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Babbel vs Rosetta Stone – Which Is Better In 2022?

Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone

Pitting two of the best language learning apps against each other ; Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone. 

Babbel and Rosetta Stone are two great language learning apps that have been highly recommended by users for many years. They both offer high quality and intensive language learning services to both beginners and those who have had little experience with such applications.

Though both apps come with some kind of similarities, we will put them side by side and take a closer look at the features that make each of them unique.

Read on to find why you should consider learning a language with any of the apps.

This Babbel vs Rosetta Stone comparison explains what you need to know about them.

If you search online for information concerning any of the software, you are likely to come across lots of articles or posts which may throw you off balance when it comes to choosing any of the apps to start your language learning journey with.

Before that happens, let me clearly introduce each of the apps, their features and costs to you. That way, you can deduce what is best for you at this moment in your language learning journey.

Babbel vs Rosetta Stone – What you need to know

What you need to know about Babbel

Like I have mentioned earlier, Babbel is a language learning app. It offers paid language learning instructions in 14 different languages to its users. You can easily find helpful tools like vocabulary lessons, grammar lessons and a few others which easily help you to understand and master your desired language.

Apart from being highly instructional and easy to understand, Babbel also offers you an extremely cheap language learning option. Instead of paying through your nose like other similar apps out there would have you do, you get to pay between $80 to $150 for a whole year to use the app.

The following is how the language learning app work:

  • First, you are required to signup on the app using your valid email address, password and other personal details. You need this to start the trial version.
  • After that, you are required to select the specific language you will like to learn. This can be English, Spanish, French or any other foreign language of your choice. For each of these languages you choose to learn, you will be required to pay for it separately. For instance if you choose English and French, you will have to make payments for each of them separately. The money you paid for English won’t apply to French.
  • Once you are done with that, you will be required to take a test to determine your language proficiency level. This test usually involves 5 questions. Answering them will help the app and you now what level you are at and where you should start your lessons from.
  • After you have completed the trial version, you will be required to upgrade to a paid plan to go on with the lessons. Based on your budget, you will have to choose the plan that is best for you from the 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month plan. Most people start with the 1 month plan and then progress to others subsequently.

What You Should Know About Rosetta Stone

When it comes to language learning apps, Rosetta Stone is a well known-name, having been around for a very long time (since 1992). The app is available for computer, tablet and mobile downloads. It is quite simple to use, even for beginners.

With Rosetta Stone, you can learn any major language of your choice very fast. How fast this will happen depends on how committed you are to it.

In terms of price, between Babbel vs Rosetta Stone, Rosetta Stone costs far more. The price is actually more than twice that of Babbel. This is understandable, seeing that the company has over the years built a very powerful brand and has developed a program that truly solves the language problem it is out for.

Below is a full breakdown of how Rosetta Stone language learning app works:

  • First users are required to register on the app. After this, they are offered 4 completely free lessons in a demo. This demo is highly interactive. Based on users experience, it is easy to understand compared to many other similar applications out there.
  • If you desire to have the app on your device (desktop and so on), you can download and subscribe for the CD-ROM version. The major advantage with that is that it gives you access to about 3 months of trial. Within this period, you can go through the entire features and games of the mobile app. Apart from that, you get to keep the Rosetta Stone license in your device for as long as you need it, though only about 5 users can access it. This downloadable version costs $179 for the first level, $279 for the second and $379 for the third level. If you would like to get all the 5 levels at once, you will be required to pay $479 to download it.
  • If you prefer the cloud version to the app, you will need to subscribe separately for each language you desire you learn. Though it hasn’t been long the company started this cloud version compared to that of the CD-ROM, it is also very effective. The pricing options for this includes $54 for 3 months subscription, $78 for 6 months subscription, $108 for 12 months subscription and $144 for 24 months subscription. Since this is cheaper than that of the CD-ROM, it makes sense why many prefer this to the former.

Which Is Better Between Babbel And Rosetta Stone?

When it comes to choosing between the two applications, you have to consider their price, trial duration and how they function, as explained in this guide.

While many will easily prefer to go with Rosetta Stone considering the popularity of the brand, the price of Babbel gives it an edge over Rosetta. Though this is left for users to choose, based on their budget. So using this guide, you will have to figure out which one is best for you.

Babbel vs Rosetta Stone – Summary

We have compared in this guide, Babbel vs Rosetta Stone, reviewing each of the language learning applications, their costs, mode of operation and features.

Are you stuck choosing between the two languages learning applications in order to kick-start your language learning activities? I hope the information found in this article can help you decide.

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