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9 Android Health Apps You Should Install In 2021

Best android health apps

Taking care of ourselves, improving our diet, doing a little sport, or carrying out an exhaustive control of our diseases has never been so simple. The Internet and mobile phones have made these tasks much easier, thanks, especially to health apps.

Today there are applications for anything we can imagine. To manage finances, to organize vacations, about books, to save on purchases, to order food at home, about education, photography, productivity…. and health is no exception.

Smartphones can become a great ally to taking care of our health. Without a doubt, this selection of 9 applications will help you to achieve it.

The 9 Best Android Health Apps 2021

1. Universal Doctor Speaker

Universal Doctor Speaker is an app designed for people who travel abroad. If you fear having a health problem and not being able to communicate with the doctor who treats you because of the language, this app can take the chestnuts out of the fire. Provides key medical phrases translated into languages that allow you to further explain your ailments and symptoms.

2. Blood pressure diary, one of the essential health apps

If you suffer from high blood pressure, this mobile application cannot be missing on your mobile phone. Blood Pressure Diary is the perfect tool to keep track of your hypertension. You can have your record history and control how it evolves thanks to its graphics. Without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to control your systolic and diastolic pressure and your heart rate. Additionally, you can add notes and reminders so you don’t forget to take your medications.

3. Cardiograph

As you may have deduced from its name, Cardiograph is an application aimed at people who suffer from heart problems. You can sequence your heart rate or know at what rate your heart is beating and save the data history to have maximum control over your health. Also, it can be used with multiple profiles so that multiple people use the app on a shared device. It is also compatible with Android Wear.

4. Social Diabetes, one of the most useful health apps if you suffer from this disease

If your problem is diabetes, with Social Diabetes you can take absolute control of your disease: blood glucose, food, insulin, medications, physical activity, weight, haemoglobin, blood pressure, ketones … Nothing is beyond your control Also, it has a bolus calculator and a carbohydrate calculator to make your day a little easier.

5. Pregnancy Tracker

If you are expecting a baby, stop whatever you are doing, and download pregnancy tracker. You will have a very complete guide to your pregnancy to know what is happening with your baby and your body, as well as a long list of tips and access to interesting videos and tools to learn about your new life. The best of this app, without a doubt, the community behind it. But there is still more: during the first year of your baby’s life, you will also have a lot of information about his health, recommended activities, care …

6. Google fit

Google has set out to help us have a more active life and Google Fit is its tool to achieve this. The app proposes two activity objectives to improve our health: “Active Minutes”, to prevent us from being sedentary, and  Heart Points” to encourage us to exercise our heart and avoid the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases. If you want to start getting in shape and you don’t know where to start, this is one of the health apps that can be of great help.

7. Cookpad

If you are worried about your poor diet and want to give it a twist, Cookpad can be your great ally. This app includes an infinity of homemade recipes uploaded to the app by the users themselves. You can also upload yours. You can search by categories, be it breakfasts, lunches, or dinners, and even by vegan, gluten-free, or lactose-free recipes. In addition, you can follow your favourite cooks and the application will send you a notification every time a new recipe is uploaded.

8. Yuka

Yuka is one of the most popular apps of the year. It allows you to scan the barcodes of more than 600,000 food products to know if they are healthy or not. Depending on its nutritional quality, its additives, and its ecological character, the app determines whether it is excellent, good, mediocre, or bad. But there is even more: Yuka also analyzes more than 200,000 cosmetic products and assigns a level of risk to your health.

9. Freeletics, the last of the health apps that we recommend

Sport is healthy, so we could not leave Freeletics off the list, one of the most popular and prestigious apps of the moment for doing sports at home. If you have little time but want to get in shape, this app will be of great help. It offers training plans (very hard) and food (with delicious meals). You can take for granted that it will push your body to the limit so that you achieve the results you always dreamed of.


Do you want to take care of your health and do a 180 degree turn to your bad habits? Don’t think twice and install the apps from this list that you like the most on your mobile phone. Your body will thank you for it!

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