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Afk Arena Review 2022 – Why This Game Is So Popular

Afk arena review

AFK Arena is an RPG game developed by Lilith Games, a popular Chinese game development studio. This multiplayer game allows players to drop in and out but their progress remains constant. Players can build teams that comprise various classes, factions, and characters with unique abilities to fight off their enemies (players from opposing teams).

Although PvP (player vs player) mode is one of the most played, your team can also battle the darkness in different labyrinths and upgrade their weapons and skills to survive wave after wave of combat against enemies.

AFK Arena Review 2022 Afk arena review

This AFK Arena review will touch on several categories and at the end of the review, you will be able to understand all that the game entails and if it is worth your time.

Team & Objectives

AFK Arena players can choose their characters from six available races (Hypogeans, Lightbearers, Celestial, Wilder, Mauler, and Graveborn). A team is made up of five characters, and similar to characters on Pokemon, AFK characters from all races have a rival race that they deal more damage to and another race that deals more damage to them.

To make the race evenly matched, every race has different classes of characters (Warrior, Support, Tank, Mages, and Ranger.), and each character has unique weapons and abilities that can be upgraded as the game progresses. Characters also get bonuses added to their attacks and HP when players use various characters from the same race.

A PvP battle consists of your five team members facing off against five NCPs. Special abilities are called “Ultimates”, they can be activated both manually and automatically. Players can also gain experience and gold while inactive provided that their active teammates continue to battle infinite waves of darkness.



AFK Arena is primarily for role-playing and collecting characters (heroes) that can battle other characters. Game characters are collected throughout the game, assembling a team of heroes to battle against enemies. Players don’t actively control their characters throughout the entire battle (AFK is an idle game), every hero fights independently but players can control certain actions during battles.

As a player, you can determine the formation to use (2 characters at the front and 3 at the backline), placing players will determine the effectiveness of their abilities and how they interact with both allies and enemy characters. Each hero has special abilities that can be used when the ability bar fills up, these abilities are displayed as cards at the bottom of the screen.

As the fight progresses, the special ability bar fills up and can be activated by clicking on the card, then the corresponding character uses that ability. This might sound very easy but it requires good planning because the outcome of the battle depends on how strategic the players are and how every character interacts with each other. Also, mixing up 2 special abilities can produce a more special combo that can give players an edge over their enemies.

Players might not be active throughout the entire game but they surely help with important actions.


User Gaming Experience

Lilith games

For starters, AFK Arena might seem like a hard and unrelaxing game, but overall, the atmosphere is bright and the characters are goofy with voices that would brighten your gaming experience, the general vibe of AFK Arena is casual. The intensity and complexity of this game increase as you progress further in the game.

Acquiring characters with special abilities, gathering varieties of heroes from different races, upgrading them to their full potential, and conquering enemy characters gives a satisfactory feeling. It might get frustrating when you are stuck at a certain level and would want to progress ASAP, thanks to the wide variety of gameplay options, you will have other means to improve and progress out of that level.

Device Compatibility

AFK Arena was created while putting users into consideration, the game is light and compatible with almost all active smartphones, and this helped in boosting the popularity of the game. AFK Arena is playable on a wide range of smartphones on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Android users require a minimum Operating System of Android 4.1 to play this game. It also runs smoothly on Android 10 devices. iOS users can play AFK Arena on their iPhones, iPads, and iPods that run on iOS 8 or later. Based on the current smartphone trends, 99% of smartphone gamers would be able to install and actively play this game without facing compatibility issues.

AFK Arena is very friendly on low-end devices, so much so that devices running on 1GB RAM can enjoy long gameplays without experiencing lags and consistent crashes. The game is regularly updated for optimal performance while fixing bugs.

Battery usage is a big factor in gaming, AFK Arena doesn’t consume a lot of power, and overheating is rarely experienced in most devices.


The graphics are mind-blowing for a game that runs smoothly on low-end devices. Realistic environment for battles, 3D objects, and characters that look like they were pulled from superhero comics. The overall animation is great and the visual effects are clean and commendable. Although AFK Arena might not compete as the best RPG game in terms of graphics, it is well above average and players would enjoy the feeling of battling in real life arenas. The game developers made sure AFK Arena could give us the best possible graphics without affecting the smoothness of the overall gameplay experience.


This is a very important factor to review especially for players looking for games that offer maximum gaming experience without requiring in-game transactions with real money. AFK Area is free to play, and it has a micro-transaction feature. Users that want to progress faster (unlock, upgrade characters and special abilities) can opt to buy various resources and packs that require real money. Players that are not willing to spend a dime throughout their time playing AFK Arena can enjoy the free to play feature where characters and abilities are unlocked as they progress in the game. AFK Arena is one of the most generous RPG games, it gives players various means of earning free boosts.

The game has a VIP system where all players can get premium perks and bonuses based on their VIP rank. Unlike most games where VIP benefits are exclusively for users who purchase them using in-game transactions, you can get a VIP experience for free if you play the game and increase your rank. Moving to a new level gives you lots of bonuses and characters are usually unlocked for free.

To enjoy the free to play features and VIP benefits, free to play users should play AFK Arena regularly, and also complete their daily, weekly, and other special tasks, and also collect all available AFK rewards.

AFK Arena Review – Pros & Cons


  • Amazing graphics even with low-end devices.
  • Variety of game modes to always keep players entertained.
  • Busy players also progress with their active team members.
  • Free to download.
  • Hundreds of heroes to choose from.


  • The gaming soundtrack is limited thus it is usually repeated.
  • Characters have few voices and commands.

Outstanding Character To Look Out For

Ferael in afk arena

Ferael is one of the outstanding heroes and he can easily fit into a team of different races. He does a good job of helping teams clear stages, challenges, and also in PvP. His ultimate ability is called Nether Blaze, so basically he will fire his demonic arrow on the battlefield that hits all enemies and this will deal 170% damage to the enemy, and also his ultimate ability will summon an evil spirit to haunt enemies and deal additional 25% damage to them. The 25% damage will occur over time so it’s not immediate damage.

His main skill is an Accursed Arrow; he will fire an Accursed arrow at an enemy dealing 140% damage, so this Accursed Arrow will attach the evil spirit on the enemy and at level 3 any spirits which are summoned due to Ferael’s ability will deduct 15% of their target energy point per attack. This is a very good skill because it will delay the enemy’s ultimate ability off the point. For example, if an enemy has a character and it almost has full energy to cast its special ability the accursed arrow and the evil spirit fired from Farael’s Accursed Arrow might make the enemy character not be able to unleash his ultimate and might also be killed off by your allies.

By level four he will get a stronger version of Accursed Arrow, spirits which are summoned due to one of Ferael’s abilities get the chance to interrupt the enemy’s attack.

Terrorize is a very good ability that Farael has because there are very few agility dampers in the game and Terrorize has a crowd control ability. If you upgrade to his level 2 he would terrify up to three enemies, and while the enemies get terrified they will get haunted by evil spirits that haunt them for ten seconds. These evil spirits will also deduct their energy and will interrupt their attack at the same time

AFK Arena Game Review – Final Verdict

AFK Arena is a great game that is suitable for both active and inactive players. If you are looking for a thrilling free to play RPG game for collecting awesome characters while doing so at your own pace, then you will enjoy every moment with AFK Arena.


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