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Apps Like OfferUp – 7 Best OfferUp Alternatives 2022

OfferUp review

Offerup, the much talked about app that has vowed to make buying and selling easier among users is probably not doing enough to fulfil its words in the eyes of many. From its high cost of shipping to its struggle in getting your sales, it isn’t out of place to explore similar apps like OfferUp in search of an alternative. Fortunately, there are other buying and selling apps that can serve you as well as OfferUp, if not better.

Do you wish to buy or sell something online? Have you made use of the Offerup app and were left feeling unsatisfied? Worry less, because, in this post, we’ll be giving you a rundown of some of the best OfferUp alternatives that can enable you to buy and sell in your vicinity.

7 Best Apps Like OfferUp

N.B – This OfferUp alternatives list has been compiled in no particular order.

1. Mercari

Apps like OfferUp

Mercari claims to be an easy way to buy or sell anything online and they are perhaps not wrong. The buy and sell platform which was launched in July 2013 has seen its app amass an impressive 4.5/5 ratings from over 225k raters and a staggering 10 million-plus downloads on the Google play store and 4.8/5 ratings from over 840k raters on the Apple store.

The Mercari app, however, is only available for download for Android version 6 and higher and IOS version 11 and above.

To begin using Mecari, you are to sign up using either your email address or your Facebook profile. Signing up is pretty easy.

Mercari Pros

  • Easy listings – it is quite easy to list your products on the app
  • Flat 10% selling which is charged only after a successful sale.
  • All items are shipped – no need of meeting up with the buyer.
  • Flexible shipping options.
  • Buyers get “money back” assurances whereby they get a full refund if an item is received in a different condition than as described.
  • There is the “make an offer” feature whereby buyers can offer to pay less for a product than was stated. However, Mecari limits the amount buyers can make as offers. This is to prevent buyers from making ridiculously low offers.
  • Good shipping rates.
  • Free to list – no cost for listing your products
  • Unlimited listings – there is no maximum number of products you can list.
  • Accepts different payment options.
  • No expiry date for listed items.
  • Auto ratings – if a buyer does not rate you within 3 days, your account will be auto-rated with 5 stars and you are paid. This feature is super cool because buyers after having received an item may forget to rate and your money will just be left hanging.

Mercari Cons

  • Poor customer service.
  • Poor filter search.
  • Restrictions on certain items and activities.


2. Craigslist


Unlike OfferUp and Mercari which are only available in a handful of countries, Craigslist is a more popular marketplace as it supports buying and selling in up to 70 countries across the world.

The platform which was launched as far as 1995 by Craig Newmark has received a lot of reviews over the years, most of which are positive. But even though Craigslist has been around since 1995, it wasn’t until December 2019 that they finally decided to launch an official app. Somewhat surprising I must say.

On Craigslist, you can sell absolutely anything. You can sell out your house, rent out your car, sell your dog, or even look for a job. However, you should always watch out for scammers.

Craigslist Pros

  • Most sections are free for listings while few are paid.
  • Identity protection with anonymous posting. Unlike its counterparts, you do not need to create an account to list or search for an item. However, it is advisable to register.
  • Supports face to face transactions – which might be a good or bad thing.
  • Ability to list large items for pickup.
  • Ability to save searches for later consultation

Craigslist Cons

  • 30 days listing visibility. You need to renew your listings after 30 days otherwise they will be tagged “inactive”
  • Anonymous listings make it more prone to getting scammed.

You can read our full comparison of Craigslist and OfferUp. 

3. eBay


Next on the list of apps like OfferUp is eBay. The buy/sell platform which was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, has grown to be one of the most used marketplaces in the United States and the world in general. As a seller or buyer on eBay, you can be sure to achieve what you’ve set out for as the number of people making use of the marketplace is overwhelming. One very good feature of eBay is the auction listing format. You can check out the app for both Android and iOS devices in their respective stores.

eBay Pros

  • Ability to sell anything and everything fast on eBay.
  • As a result of the auction listing format, you might be able to receive a higher price for your product.
  • Safer than most of its competitors.

eBay Cons

  • Stiff competition in some niches due to the huge number of users.
  • High seller fees.
  • Strict rules and regulations.


4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

This list of OfferUp alternatives will be incomplete without one of the most visited apps on a daily basis making the cut.

Launched in 2016, the Facebook marketplace lets you buy and sell all kinds of stuff to people who live near you. To use the marketplace, you do not need to create a separate account as your Facebook profile account can serve the purpose. Facebook marketplace is not an app on its own but a feature on the Facebook official platform. If however, you don’t see the feature on your Facebook account, it could be a result of one or more of the following reasons…

  • You recently registered your Facebook account.
  • Facebook marketplace isn’t available yet in your country.
  • You are below 18 years of age.
  • You may have been banned from the market.
  • Your account doesn’t meet the requirements for joining the marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Pros

  • Unlike Craigslist which can work anonymously, the integration of users’ Facebook profiles, makes it easier to identify who you are dealing with and possibly avoid scammers.
  • Buying and selling on the Facebook marketplace are probably easier than every other app on this list as you can search and select your city in any location and conduct your business.
  • The integration of Facebook messenger and the marketplace makes the interaction between buyers and sellers easier and faster.
  • Good filter system which allows you to narrow your search down to what you want. You can narrow down the price, location, and type of item you are looking for.

Facebook Marketplace Cons

  • The integration with your Facebook profile makes it impossible to buy and sell anonymously. Your Facebook name and pictures will be available for all to see.
  • The lack of text messaging or emailing features might be a worry for some.
  • Buyer protection is lacking in the marketplace.
  • Lack of a bidding system that is available on eBay.

5. ListiaListia

If you are still unsatisfied with the apps like OfferUp listed above, you might want to try out Listia. Listia offers a unique approach to buying and selling products using an auction format. Instead of buying and selling goods for cash, you buy and sell items with “listia credits.” 

On Listia, you can sell any type of item for Listia credits. These credits can then be used to bid on other auctions listed by other users on the platform. Listia credits cannot be redeemed as cash nor can they be used on any other platform. You can buy Listia credits on the app.

Listia Pros

  • Offers buyer protection service called the Listia Assurance Program.
  • Provides an email address for contacting support.
  • The use of the auction format makes it easier for sellers to get more credits for their items.
  • Most Listings are free.

Listia Cons

  • No phone number or live chat for real-time customer service.
  • Inability to get real cash for your items.
  • Inability to use your credits elsewhere other than Listia.
  • PayPal verification fee. There is the option to verify your PayPal account and Listia charges $1 as a verification fee. If you choose not to verify your PayPal account, some users will be skeptical of doing business with you.
  • Shipping fees can get pretty expensive for both buyers and sellers.

6. NeweggNewegg

Newegg which was Founded in 2001 by Fred Chang is one of the best apps like OfferUp you can find even though they specialize mostly in tech products like computer parts, gaming, electronics, and entertainment items.

The platform is in operation in more than 50 countries across the world. To sell items on Newegg, you have to apply to become a seller where some basic information about your business will be needed.

Newegg marketplace offers 3 different membership plans to its sellers which are…

  • Standard plan (free).
  • Professional plan ($29.95 per month)
  • Enterprise plan ($99.95 per month).

Each membership plan offers different listing capabilities as well as different features and add-ons.

Newegg Pros

  • A large number of potential customers for sellers.
  • Very focused on a specific niche – tech.
  • Good customer support.

Newegg Cons

  • High commission fees.
  • The free membership plan comes with limited features.

7. 5miles

Apps like OfferUp

Wrapping up our list of apps like OfferUp is 5miles. This buy/sell platform was launched in 2014 by Liang Lu and Rick Cantu and has gone on to make a name for itself in the shopping industry.

To sell an item on 5miles, all you need to do is take photos of the item, choose the item category, describe the item, state the price, and put it up for sale. When a buyer searches in that category and sees your product, he can contact you if he is interested via inbox and you can take it up from there.

Buying on 5miles is very easy and because it deals on proximity, the very first products you see when you search for items to buy, are usually placed by sellers closest to you. Once you see the item you like, you can inbox the seller and negotiate a price. You both can decide whether to meet face to face or use the shipping option.

Apps Like OfferUp (Conclusions)

There you go, our top 7 OfferUp alternatives have finally been let out of the bag. However, do have in mind that as everything in life isn’t perfect, the above-listed apps like OfferUp all have their shortcomings but their pros should do enough to impress you.

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