • Malware Protection: A deep scan of your device for malware and viruses takes less than 1 minute, which might keep many wondering if the app really works or simulates a cool scan. However, its device scan feature is accurate and useful in detecting harmful apps and files in your device.
  • Anti-Theft: Thief cam for capturing the image of people trying to bypass your device’s security, remote alarm trigger, app data wipe, locking device, factory reset, and locating your device anti-theft feature is loaded with tools that can protect your device from unauthorized use.
  • Guest Mode: Similar to the guest mode found in computers, this feature allows you to create a new profile in your device with a list of apps and services that can be accessible to guests using your smartphones.
  • VPN Annonymous Surfing: This allows you to securely browse the internet while using the IP address of various locations in the world. VPN automatically connects whenever you are connected to public Wi-Fi.


  • Guest mode
  • Lots of free features
  • Easy to understand UI
  • Works with the smartwatch.


  • Ads in the free version.
  • Expensive fee for premium features


  • Kaspersky Security Cloud Free for iOS

Kaspersky antivirus is one of the most popular security software available on all platforms (iPhones inclusive). It offers one of the most advanced viruses and malware protection. It is also packed with some extra features that give all-round protection to your devices.


  • Malware Protection: Kaspersky constantly scans your device, hunts for viruses and malware, and instantly blocks them.
  • Kaspersky Cloud Protection: This uploads data of malware discovered on users’ devices. It builds a vast list of files that can harm your device and warns you about them. Its cloud protection service keeps advancing as information about new malware and viruses is rolled out to all users in real-time.
  • Password Manager: This feature automatically stores passwords to your online accounts in an encrypted server, making it easier to get access to your passwords in case you forget them.
  • Safe Money: This security feature protects users from losing their financial details to online fraudsters. Banking Trojans, Keylogging, and phishing are usually used to steal payment information from unsuspecting users. Kaspersky’s Safe Money helps detect and blocks the possibility of such events.


  • Lots of free features.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free VPN service.
  • All premium plans have free trials.


  • The Password Manager is limited to 15 passwords for free users.
  • VPN is limited to a daily bandwidth of 300mb.



  • Avira Mobile Security

Avira is a trusted name in the antivirus world. However, the mobile features are not as advanced as the desktop version; they still have lots of security tools to protect their mobile users.


  • Phishing protection: This keeps you safe from websites that are trying to steal your personal information. Phishing sites are identical copies of a particular website, and it is set up by hackers to lure users into giving their login details. Avira quickly identifies and blacklist phishing sites.
  • Identity Safeguard: This feature gives you all-round protection from a data breach; it regularly scans the email addresses of users to look for security breaches and notifies users about them.
  • Contacts Backup: This gives you a backup of your address book, which can be easily retrieved via email, dropbox, or google drive.
  • Anti-Theft: This helps users to lock, track, and recover their smartphones if it goes missing or was stolen. You can also wipe your data remotely, send an on-screen prompt in-case someone finds the phone, and also make the phone ring out loud.


  • Completely free
  • Notification for account breach


  • Slow customer care response



  • Avast Security & Privacy

Rounding up our list of the best antivirus for iPhone is Avast Security. This antivirus software has been in the job of protecting our smartphones and PCs from viruses and internet fraudsters for a very long time, and certainly merited its place on this list.


  • VPN Protection: Get an extra layer of security when surfing the web; VPN protection ensures that your browsing activities are not tracked. You can safely connect to public Wi-Fi without being exposed, and it encrypts all incoming and outgoing connections.
  • Malicious Website Blocker: Automatically block harmful sites from stealing your data. Get notified about websites that have been flagged as fake and malicious by other users.
  • Identity Protection: Real-time protection from identity theft; get notified if your online account gets breached by hackers. Also, get daily tips and recommendations on steps to take in adding extra security to your online accounts.
  • Photo Vault: Keep your images and videos away from prying eyes, this feature allows you to keep your media files in an encrypted vault that can be unlocked via password, face ID, biometrics lock, or face ID.


  • One account works with multiple devices.
  • Consumes little storage memory.
  • P2P support.


  • Errors in flagging clean websites as malicious.
  • Incompatible with other VPNs.


Best Antivirus for iPhone Devices (Conclusions)

Antiviruses are essential, even more so for iOS devices. And in this article, we’ve seen some of the most trusted antivirus software for iPhone devices in 2021″. If you had come here seeking to solve a dilemma on which antivirus is best for your device, we hope that after reading this, you can finally make up your mind.


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