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7 Best TweakBox Alternatives For iPhone & Android

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TweakBox is a popular app installer application that gives users unrestricted access to millions of applications.

Downloading and Installing apps has never been easier since Google PlayStore, however, TweakBox users can simply launch the app, find apps by using the search box or surfing through app categories, and install them with a single tap.

TweakBox has one of the biggest collection of working applications of different categories in one location and has over 7Million active users around the globe. TweakBox is easy to use thanks to its user-friendly user interface, fast servers, and well layout design.

TweakBox offers unofficially modified versions of apps on both iOS and Android devices. The apps are compatible with your devices (thanks to its regular updates) and most of them offer jailbreak features that work on devices that are not jailbroken.

Users who are tired of the limitations placed on their devices (especially iOS users) can use TweakBox to override such limitations. Contrary to wide beliefs that using third-party installers isn’t safe, TweakBox is safe and the apps are device friendly because they are developed by experienced app creators and also tested on several devices and emulators before being uploaded to TweakBox.

Using TweakBox as your main source for getting a working application is a great idea. Nevertheless, there are good alternatives to TweakBox that can give this app installer application a run for its money.

Below are 7 apps like Tweakox that can provide the same services offered by TweakBox.

7 Best Apps Like TweakBox

1. TutuApp

Looking for a TweakBox alternative that is compatible with your devices’ operating system and does not require jailbreaking your device? TutuApp is a good iOS app installer that allows users to install tons of iOS apps on their devices. TutuApp has an excellent download speed so you do not have to wait for several minutes trying to install an application on your iOS device. This TweakBox alternative also has good security, region lock-free (you can download apps that are not available in your region), and doesn’t require users to add their Apple ID or jailbreak their device before using them.

Available on both the iOS and Android platforms, TutuApp provides a vast collection of applications (freemium and normal apps), so users can save themselves from the stress of paying an extra fee for paid apps.

2. Kuaiyong

Kuaiyong is very popular and requires little or no introduction, iOS users can use it to install paid apps on their iOS devices for free. Earlier, before installing Kuaiyong on iOS devices, users are required to jailbreak their devices and install Cydia but that ended with the release of iOS V9.2.

The popularity of Kuaiyong swiftly went viral because it was one of the first app installers that allow users to install both cracked and free apps with a single tap. Kuaiyong was originally developed for the Chinese market but rapidly got recognized worldwide as one of the best alternatives to TweakBox. Kuaiyong also has a PC version that can be installed on both Windows and macOS.

3. Panda Helper

Looking for free mobile apps, themes, and games for Android and iOS devices? Panda Helper got you covered because it is one of the largest apps that are similar to TweakBox in terms of functionality. Installing apps via PandaApp is so easy, all you have to do is search, click on the app, and hit the install button (easy peasy).

PandaApp is easy to use, you do not require any advanced knowledge to understand how the app works. PandaApp also allows users to download songs for free and load them directly into iTunes.

The PC version of PandaApp also allows users to access extra functionalities such as contact backup, up to date subscription and managing media files. Currently. There are over 6000 apps available for install via the PandaApp. It also has a forum where tutorials, news, ideas, and other freebies amongst users.

4. HiPStore

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, HiPStore is another app like TweakBox that excites me due to the number of unique functionalities it has. Using this app, users can easily download both free and paid applications into their devices without breaking a sweat.

As an iOS user who loves to get paid apps without paying for them and also loves the security provided by Apple, you should use HiPStore because it gives you tons of freemium apps and also does not require you to jailbreak your device before installing.

HiPStore’s app shelves are packed with millions of apps developed by well-known app developers, and updates to these apps are constantly rolled out. HiPStore has an amazingly fast download server, thus large apps can be installed in a few seconds.

5. iTongPush

iTongPush is one of my favorite apps like TweakBox. It is also a reliable source for installing IPA apps. Users can easily find and install apps available on the iOS store and other credible app providers. iTongPush has a seemingly unlimited number of games and applications that are all free to download (unlike some on the app store that requires payment). Kuaiyong and iTongPush are very similar but I prefer the latter because it is easily available in the English language version, unlike Kuaiyong that requires translation.

Installing iTongPush is quite easy because you don’t need technical knowledge of jailbreaking a device (it doesn’t require jailbreak thus keeping your device’s security intact). You can easily install iTongPush from iTunes or you can use SynciOS or TongBu to download and install all the necessary iTongPush IPA files into your iOS device.

6. Zeusmos

This is a PC based software for sharing, downloading, and installing applications without facing restriction. Zeusmos has one of the biggest app libraries because it features apps for both Android and iOS devices. Zeusmos is so versatile that it allows users to easily install any app of their choice into their device irrespective of the device’s condition (jailbroken or non-jailbroken). According to long-time users, Installous was the best third-party iOS app but since it was closed down some years ago, Zeusmos has taken its rightful place as the best installer. Unlike iTunes that has location locked apps, users can use Zeusmos to install apps that are not available in their current location.

When it comes to design, general User Interface, server uptime, app security, and download speed, Zeusmos remains the best and most professional alternative to TweakBox. Zeusmos now features two versions of its software (the free version and the paid version). The free version gives all the features available in other third-party iOS app installers but if you want some extra features then you can join the over 15 million premium users for a one-time fee of just $4.99.

7. 25pp

Coming last but not the least is 25pp, it is similar to TweakBox, vShare, and the obsolete Installous. 25pp also has some unique features and has a handful of apps that cannot be found in other third-party app installers. The only drawback with this app is that it is not fully translated to English yet, so users might find some sections stuck in Chinese characters. Another drawback with 25pp is that users are required to jailbreak their iOS devices before installing 25pp.

25pp has a lot of apps that are compatible with your iOS device and are safe to install. It is a good source for getting apps that are unavailable for download on the iOS store, it also features a cracked version of paid apps so users can install them for free. Although after the initial download, the app default language and the license agreement are in Vietnamese but it offers other language options including English.

2pp doesn’t require any sign-up or your iTunes ID. Simply install the app, launch it, and find your desired iOS application, click on the install button, and your app gets installed into your device. Apps from 2pp are also safe to install because they have been tested and you can read reviews from other users before installing and give your review after installing.

TweakBox Alternatives (Conclusion)

Although all the apps listed above possess features that make them outstanding, they have a common function which is allowing users to gain access to apps that are not allowed on official stores. You can easily download modded apps, apps from unpopular developers, cracked premium apps, and also get normal apps there. You can get the first-hand experience with apps that are exclusively for the app developers but somehow got leaked.

Using any of the aforementioned apps like TweakBox gives users an added advantage over other users who download directly from official app stores. You can get almost any app of your choice and don’t have to pay for them, you don’t need to worry about your identity because most of these apps do not require sign-ups. And although using them is safe, a few apps found in these installers might be unstable or incompatible with your device, so before installing any of them it is recommended that you read through the reviews dropped by users that downloaded them earlier, and also check the update log to see new features that were added to these apps.


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