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Apps Like Brigit – 10 Brigit Alternative Loan Apps In 2022

Brigit review

Brigit, the in-demand app that promises to get your finances on track, is currently making a mark in the market – but is certainly not everyone’s favourite. From its high monthly subscription fee – to its strict eligibility criteria – it isn’t out of place to explore similar apps like Brigit, in search of an alternative. Fortunately, there are similar payday advance apps that would suit your needs even better.

10 Advance Loan Apps Like BrigitApps like Brigit

If you are interested in getting advance loans, but looking for some Brigit alternatives, here are great options to consider:

1. Earnin

This pay-as-you-earn app is great for anyone who gets paid hourly or on a fixed salary. Unlike Brigit, there are no subscription fees, only optional tips. Just like every app, Earnin has its limits which is moderate, and certainly worth it, because it takes no charges. Users are allowed to withdraw a maximum of $100 per day and $500 per pay period. The amount you can withdraw is based on how much you earn, the hours you work plus your history with the app.

For hourly workers, Earnin tracks the hours you work through the work schedule you upload. For salaried earners, the app will verify if you went to work that day through location tracking. It also has verification systems for on-demand workers.
When you request for a cash advance, Earnin will verify the hours you have worked for the paycheck. Payments are made in 24hrs if the request was made on a working day or 48hrs on weekends.


2. Dave

This software solution provides cash advances for its users irrespective of where you work – as it needs no work schedule to function. It offers cash advance with no interest – and tips are optional. However, it charges a membership fee of $1 per month.
Dave tracks your account balance to know when it’s low and when a bill is due to be paid. If you don’t have enough money to pay, it sends a notification to you to choose a cash advance or not.

The transfers are slow, however, with $4.99 you can receive your cash that same day. The maximum amount you can receive is $100 till you pay back in full.


3. Branch

Next on the list of apps like Brigit, is the online money lender app – Branch. Not only is it a rated advance payday app – but it also helps you handle your finances and work schedules properly. This app is designed to provide loans to hourly workers. What’s more, it offers no subscription and interest fees making it a cheaper option for you. Unlike Brigit, Branch is available and accessible in all US states.
Branch works with your employers. Else, you will be added to a wishlist which works fine; however, you won’t be able to access some financial wellness tools.

Branch offers a cash advance limit of $150 per day and $500 per pay period. There is also an option of paying $3.99 to get instant loan approval. Repayments can be made on a weekly or monthly basis.


4. Chime

Chime is a 100% online bank that offers great incentives on its spending and savings accounts. It is free to open and maintain. Chime takes no charges on maintenance, overdraft, and other services a regular bank would expectedly charge exorbitant fees. It offers deposit of your salary up to two days earlier than payday with no interests.
Its savings account comes with packages that give you a savings plan that works. It also enjoys the same perks of no monthly maintenance fees.


5. MoneyLion

In addition to its credit builder loans, MoneyLion also offers online banking and more services. You can open an account for free with free access to some of its financial tools.
How does MoneyLion Credit Builder work? It helps you build credit whenever you are stuck in credit while requesting for other borrowing options. Membership is free, and there are no obligations to tip. But, to access the Credit Builder Loans, you must become a Credit Builder Plus member which costs a monthly subscription of $19.99.
It also offers instant deposit, which comes in pretty handy when the needs are urgent. MoneyLion app, like Brigit, offers cash advances up to $250. However, It is not available in some places like Iowa.


6. Even

Thinking of payday loan app meet saving tool?, Even is best for you. This app helps employees who have a regular but not fixed salary to save and sustain a budget. Even allows users to request up to half of their paycheck whenever they don’t meet up to their average paycheck. And, it pays on the same day. It also recommends how much to spend and put away for rainy days, improving your saving culture.
However, Even app offers a subscription fee of $8 per month for its Even plus feature
Also, it is unavailable for workers who don’t receive a regular paycheck.


7. CashUSA

Still listing out the apps like Brigit: CashUSA is an online platform that connects you to a lending partner through its website. It does not provide loans by itself. CashUSA offers a minimum amount of $500 and a maximum of $10000. Hence, you can apply for higher amounts you can’t access through Brigit in few minutes. It is simple to use and hassle-free.
No monthly subscription is needed here. However, interest rates apply here. To apply for a loan, you submit a loan request and wait for an offer.


8. PockBox App

Get $2500 in less than 24hrs using PockBox. Pockbox connects a user to multiple lenders in a short time. This app is easy to use. And, a bad credit history won’t stop you from been approved. Users are also not required to connect to their bank accounts.
Interest rates apply here, so be sure to read and understand the term and policy before signing the ddots


9. FloatMe

Float offers online account and cash flow monitoring, without overdraft charges. It offers personalised loans from as low as $50 to $2000. It offers a $5 transfer fee and no interest for amounts below $50. Float loans don’t affect your credit score; however, missing your paybacks can affect your credit score – not just with Float, but with other credit companies.


10. Zirtue

Finally, on apps like Brigit, is Zirtue. Zirtue brings an interesting alternative to payday advance. With Zirtue, you can access credit loans from your friends and family in a formal way. Unlike apps that lend from individuals you probably don’t know, Zirtue deals with those you are familiar with. You can request for any amount between $20 – $10,000. Repayments can be made in one sum lump or instalments. Subscription is also free for lenders but attracts a charge of $5.99/month for borrowers.


Apps Like Brigit – In Summary

We have in this article seen some of the best Brigit alternatives to enable you to request for a loan before your next payday. However, all cash advance apps have their pros and cons. Weigh your options and use only when necessary.

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