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28 PC Management Games You Must Try

PC management games

In a world where we’re constantly inundated with choices, it can be tough to decide what to do with our time. If you’re looking for a way to escape the mundane and enter a world of imagination, why not try one of these PC management games? From city-building to farming simulations, there’s something here for everyone. So sit back, relax, and get ready to lose yourself in one of these amazing games.

1. OpenTTD


OpenTTD is a free business simulation game in which you are in charge of a transport network. Your objective is to offer the necessary vehicles to connect industries, companies, and businesses, in addition to transporting resources and goods. The game spans about 100 years. Each year, the challenge is to expand your transport network through stations, airports, ports, railways, etc. In the end, you will be an industry tycoon!

2. Prison Architect

Download Prison Architect

Prison Architect challenges you to be the warden of a prison. You will have to act as governor and architect of the place. In this sense, you will have to manage well how you will place and distribute the prisoners, in addition to building different places until you have a complete prison. If you perform well (avoid chaos or escaping prisoners!), You will get grants and funds that you must manage to expand your prison. A challenge with all the lights!

3. Anno 1404

Anno 1404

  • Release year: 2009.
  • Anno 1404 – Gold Edition asks for a few requirements. Anno 1404 – History Edition instead asks for medium requirements.
  • Paid game: Buy History Edition / Buy Gold Edition

Anno 1404 is one of the best games in the series. It is a strategy game with an emphasis on building feudal cities and managing a nation. Resource management is vital because without them you will do little. You should also take advantage of the best moments to expand and raise new towns. From time to time, you will experience land or naval combat, but they are not the main focus of Anno 1404.

Anno 1800 is a more recent installment, but it is somewhat expensive (for the extra content) and you need a good PC to play it.

4. Planet Coaster

Plane Coaster download

  • Release year: 2016.
  • Paid game: Get here

Planet Coaster puts you in front of an amusement park. You can design each park the way you want, with personalized attractions and arranging them in strategic places. You can even modify the terrain to suit your wishes! Once the park is up and running, you need to manage the attractions and adjust to people’s reactions. After all, customer happiness is important!

5. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

  • Release year: 2004.
  • Game with few requirements.
  • Paid game: Get here

If you want to enjoy a good classic in tycoon and management games, nothing like RollerCoaster Tycoon! We consider the third installment in particular the best of this franchise. It has a good assortment of options to create the amusement park of your dreams. When it comes to management, the essential thing is to manage finances, personnel, and the stores or services to offer.

We recommend you get RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition. Contains hundreds of attractions, decorations, and dozens of shops/services!

6. Parkitect


  • Release year: 2018.
  • Game with few requirements.
  • Paid game: Buy here

Parkitect is another alternative to Planet Coaster and RollerCoaster Tycoon. Offers similar playable mechanics and content. It puts a lot of emphasis on building theme parks from the ground up. To this, we add the need to manage finances and ensure that people always leave the place happy. Some differentiating aspects of Parkitect are the resource depots and the exclusive zones for employees, among other details. You have to take into account more aspects!

7. Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo

  • Release year: 2019.
  • Paid game: Buy now.

Planet Zoo is an essential game for every lover of management games and animals. In it you will simulate the management of a zoo, with all that that entails both at a general level and with small details. Each animal is unique and requires specific conditions or habitat. While taking care of these beautiful creatures, you should also ensure that people have a pleasant stay. Planet Zoo squeeze your creativity!

8. Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution


  • Release year: 2018.
  • Paid game: Get here.

What is more challenging than some animals? Dinosaurs! Jurassic World Evolution takes the proposal to run a zoo and takes it to the next level with the inclusion of these creatures. You have to make sure that people have a good time visiting your archipelago. However, dinosaurs are dangerous, so this game asks you to take care of security.

Likewise, scientific investigations will allow you to generate dinosaurs with different behaviors. Jurassic World Evolution is an amazing and quite complete management game and simulator!

9. Parkasaurus


  • Release year: 2020.
  • Play with medium requirements.
  • Paid game: Get it here.

Parkasaurus is similar to Jurassic World Evolution, albeit with a more lighthearted tone. As the manager of this unique zoo, it is essential that you keep both the people and the dinosaurs happy. It is vital to keep all areas clean, adapt spaces and biomes for dinosaurs, and react quickly to any incident. Sometimes a dinosaur will try to escape, creating chaos, so be very vigilant!

10. Tropico 6

Tropico 6

Tropico 6 challenges you to manage a state settled in a Caribbean archipelago. You will have to take care of setting up the necessary infrastructures to connect the islands with bridges and transport. It is your choice to be a benevolent dictator or politician as you try to build great buildings and keep the economy growing. You will even have to give speeches to win people’s favor!

As alternatives, Tropico 3 and Tropico 4 are also good games and both have a few requirements.

11. Factorio


Factorio is a simulator that emphasizes resource management and factory construction. Logging and mining are very important to have what it takes and move forward. In this game, you work the factory little by little until you automate the production with machines. To do this, nothing like researching technologies and having the best of the best. And beware, the inhabitants of the planet will attack you!

12. Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

  • Release year: 2015.
  • Play with medium requirements.
  • Paid game: Get it on Steam.

Cities: Skylines is a fairly powerful city builder and modern approach to the genre. To manage your city perfectly, you must take into account aspects such as electricity lines, the health system, the flow of traffic, etc. There are several aspects to watch in order to become a successful mayor. It includes day and night cycles, with the changes that that implies!

13. Football Manager 2021

Football Manager 2021

Football Manager is the saga par excellence in football manager simulation. This sports management game immerses you in the world of a coach and manager of a club. Keep a close eye on player performance, plan effective tactics for each game, and make the most of the transfer season. It’s hard to stay on the podium, but great fun with Football Manager 2021!

14. Soccer Manager 2021

Soccer Manager 2021

Soccer Manager 2021 is a free alternative to what Football Manager offers. It is a less complete version, as it offers fewer options in comparison, but it is still an entertaining sports management game. Choose a team, squeeze the skills of your best soccer talents and analyze your team’s performance in each match. It is worth a try!

15. Pro Cycling Manager 2020

Pro Cycling Manager 2020

  • Release year: 2020.
  • Play with medium requirements.
  • Paid game: Buy on Steam.

If what you are passionate about is the world of cycling, nothing like Pro Cycling Manager! The 2020 edition allows you to manage a group of cyclists. You must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, plan training and establish a strategy to succeed in competitions. Keeping an eye on your team’s morale is just as important, as only a motivated rider can give you victory.

Pro Cycling Manager 2021 is another good game, but there were hardly any changes or improvements compared to the previous installment.

16. Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager

  • Release year: 2016.
  • Play with medium requirements.
  • Buy on Steam.

What if your passion is Formula 1? In Motorsport Manager you will have the honor to assemble your team of drivers and win competitions as exciting as they are challenging. Despite not including official licenses, Motorsport Manager is the most interesting game for fans of this discipline. Create new vehicles, hire new drivers and plan each race in detail. Only the most thorough win!

17. Mini Motorways

Mini Motorways

  • Output Year: 2021 (2019 in iOS).
  • Game with few requirements.
  • Buy on Steam.

Mini Motorways proposes the task of building and organizing the roads of a city that grows to be a metropolis. That growth is not something to be taken lightly. You have to take care that the traffic flows well, without traffic jams or problems. Thanks to improvements (such as roundabouts or highways), you will design the city in a thousand and one ways, bringing out your interior architect. A relaxing game like a few others!

We also recommend Mini Metro, from the same creators of Mini Motorways.

18. Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants

Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants

Port Royale 3 introduces you to the 17th century, in the Caribbean seas. The game includes two modes. On the one hand, there is the adventurer mode, focused on battles, looting, invasions, and pirates everywhere. On the other is the merchant mode, in which you must manage your economy, establish trade routes and negotiate in dozens of cities. Use your cunning and be the richest captain in the Caribbean!

Port Royale 4 is a newer game, but we only recommend it if you are a big fan of the franchise.

19. Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital

  • Release year: 2018.
  • Play with medium requirements.
  • Paid: Get it here

Two Point Hospital will make you see that managing a hospital is anything but simple. And also fun! In this game, you must find a way to attract more and more patients while managing to treat all kinds of diseases. The touches of humor do not cloud a game that, at times, must be taken seriously to advance. Organize and optimize your hospital, obtain more funds and expand your hospital to be the most important healthcare center in the world. Easier said than done!

A good alternative is Theme Hospital. It asks a few requirements and it is a high-quality game, an essential classic of the genre.

20. Project Hospital

Project hospital

  • Release year: 2018.
  • Game with few requirements.
  • Paid game: Get it on Steam.

Project Hospital is another excellent option in hospital management games. This game mixes the facets of construction with administration and management, but there is an extra: you have to act as a doctor! It is vital that you take care of your staff and create enough spaces for them, apart from treatment and operating rooms. It is a denser game; luckily, Project Hospital includes several game modes to learn everything you need and put your skills to the test.

21. Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon

  • Release year: 2012.
  • Game with few requirements.
  • Paid game: Get it here.

At Game Dev Tycoon, you have run a video game company since the 80s. To be successful in this industry, you will have to manage to create key games for each era. Make the most of your labs, research new tools, and technologies, and be an industry innovator. If you are interested in this facet of video games, you will have a lot of fun with Game Dev Tycoon!

22. City Game Studio: a tycoon about game dev

City Game Studio: a tycoon about game dev

  • Release year: 2019.
  • Game with few requirements.
  • Buy it here.

City Game Studio is similar to Game Dev Tycoon. It addresses more facets related to the video game industry and company management. Even so, it is a simple game, easy to play, and entertaining. You start in 1975, and little by little you will take care of details such as renting the building, creating graphics engines, advertising, or hiring programmers. You can even spy on the competition or plan microtransactions for your games!

23. Megaquarium


Imagine having an aquarium with almost a hundred different aquatic species! Well, you can make it happen with Megaquarium. It is an economic management game whose objective is to have an exciting and functional aquarium. Think about where to put each element and species, feed and take care of your animals and manage your finances to expand your aquarium. Be careful: in addition to making your fish happy, you should also keep customers happy with meals, sinks, and more!

24. Frostpunk

Download Frostpunk

Frostpunk combines elements of management with city building and survival. It places you in a post-apocalyptic time, in a frozen and tremendously punishing world. Your role in this game is to manage a community so that it survives, multiplies, and expands. Of course, it is challenging! You can be benevolent or a very tough ruler; In any case, you have to keep your people together and manage resources so that they all live one more day.

25. Transport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2

Your task in Transport Fever 2 is to create and maintain a transport infrastructure by land, air, and sea. Depending on the economy and the needs of each city, you will have to adapt the roads, railways, and even ports to each situation that comes your way. The flow of traffic is vital for people and goods to reach their destinations on time. Includes over 200 different vehicles!

26. Railway Empire

Railway Empire

If what interests you the most is everything related to trains and railways, nothing like Railway Empire. The game places you in the middle of the century of industrialization, specifically in the year 1830. You will have to make a living to build the largest railroad network in the United States. You have to develop hundreds of technologies, manage your staff, and build factories, stations, maintenance buildings, and even tourist attractions. Everything is to establish your empire.

If all else fails, you can sabotage the competition!

27. Empire TV Tycoon

Empire TV Tycoon

  • Release year: 2015.
  • Game with few requirements.
  • Paid game: Get on Steam.

In Empire TV Tycoon you will be in charge of managing your own television channel. It is a difficult task because you have to give everything to gain an audience and place yourself above other channels. To achieve that goal, you will have to know your audience well, decide the content for each time zone, hire actors and advertisers, etc. However, this industry is very demanding, so you must prepare for both successes and failures!

28. The Tenants

The Tenants

The Tenants propose you to be one of the landlords of a city. As such, your main mission is to make houses and apartments suitable for rent to other people. For your business to flourish, it is essential to negotiate and deal with tenants. Some are troublesome! The most important thing in this game is to increase your profits as much as you can so that you can become a successful owner.

Best PC Management Games (Conclusion)

These 28 PC management games are sure to provide hours of fun and escape from the everyday grind. Whether you’re looking to build a city, run a farm, or manage a medieval kingdom, there’s something here for you. So sit back, relax, and loosen yourself with one of these amazing management games for PC.

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